Electrolux EW30GC55GS 30-Inch Gas Cooktop Review

Everything but the heat.


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The Electrolux EW30GC55GS (MSRP $1,349,00) 30-inch gas cooktop emulates those found in commercial kitchens. The cooktop—available in stainless steel ($1,349.00) and black ($1,199.00)—features three regular burners and one Min-2-Max burner which ranges from 450 BTU to an impressive 18,000 BTU output. While it certainly looks like a culinary pro, when judged in terms of raw performance the EW30GC55GS is more of a line cook.

Design & Usability

A multitude of high-end conveniences.

At the very least, the EW30GC55GS looks high-end. The stainless steel surface and cast iron grates echo the industrial cooktops favored by professional chefs. The cooktop also features professional grade, weighted control knobs that offer a high level of precision.

One can only expect so many bells and whistles when dealing with actual flames. Fortunately, Electrolux has done its best to make the EW30GC55GS as feature laden as possible. The cooktop's Deep Well design keeps spills within the cooking surface area, and ensures that the cooktop surface is level with the counter. This may seem like an unnecessary convenience, but those who struggle with larger pots will love this feature. Additionally the dishwasher-safe grates form a continous, level cooking surface, which allows pots to be moved between burners with minimal fuss. 


The lows are low, but so are the high's

Sadly, the comparisons with professional gas cooktops ends when we begin to delve into the EW30GC55GS's performance. While the low temperature results were stellar, the maximum temperatures and water boiling speeds failed to impress. The Min-2-Max burner did well in the boiling tests: It took just five minutes to boil six cups of water which isn't too shabby for a gas cooktop.

Our high expectations for good high temperatures were dashed when we discovered that the EW30GC55GS was only capable of an average high of 363ºF. While this temperature is sufficient for most culinary pursuits, we had hoped for more. So the high temperatures scores may have been a low blow, but fortunately the EW30GC55GS was capable of excellent minimum temperatures. We recorded an average low of 134ºF with a minimum temperature of 92ºF, courtesy of the Min-2-Max burner.

Before You Buy

For those craving convenience.


Despite it's sizable $1,349 MSRP, the EW30GC55GS struggles to justify its place in a high-end kitchen. Although anyone looking to compliment a professional styled wall oven will appreciate the hard edged design, those hoping for performance to match should temper their expectations. The EW30GC55GS is perfectly capable of cooking your food, and Electrolux's approach to usability should ensure that the process itself will be pleasant. So if you are looking for a feature-rich cooktop that takes the hassle out of cooking, the EW30GC55GS could suffice. Our advice for those who favor raw power over ease-of-use? Keep looking.

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