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8 useful kitchen gadgets for people with limited mobility

From over-the-sink strainers to one-handed prep boards.

Left: An electric jar opener opening a jar of olives. Right: A hot plate on a kitchen countertop with a pot of boiling water and pasta cooking in it. Credit: Robo Twist / Amazon

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Cooking is a basic need, so it’s important to have tools that help you get the job done as easily as possible. Perhaps you’re part of the disabled community, less mobile than you once were (or are caring for aging relatives), or healing from a recent surgery. The world of accessibility tech for your home is quickly expanding, though it’s not always super searchable online. That’s why we—Reviewed editors Sarah Kovac and Madison Trapkin—have teamed up to put together this list of basic kitchen gadgets that could be useful for folks with limited mobility.

A quick note about our areas of expertise: Sarah has written various pieces related to her own experience as a member of the disabled community, as well as parenting and smart home. Madison is an expert on kitchen gadgets, from immersion blenders to citrus juicers. Our recommendations are based on a combination of our respective areas of expertise, but we realize these tools might not be helpful for all people.

1. Electric can opener

A red and white electric can opener on a white background.
Credit: Kitchen Mama

One of our editors, Sarah Kovac, loves this type of electric can opener.

A good can opener is essential to any kitchen, and Sarah loves her electric can opener by Black & Decker. SInce that model is currently out of stock, we recommend the Kitchen Mama Electric Can Opener because it has over 20,000 reviews on Amazon with an average 4.5-star rating. Users say this gadget is great for folks who only have use of one hand.

Get the Kitchen Mama Electric Can Opener on Amazon for $24.60

2. Electric jar opener

A hands-free electric jar opener opens a jar of olives on a marble countertop with a person in a yellow shirt standing in the background.
Credit: Robo Twist

This electric opener is great for anyone who has difficult opening jars.

Store-bought sauces are great for dinners that require minimal cooking, but the jars can be tough to open for folks with arthritic hands, use of one hand only, or shakiness. Enter: the hands-free Robo Twist Electric Jar Opener, the best jar opener we tested. Sarah uses a similar model in her kitchen and online reviewers note that this particular model would be great for the elderly.

Get the Robo Twist Electric Jar Opener on Amazon for $20.23

3. One-handed prep board

A white cutting board on a white background, designed for folks who only have use of one hand.
Credit: Etac

This one-handed prep board comes with the option to attach rubber feet to the bottom for an even more stable user experience.

The Etac Deluxe One-Handed Paring Board is one-stop shopping for all your slicing and dicing needs when you’re cooking one-handed or if you’re using your feet (as Sarah does). This board includes a wooden handled rocker knife to make cutting easier, plus you’ve got the option to attach four friction feet or suction feet to the board’s bottom for increased stability.

One section of the board has tiny spikes to help keep smaller foods like tomatoes and onions in place as you cut. It also features a set of “jaws” that can hold a bowl, grater, or large food items in place. While we haven’t tested this product yet, the 4.5-star average rating on Amazon and reviews like, “This is mandatory for every one-handed person to own,” make us really excited to try it soon.

Get the Etac Deluxe One-Handed Paring Board on Amazon for $86.99

4. Drafting chair

A dark grey drafting chair at its highest height on a white background.
Credit: Flash Furniture

This drafting chair can be high for countertop cooking or low for dining.

Sarah loves her dark grey Flash Furniture Drafting Chair—she recommends this color for kitchen use because it won’t look dirty as quickly as black will. This chair is surprisingly comfortable, can go up fairly high to countertop access when cooking, as well as fairly low for sitting at the dining room table.

If you have a tile kitchen, Sarah suggests swapping out the plastic wheels this chair comes with for rubber wheels. If you don’t need the same height range, you could wheel a standard office chair into your kitchen instead.

Get the Flash Furniture Drafting Chair on Amazon for $127.81

5. Bottom load water dispenser

Left: A closeup image of a bottom loading water dispenser, partially open to reveal the water bottle inside. Right: A hand presses the button for single-cup coffee brewing on the same water dispenser.
Credit: Primo

Bottom load water dispenser mean no heavy lifting when it comes time to replace the water bottle.

Water is another basic human need, and this bottom loading dispenser by Primo goes above and beyond by including a built-in tray that holds 20 K-Cup pods. That’s right—this water dispenser can also brew coffee! Sarah loves this bottom loading model because replacing the water bottles doesn’t require heavy lifting; you simply slide the replacement in.

Get the Primo Bottom Loading Water Dispenser on Amazon starting at $285

6. Google Nest Hub

A white Google Nest Hub sitting on a light wood countertop with a tropical plant wallpaper covering the wall in the background.
Credit: Reviewed / Rachel Murphy

Google's Nest Hub is great for hands-free recipe help.

We at Reviewed love Google’s Nest Hub. Sarah has an older model than the one we recently tested, but both models feature the same super helpful recipe technology that can make cooking a breeze. The Nest Hub can look up recipes, read them to you, and save them for future reference for a totally hands-free recipe experience. If you prefer Amazon products, the Echo Show has similar features and will also be able to provide hands-free help in the kitchen.

Get Google’s Nest Hub at Target for $99.99

7. Hot plate

A black hot plate sits on a kitchen countertop as a pot of pasta and boiling water cooks on top of it.
Credit: Amazon

Hot plates bring the heat to you, wherever you are.

A hot plate can come in handy if you’re looking to have everything in one place in your kitchen. Sarah keeps this Portable Induction Cooktop on the counter next to her sink (a safe distance, don’t worry!) because it’s otherwise difficult for her to move back and forth between stations.

Get the Amazon Basics 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop Burner for $57.96

8. Over the sink colander

A stainless steel over the sink colander on a white background.
Credit: U.S. Kitchen Supply

The arms of this over the sink colander are adjustable so it should work with most sinks.

If we’re being honest, this over the sink colanders should be an essential for every kitchen, limited mobility or otherwise. It has adjustable arms on either side so you can rest it across your sink when straining pasta or washing produce. The oval shape is specially designed to keep the bottom of the strainer from touching your sink. And with over 4,000 reviews on Amazon and a 4.5 star average rating, it’s clear users agree that this kitchen gadget rocks.

Get the U.S. Kitchen Supply 6-Quart Over the Sink Colander on Amazon for $16.96

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