Reviewed Expands to Include Amazon Echo & Apple TV

Control lighting and security cameras without leaving your couch.

Check cameras using Apple TV Credit:

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Want to check on the baby without switching off the television? Or maybe turn off the light in the kitchen from the comfort of your living room couch? If so, you're in luck. Leading smart home platform announced plans to expand its services to both Apple TV and Amazon Echo, as well as to smart thermostats and additional connected devices.

Through Apple TV, users will be granted the ability to watch live feeds from security cameras around their property in real-time HD using Apple TV’s intuitive tvOS interface and remote. This means you'll be able to quickly flip between footage from cameras located anywhere around the home, from the baby’s room to the front door.

The company says users can expect seamless navigation from other Apple TV apps to the app, along with infrared night vision options. The Apple TV Siri Remote with Touch surface will also control’s pan and tilt cameras, making it easy to get a better look at what’s happening in and around the house. The app can support multiple accounts, so folks can even check on vacation homes or rental properties in addition to their primary residence.'s offerings also get a big boost from Amazon's cloud-based voice service Alexa, which can be used in conjunction with Amazon Echo or a compatible smart thermostat to control lighting and temperature in the home. The result? Hands-free control of ambiance and environment within the home. All you'll need is simple voice commands.

If you ask Jay Kenny,’s Senior Vice-President of Marketing, new user interfaces bring new opportunities for to make its smart home services both useful and accessible. If you ask us, these new functionalities mean that we can accomplish more without ever having to get off the couch. Either way, the name of the game is convenience.

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