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And Here Canada Proves Skill in Three Things: Beer, Marketing, and Fridge-Building

Molson built a beer fridge only Canadians can open, then placed them across Europe. Because diplomacy.


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Canadians are known for a lot of things, but their love of beer is often overlooked, and criminally so. In fact, Canadians like their beer so much that Molson developed a beer fridge that only Canadians can open. Literally.

Last spring, the Montreal-based brewing giant placed a series of specialized refrigerators at locations throughout Europe. Each one included instructions to Canadian tourists to scan their passports; doing so would unlock the fridge and welcome all in the vicinity to a cold beer—likely improving European-Canadian relations in the process.

The fridges—located in England, France, and Belgium—are equipped with a modified webcam set to recognize only passports from the 10 provinces and 3 maple leaf territories of Canada. And, according to Business Insider, more could be headed to next year's Olympic games in Sochi, Russia.

Molson placed a series of specialized refrigerators at locations throughout Europe.

"The plan is not to use it on an ongoing basis," Chris Blackburn, Molson Canadian’s senior marketing manager, told Marketing Magazine, "but next year around Canada Day, who knows how that might play out."

While we realize this whole thing was just a nifty, heartwarming commercial about crossing borders and feeling the oneness of humanity over a frosty brew or something, we want one. For America.

Credit to the marketing firm Rethink for coming up with the idea. Here’s a video on how the participants built the Canada-only beer fridge.

[Via: Business Insider]