Two Reasons to Visit Delaware: Beer and a Beer Motel

Beer. Beer? Beer!


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We hate to say it, but there aren't really many reasons to visit Delaware—unless, of course, you’re a fan of beer. In that case, Delaware is home to one of the most successful, most well-known craft breweries in the country: Dogfish Head.

The wildly popular brewery distributes to 30 states and receives some 3,000 visitors each week, making it one of the top tourist destinations in the Diamond State. And it’s not even 20 years old.

But founder and president Sam Calagione would be the first to tell you that Dogfish is about more than beer. Aside from working with biomolecular archeologists to recover ancient beer recipes from King Midas’ tomb, Dogfish Head has launched a nautical-themed clothing line, hosted a show on Discovery Channel, and even released a hip-hop album.

The brewery’s most recent venture? Hospitality.


This 4th of July weekend, the Dogfish Inn will open in Lewes, Delaware, offering guests an immersive beer-themed vacation destination. Suffice it to say, you should be a fan of beer if you want to stay there. Each of the 16 rooms includes beer-infused soap and shampoo, as well as a mini fridge stocked with specialty beer glasses.

Rooms do not, however, contain actual Dogfish brews. For that, you’ll have to venture outside. Luckily, the inn is positioned about halfway between the Dogfish Head brewpub in Rehoboth Beach and the brewery itself in Milton.


To promote the new inn, Calagione is planning to embark on a 600-mile sea journey from Delaware to Maine aboard a 19-foot whaler. The excursion, which has Calagione making stops in major cities along the way, will also raise money for The Nature Conservancy. It's a tough life, but somebody has to live it.

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