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Dyson Teases Mysterious "Project N223" in New Video

Is it a bird? A plane? A super-intelligent android? Probably not.


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Sixteen years, 200 engineers, and some £28 million in funding.

These are the figures Dyson claims are behind its new project, which was (sort of) revealed this week in a brief teaser video. On its YouTube page, the company invites viewers to speculate on what "Project N223" really is.

The video depicts a room full of engineers and researchers huddled around the camera meant to represent the product in question. Shot through an extremely wide-angle lens, the video is replete with cliché analog graphics and glitchy sci-fi sounds.

It then ends with a simple date: September 4th.

Dyson is a company known for innovation. From its bladeless fan to its prototype AR glasses (developed all the way back in 2001), the company is not afraid of risky endeavors.

It's not afraid to spend big money on new tech, either. Earlier this year, Dyson invested some $8.2 million in a robotics research lab at London's Imperial College. Its goal? To help develop advanced vision systems for robots.

At the time, Professor Andrew Davison, head of Imperial's robot vision program, implied that the lab's true aim was to contribute to the design of a "truly intelligent domestic robot." Could N223 be the fruit of its efforts? Plenty of industry watchers certainly seem to think so.

Come September 4th, we'll all find out for sure.

Source: Dyson via YouTube