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  • Paws & Pals 3-Wheel Stroller

  • Gen7Pets Regal Plus Pet Stroller

  • BestPet 4 Wheel Pet Stroller

  • Pet Gear NV No-Zip Pet Stroller

  • Vivo Three Wheel Pet Stroller

  • HPZ Pet Rover XL

  • Petique All Terrain Pet Jogger

Product image of Paws & Pals 3-Wheel Stroller
Paws & Pals 3-Wheel Stroller

This easy-to-maneuver three-wheeled stroller is lightweight at less than 15 pounds and can accommodate dogs and cats (or a combo of the two!) up to 35 pounds. A mesh zipper cover is breathable and claims to be escape-proof, and allows for front entry facilitated by a footboard step, while a zippered back door can be used for unloading your pet.

A leash clip keeps pets secure, even when the canopy is down, and the stroller folds compactly for storage with the push of a button. There’s an undercarriage for stashing additional items, and parking brakes on the rear wheels keep the stroller from inadvertently rolling away. Midrange in price and available in four colors, this stroller is definitely best for basic walks and flat terrain, as reviews indicate that it’s not heavy-duty enough for sportier ventures.


  • Affordable

  • Lightweight

  • Attractive


  • Not ideal for sporty activities or rough terrain

Product image of Gen7Pets Regal Plus Pet Stroller
Gen7Pets Regal Plus Pet Stroller

A few steps up from your no-frills stroller, the Gen7Pets has front wheels with shock absorbers that swivel 360 degrees on smooth pavement and lock on rocky terrain, for a wider range of maneuverability. A mesh canopy is fitted with secure locking zippers but can be completely folded under the hood and out of the way. An interior safety tether keeps pets contained and safe, and the base of the carriage is lined with a thick, machine-washable pad for improved comfort.

A few appealing features for owners include a 38-inch handle, to enable longer strides, as well as an undercarriage for extra storage and places to stash a phone and drink. The stroller is easily collapsible and very lightweight, at 11.5 pounds, but can only accommodate pets up to 25 pounds.


  • Good on rough terrain

  • Comfortable to use


  • Only accommodates smaller pets

Product image of BestPet 4 Wheel Pet Stroller
BestPet 4 Wheel Pet Stroller

This super-affordable four-wheeled stroller’s a great budget option, safely transporting pets up to 30 pounds. It has a shorter, wider build, allowing animals to lie down and relax instead of sitting up, and a durable mesh that covers three sides—in addition to the folding waterproof canopy—for improved airflow and visibility.

The front wheels rotate 360 degrees, allowing for smooth turns without dead ends, and it’s easy to collapse and store. At just over 10 pounds, the stroller is very lightweight. Though it includes a cup holder, there’s no undercarriage for extra storage.


  • Affordable

  • Roomy


  • No extra storage space

Product image of  Pet Gear NV No-Zip Pet Stroller
Pet Gear NV No-Zip Pet Stroller

This especially sturdy and secure three-wheeled stroller is made to stand up to the roughest terrain—and the canniest escape artists. Suitable for pets up to 45 pounds, it’s crafted from durable 600 Denier water-resistant material. The breathable mesh covers three sides and is affixed with locks instead of zippers. The front wheels have shock absorbers and swivel for smooth turns, while the back wheels have safety brakes.

Comfortable for both pets and their people, there’s a removable, washable liner and safety tether, as well as an extra-long handle, cup holder, and storage basket. There’s no question the Pet Gear is on the pricier side, but this is an instance where you get what you pay for.


  • Accommodates larger pets

  • Can handle rougher terrain


  • None that we could find

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Product image of Vivo Three Wheel Pet Stroller
Vivo Three Wheel Pet Stroller

The three-wheeled Vivo also includes a trio of zippered access points, for getting your pet in and out of the stroller. A top mesh window positioned on the canopy allows you to peek down at them when riding, and mesh on the front provides ventilation and visibility for your pet (although there’s no mesh around the sides).

A padded foam bottom provides comfort for kitties and pups, while people will appreciate the undercarriage for stashing extra items, as well as dual cup holders and a center tray. The stroller also stores easily, collapsing with the push of a button.

The downside of the Vivo is it only supports up to 30 pounds, and the company specifically warns against riding with more than one pet at a time.


  • Multiple storage areas

  • Top window for viewing


  • Restricted viewing

  • Lower weight capacity

Product image of HPZ Pet Rover XL
HPZ Pet Rover XL

This Cadillac of pet strollers is actually expandable by up to 35 inches in length, accommodating pets (or multiple pets) up to a whopping 75 pounds. Needless to say, it’s well supported—with a rigid, rust-free aluminum frame, weather-resistant fabric, and automotive-grade rubber tires. It’s covered by a three-year replacement guarantee.

There’s a large zippered rear entryway, but the stroller features an otherwise zip-free design, making use of quick-release latches and locks instead. Three-stop canopy levels allow a range of visibility for pets, and humans can avail themselves of a reversible handlebar, three accessory pockets, a bottle holder, and a large undercarriage for storage.

Is it expensive? Sure. But you’d be hard-pressed to find another stroller on the market that can support the weight of a full-grown Golden Retriever.


  • Supports a combined weight of up to 75 lbs

  • Expandable


  • None that we could find

Product image of Petique All Terrain Pet Jogger
Petique All Terrain Pet Jogger

This sporty stroller boasts a long and low profile, in a design that’s suitable for all terrains. It’s fitted with large bike tires for better shock absorption and traction and features a one-step dual-wheel braking system. The stroller’s surrounded on all sides by durable PVC mesh that can actually be removed and washed, and is lined with reflectors—ideal for foggy conditions or nighttime walks.

An adjustable foam-covered handle is comfortable to hold and maneuver, and there are three adjustable interior leashes for extra security and safety. Optional purchases include an adapter for hitching the stroller to the back of your own bike, as well as a rain cover—great for camping trips and muddy hikes. The stroller folds flat for compact travel and storage, and did we mention that it can support up to 60 pounds? For active dogs (and active owners), we reckon it’s well worth the price.


  • Ideal for sporty activities

  • Supports up to 60 lbs of weight


  • Expensive

  • Limited storage

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