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Love fruit? Here are 3 tools you didn't even know you needed

Fruit's hottest new accessory.

A pineapple, strawberries, mangoes, oranges, and lemons arranged in a pile on a white marble surface. Credit: Reviewed / Xana Turner-Owens

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Generally speaking, I’m a firm believer in “less is more” in the kitchen. So when I first heard about OXO’s new line of fruit-specific culinary tools, I was definitely skeptical. But with a wide range of unitasking tools we already know and love—from citrus juicers to oven mitts—I knew I needed to try the strawberry huller, multi-cherry pitter, and mango slicer first hand. Could these gadgets replace my favorite chef's knife?

OXO Good Grips Strawberry Huller

strawberry huller
Credit: Reviewed / Xana Turner-Owens

If you only buy one of the new fruit tools from OXO, we highly recommend the strawberry huller.

This strawberry huller was my favorite tool by far. Not only is it incredibly effective, it was so much fun to use. It promises to remove the stems and leaves from a strawberry without sacrificing too much of the fruit itself, and having now used the tool, I can confirm that it completely delivers on this promise.

This tool would be perfect to use for hulling strawberries to decorate cakes, use in a fruit salad, or eating them straight out of the bowl on your front porch because, hello summer! Bravo, OXO, you crushed it with this one.

Usefulness: 5 out of 5

Get the OXO Good Grips Strawberry Huller for $8.99

OXO Quick-Release Multi-Cherry Pitter

cherry pitter
Credit: Reviewed / Xana Turner-Owens

This multi-cherry pitter can pit six cherries (or olives!) at once.

Next up was the Multi-Cherry Pitter. I'd seen individual cherry pitters before, but I loved the idea of one that could pit six cherries at once. You can easily prep the cherries for pitting by removing the stems and placing them in the adorably cherry-sized cups at the base. Firmly close the lid and then re-open to reveal six perfectly pitted cherries! All of the pits collect in a tray on the bottom that can be easily emptied between uses.

I was particularly charmed by the “x” mark that the pitter leaves behind, while leaving the cherry otherwise completely intact. This small incision makes it easy to use the cherries as garnish for desserts, cocktails, iced tea, etc. I was pleasantly surprised by how effective this multi-pitter was, and I’m excited to try it out with olives next.

Usefulness: 5 out of 5

Get the OXO Quick-Release Multi-Cherry Pitter at Bed Bath & Beyond for $19.99

OXO Good Grips Mango Slicer

mango knife
Credit: Reviewed / Xana Turner-Owens

The OXO mango knife didn't wow us, but it could be a good kid-friendly kitchen gadget.

I tested the mango slicer last, and it was definitely fun to use, but only about half as useful as the other tools. The knife part of the tool was too dull, and slightly clunky for the type of precise mango geometry I was going for. That said, the scoop on the other end was incredibly effective and I was genuinely impressed by it. I ended up using a sharper knife to cut my mango, and then used the scoop to separate the fruit from its skin.

The scoop easily glides through the fruit, and I could see it being equally useful with other fruits, like melon, papaya, and kiwi. Ultimately, though the scoop is surprisingly effective, I think you could get equal mileage from a regular (sharper) knife and an existing spoon in your kitchen.

Usefulness: 3 out of 5

Get the OXO Good Grips Mango Slicer for $9.99

Are the new OXO fruit tools worth it?

For the most part, these tools are not only effective and time-saving—they’re also an absolute delight to use (read: they definitely spark joy). All of these tools would be great to use with kids and adults alike, as they’re useful without presenting any danger, and bring some necessary joy back into the meal prep process. Summer produce is right around the corner, and these OXO fruit tools are fruit’s hottest new accessory.

Shop OXO fruit tools starting at $4.99

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