What to buy and what to skip at Nectar

Nectar has some excellent products to help you sleep soundly—and some you're better off without.

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Nectar is among our favorite brands here at Reviewed. It was previously our top pick for the best mattress in a box, and only got bumped down a couple notches by Tuft & Needle’s Original Mattress and Awara, which we think have more versatility and will work for a broader range of people.

But Nectar’s offerings extend beyond its popular mattress. And though we love the bed, there are a couple products it makes that we think you might be better off without. Here’s what you should—and shouldn’t—buy from Nectar.

Get the Nectar Mattress

Nectar Mattress
Credit: Reviewed / Betsey Goldwasser

We love the Nectar Mattress for its plush surface which could be a great choice for side sleepers.

The Nectar Mattress, though no longer our all time favorite, still ranks in our top five of the 20 mattresses we’ve tested so far. It’s a great quality, soft-textured mattress at a reasonable price that could be a dream pick for some people—particularly side sleepers, who may prefer a plusher surface to minimize or prevent uncomfortable pressure points on the shoulder and hip. Our tester alternates between sleeping on her stomach and side. When she dozed on her side, the Nectar Mattress provided just the right amount of cradling and cushion to keep her comfortable—without being so soft as to feel like a sinkhole of memory foam. However, she found the softness that makes it ideal for side sleeping also meant it was too forgiving for sleeping on her stomach—back sleepers may also find it's too squishy for comfort—because it didn't provide adequate lumbar support.

The mattress also has a removable and washable cover—something that’s nearly unheard of. This makes it a great option for folks who are concerned about keeping their bed clean or those who suffer allergies. Still, we’d recommend using a mattress protector at all times. Speaking of…

Get the Nectar Mattress Protector

nectar mattress protector
Credit: Nectar

Everyone can benefit from a mattress protector, and Nectar's is particularly well reviewed.

We’re proponents of making the most out of your products—especially big ticket items—here at Reviewed. Mattresses are often an investment, so it’s worth getting a good quality mattress protector—you’re not going to buy a new mattress more than about once a decade, after all. Nectar claims its mattress protector is waterproof and stain-resistant, which will keep your bed safe from food spills to sweat. And if worse comes to worst and your breakfast-in-bed coffee takes a tumble on the mattress, the cover is washable.

According to the company, it’s also noiseless and the quilted top is made with cotton, which has inherent moisture-wicking properties and may help keep you cool. Numerous reviewers praise it, giving it an average of just over 4 stars. “I initially had a mattress pad I bought on Amazon on our bed and it kept popping off the corners and wasn't as tight as I’d like to be comfortable, plus it slept kind of hot,” one writes. “This one is perfect and you wouldn't even know it was there, which is what I wanted.”

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Skip the ClimaSmart Duvet

Nectar Duvet
Credit: Nectar

Nectar's duvet left a lot to be desired, in our tester's experience.

We had high hopes for the ClimaSmart Duvet when we tested it. The “lightweight” microfiber fill comforter claims to keep you the perfect temperature all night long, which might sound too good to be true—and it turns out it was. The duvet tanked in our test of the best comforters. It was incredibly thin right out of the box. Though it was sufficient for a 70-degree night, it was far too lightweight to keep our tester warm when the temperature dropped. She also found it was too noisy for her liking, commenting that it made swishing sounds every time she (or her dog) so much as shifted in bed.

Unless you’re a really hot sleeper who tends to remain in the same position all night long, we’d say this is a pass.

Skip the Nectar Pillow

Credit: Reviewed / Betsey Goldwasser

The Nectar Pillow didn't come with extra stuffing, like most shredded foam options, and wasn't overstuffed, either.

The Nectar Pillow lacks some of the features, like machine washability, that made other pillows we tested stand out. The external cover is machine-washable, but the inside bag containing the foam is spot clean-only.

Most shredded foam pillows come with a bag of additional stuffing that’s practically bursting at the seams, which allows you to add more loft (or take it away) to your liking. This pillow lacked any extra fluff and wasn’t overfilled to begin with. Our tester prefers softer and thinner pillows, so it wasn’t an issue for her. (Though she still didn't really enjoy sleeping on this pillow.) But for folks with broad shoulders who sleep on their sides or anyone who prefers a firmer or loftier pillow, there’s not much room for customization or adjustment. Plus, while lacking in volume, our tester still felt the foam was too firm for her needs as a hybrid side and stomach sleeper.

When it comes to pillows, you could do worse. But we can’t justify the $75 price tag when other pillows are more versatile or more affordable (or both).

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