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Make sure you measure your space before ordering this refrigerator. It’s tall—70 inches—and 36 inches wide.

Credit: Samsung

Although you lose some storage space because the shelves don't extend all the way across, there's still room for a lot of groceries in this refrigerator. And French door fridges keep more of your fresh food at eye level.

Design and Features

The black stainless steel model we tested could be the highlight of a contemporary kitchen with gray or white cabinetry. Conventional stainless, black, and white are also available, so go with the one that makes sense for your home.

Of course, there’s more to design than color.
• You lose some storage space due to the shelf configuration, but we’re impressed by two shelves that retract or fold up to make room for tall items.

Credit: Reviewed / Kyle Hamilton

The shelf on the left folds back to make room for tall containers.

• The lighting scheme is bright, and LED lights in the crisper drawers are a nice-to-have.

• Crispers open smoothly, and you don’t need to open both French doors to reach into one crisper. That’s a plus.

Credit: Reviewed / Kyle Hamilton

The crisper drawers maintain optimal humidity, keeping the fruit juicy, and the vegetables crisp. The design allows access to the crispers without opening both doors.

• This model’s pantry drawer allows three different temperature adjustments, so you can change it depending on whether you're storing cold cuts or cold drinks.

• Gallon-size bins on the right are nice, but the door on the left has narrow bins, because the icemaker takes up a lot of space.

• Features like a freezer handle that tilts upward when you pull on it show that Samsung put extra care into the design. And the top freezer drawer that pulls out automatically when the big drawer open seems like a convenience.

• The control panel is easy to use, and doesn’t detract from the exterior design.


Credit: Reviewed.com / Kyle Hamilton

The refrigerator compartment is well-lit, making it easy to see what's in there.

On the whole, the performance is this refrigerator’s strong suit. The dual evaporators maintain the temperatures in each compartment, helping to keep food fresh.

• This fridge runs cold and steady. Yes, a fridge is supposed to run cold, but not at 33°, almost at the freezing point, when factory settings should bring it to around 37°. Use the control panel to turn up the temperature a little bit. Consult your own refrigerator thermometer before you do, though.

• Also cold and consistent, the freezer temperature averages at 0°, just where it should be. It took only 57 minutes for the freezer to hit the freezing point.

• The crispers do a great job holding in humidity, so your fruit and vegetables stay fresh and crispy there.

• Efficiency for this refrigerator is close to average, and we project that it will cost you $37 a year for the energy to run it.

Credit: Reviewed / Kyle Hamilton

There's ample room for gallon-size containers in the door on the right.

What the users say

With an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars, 92% of the owners who posted reviews are happy with this refrigerator, citing its beauty. However, some reviewers say they’ve had had issues with the freezer, water dispenser, or icemaker. We didn’t see those problems during our tests, though, relatively speaking, the icemaker is noisy. If you decide to buy this fridge, be aware that there’s a small chance you may encounter troubles related to ice and water.

The bottom line

This tall Samsung refrigerator looks great and performed well in our tests, and the price point is moderate. If you’re worried about ice and water issues, realize that those problems are always possible with refrigerators that dispense ice and water from the door.

As an alternative, consider the Haier HRF15N3AGS or HRQ16N3BGS. We awarded both of them Editors’ Choice badges. Their designs are quite different from typical French door models, so they offer some additional style.

The GE GNE25JMKES, which also performed well in our tests, offers an attractive slate finish, and dispenses water and ice on the inside.

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