This Cocktail-Mixing Glowstick Is Perfect for Your Next Rave

Yes, it doubles as a glow stick.

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Unless you're a mixologist, you probably have trouble measuring out cocktails. It's even worse if you're serving up beverages at a party. How many Mojitos and Gimlets can you make before you want to pull your hair out and kick everyone out? Wouldn't it be easier if you could somehow instruct guests how to make their own cocktails?

That's what the MixStik claims to do. It's a Bluetooth-connected... stick that you place in your glass as a sort of measuring rod for cocktail ingredients. Just follow the color-coded LED lights to pour in the correct volume of whatever spirit, liqueur, syrup, or juice your recipe requires. The device also works as a swizzle stick, and has rubber spikes on the bottom for muddling ice and fruit.

The MixStik also includes a calibrator that allows it to work with glasses of various sizes. You can save these dimensions in the MixStik app (iOS/Android), or choose from a list of common glassware, such as martini and pint glasses. All you have to do is hold the MixStik against the glass and align the sliders to the correct dimensions.

The device connects to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth, and includes a USB port for charging the Li-ion battery. You can link up to five MixStiks with one a single app install.

Calibrating a glass with the MixStick

One thing the MixStik doesn't account for is personal taste. But if you're the type of person with a discerning palate—capable of telling a dry martini from an extra dry martini—you could probably make the necessary adjustments yourself.

It's a pretty clever idea, especially if you're a fan of making your own cocktails. At the very least, it's neat party trick. And you can always use it as a glow stick in a quirky dance routine.

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(Seriously, the MixStik was actually designed to double as a glow stick—a very expensive one, granted. You probably don't want to bring it out to the club.)

The MixStik has already nearly doubled its Kickstarter funding goal with 28 days to go. If you're interested in picking one up, you can expect it to ship in March of next year.

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