These 90s-themed earrings are all over the internet—but are they worth it

Studs earrings are now my go-to accessory.

Studs has a range of high-quality hoops, huggies, and, of course, studs. Credit: Studs

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I'm never not looking for a way to relive my youth. Whether it's in the form of rewatching Charmed, throwing on a pair of overalls, or contemplating a stress purchase of those inflatable plastic chairs I had in my childhood bedroom—what can I say? I love the 90s.

So naturally, when I heard that press-on earrings came with every Studs purchase, I was hooked. As I dug a bit deeper into what seemed to be the Glossier of earrings, I decided it was time to try it out for myself. Here's what happened when I curated my own "earscape" (more on that later) and fully embrace my 90s obsession.

What is Studs?

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Credit: Studs

Order earrings as a pair or opt for a single—your Studs order is super customizable.

Studs is a direct-to-consumer earring brand that launched in 2019, with its first brick and mortar location in New York City. Studs Studios, the brand's piercing studio counterpart, was born of a desire to modernize the mall piercing experience. And as someone who got both their first and second ear piercings done at Claire's, I can't begin to tell you the sort of tween joy I experienced when I stepped foot in the Studs flagship store last year. It managed to rebrand the fun, quirky studs I wore when I was younger into mature, elegant pieces.

Studs offers a wide variety of studs (duh), hoops, huggies (small hoops that "hug" your earlobe), and other earrings and it's constantly updating its inventory. Sometimes the online jewelry brand collaborates with other companies, like the current Studs x Notte collab that featurs whimsical beaded earrings like this pearly gold butterfly earring.

How does Studs work?

studs box
Credit: Reviewed / Madison Trapkin / Studs

Each Studs delivery includes a full set of press-on earrings, plus some very cute stickers.

You can purchase Studs earrings by the pair, or choose to mix and match single earrings. Pairs range from $28 to $550, while singles are $14 to $275. The more expensive options contain real gemstones and most of the inventory is relatively affordable. I ordered two single huggies, the Mini Pavé Huggie in Gold/Multicolored and Gold/Green, $22 each.

I've since ordered Studs as gifts a few times, and I'm consistently impressed with how quickly they ship. My first order arrived about three days after I'd purchased it, though your order may take longer to arrive these days due to the current shipping delays we're experiencing. Each order includes your jewelry, truly excellent stickers, and a sheet of fun press-on earrings, a coveted item from my childhood.

Studs has coined the term "earscape," which it defines as "the combined art and science of decorating one’s ear with personalized piercings and earrings, resulting in a form of extreme self-expression." The brand really encourages you to get creative and playful when it comes to the jewelry you wear, and I find that to be really special.

Credit: Studs

Studs Studios offers piercings by appointment at its brick and mortar locations in New York City.

If you're in New York City and you're in the market for a new piercing, you can book an appointment online at the Studs flagship store. (They've got plenty of COVID-friendly safety precautions in place, too!) Fun fact: unlike the admittedly boring selection of Claire's piercing earrings, Studs has the coolest piercing jewelry I've ever seen, including this gorgeous Evil Eye Stud.

How is the quality of Studs earrings?

old hero
Credit: Studs

Studs invite you to curate your Earscape: "The combined art and science of decorating one’s ear with personalized piercings and earrings, resulting in a form of extreme self expression."

The earrings I purchased are 14K gold-plated with sterling silver inside and cubic zirconia details. I have really sensitive ears, so I'm always worried I'll react badly to a new pair of earrings. However, I haven't had any problems with my Studs irritating my earlobes! And I sleep in them every night!

While some people may worry about gold-plated jewelry tarnishing over time due to oxidation, I haven't had any issue with this. I try to take my earrings out when I shower to avoid any potential water damage, but even the few times I've forgotten, I haven't noticed any major change in the gold appearance. But for those who don't like to remove their earrings in the water, Studs may not be the best choice for you.

I've worn both of my Studs huggies pretty much every day since the day I received them in the mail back in September and I'm very happy to report that all of the cubic zirconia details remain intact as well. Plus, they still look just as shiny and lovely as the day they arrived.

Is Studs worth it?

Absolutely. Studs offers high-quality earrings at a great price point, especially if you're buying multiple earrings or curating your "earscape." Averaging at $40 dollars a pair, these earrings are much cheaper than purchasing solid gold earrings but still maintain the appearance of them with proper care.

The nostalgic packaging only adds to the Studs experience, which is delightfully reminiscent of the 90s. Studs earrings also make great gifts, and right now you can shop the Studs 2020 Gift Guide.

Get Studs earrings starting at $14

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