GE PT7550EHES 30-Inch Double Electric Oven Review

In the case of this double oven, more is less.

GE PT7550EHES 30-Inch Double Electric Oven Credit: GE

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Editor's Note

March 30, 2016: This article has been updated to correct the relationship between GE wall ovens. The PT7550 uses the same convection system as the CT9050—not the JT5000, as an earlier version of this article stated.

When you test and review hundreds of ovens every year, you're bound to get a little déjà vu sometimes. The GE PT7550EHES (MSRP $3,300) is the Profile version of the GE Café CT9550SHSS (MSRP $3,999), and shares design cues with the GE JT5000SFSS that we reviewed last month.

Up top, you’ll find a true convection cavity identical in almost every way to the 9550. There's a 10-pass baking element, and GE's Direct Air convection system, which can send air from either the top or the back of the oven.

While we weren’t exactly astounded by the less-expensive JT5000SFSS, we had reason to hope that this double oven would surpass it. After all, it has a few extra features, an updated convection system, and a Profile badge. Sadly, that was not the case.

Fans of understated transitional design will appreciate its appearance, and it has enough bells and whistles to justify the price. However, those expecting even baking and quick preheats may be disappointed for how much they're spending.

A Dapper Double Oven

Appropriate for any kitchen

We’ll say one thing for the PT7550EHES, it’s certainly inconspicuous. While there's something to be said for design that demands your attention, this GE oven is all about blending in, and should work for almost any kitchen aesthetic. The Slate exterior is particularly appealing and a welcome change from the usual stainless steel, although a stainless model is also available.

Like the single-oven JT5000SFSS, the PT7550EHES has a Glass Touch control panel, halogen lighting, and both standard and steam cleaning options. The oven also comes with self-clean-safe racks which can be left in the oven during the cleaning cycle, and adds a temperature probe for the top oven.

The PT7550EHES also comes with the GE Fit Guarantee. This means that if the oven does not fit into any standard, existing cabinet cut-out, GE will pay up to $300 for renovations necessary to install it.


Barely baking even

Right away you’ll notice how long the PT7550EHES takes to heat up. Both cavity preheats clocked in at 12 minutes—not the slowest we've seen, but long enough to frustrate when just want to get dinner going.

The next thing you’ll notice is some pretty spotty baking in both cavities regardless of cooking mode. We noticed some overdone sections on the right of the upper oven, so you may want to turn your food halfway through the cooking process. The lower cavity was even worse, so we'd recommend baking delicate soufflés up top.

On the other hand, the ten-pass dual broil elements were impressive. They heated up in a flash, and should prove more than capable of finishing off a roast or crisping up some steaks.


GE's warranty covers replacement of defective parts due to faulty materials or workmanship for one year from date of purchase. These parts will be replaced free of charge and GE will cover the costs of labor and installation. For more information, please refer to the PT7550EHES Owner's Manual.

Double Trouble?

Pricey and perfunctory

The GE PT7550EHES double wall oven is a tough sell. While it has a pleasing design and some useful features, its uneven baking is out of line with the price tag.

If you want to match existing GE kitchen appliances, this one will do the job. It's neither excellent nor terrible. But when it comes time to actually bake and roast, there are much better options.

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