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6 meal kit delivery services that offer quick, easy dinners

Get ready for back to school with these fast meals.

Butter chicken with basmati rice pilaf is one of many quick Sun Basket dinners. Credit: Sun Basket

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It's that time of year again—back to school, whether in person or virtual, means your weekdays just got a bit more complicated. There are school supplies to juggle, lunches to pack, and extracurricular activities to squeeze in if you've got time. At the end of those busy days you and your family need nourishing and tasty meals, but if your inspiration is understandably lacking (hello, you just had a busy day!), why not let a meal kit delivery service do the work for you?

Here are our top picks for meal kits with quick and easy dinner options.

1. Home Chef

Two carnitas flatbreads on a wooden cutting board.
Credit: Home Chef

We loved these 15-minute Mini Carnitas Flatbreads with Lime Crema and Corn from Home Chef.

We love Home Chef because of its fresh ingredients, quality recipes, and knack for excellent dinner prep organization. We recently tested the Home Chef 15-minute meals and found that some were better than others. The Mini Carnitas Flatbreads with Lime Crema and Corn, for example, were absolutely delicious. (The Pulled Pork Pot Sticker Bowl, not so much.)

Home Chef’s quick dinners don’t make a huge mess and they take care of most of the tedious prep work for you. These meals are a great option to add to your weekly Home Chef delivery for nights when you’re in the mood for something speedy.

Get Home Chef 15-minute meals

2. HelloFresh

A HelloFresh meal kit box on a wooden kitchen counter surrounded by fresh produce and paper meal kit bags.
Credit: HelloFresh

HelloFresh has a wide variety of "Quick and Easy" meal options.

HelloFresh offers a great variety of meals in its “Quick and Easy” category, including dishes that take 30-35 minutes to cook, as well as the recently launched line of 20-minute meals.

While the so-called 20-minute meals take slightly longer than 20 minutes in reality, these dishes deliver on quickness and ease of cooking. And with perfectly portioned ingredients, creative recipes, and fun ingredients, HelloFresh offers tasty and fast solutions for busy weeknights.

Get HelloFresh 20-minute meals

3. Green Chef

A bright pink table with a food-filled green bowl on it.
Credit: Green Chef

Green Chef's ingredients are fresh and pre-proportioned.

If you're looking for quick meals from the most sustainable meal kit service we've tested, Green Chef is the right choice for you. Dishes like Pesto Penne Primavera come together in 25 minutes, which, coincidentally, is about the same length as quite a number of TV shows–Netflix and cook, anyone?

Get Green Chef 25-minute meals

4. Freshly

Two pre-made microwavable dinners side by side on a green background, one with the lid on and the other uncovered to reveal chicken and veggies.
Credit: Freshly

All of Freshly's offerings are microwavable and super fast.

It doesn’t get much easier and faster than popping a prepared dish in the microwave. Enter: Freshly, the best premade meal kit we’ve tested. The generous portions and high-quality ingredients, not to mention extremely simple prep, make this the quickest way to dinner from a meal kit delivery service.

Get Freshly microwavable meals starting at $8.49 per meal

5. Gobble

A Gobble meal kit box surrounded by fresh produce and other ingredients on a wooden kitchen countertop.
Credit: Gobble

Gobble claims that all their dishes take 15 minutes to cook.

Gobble boldly claims that you’ll be able to “make dinner in 15 minutes!” with all their offerings. And while we haven’t put this to the test yet, other online reviews comment on the easy-to-follow recipes and well-balanced meals. So if you’re looking for a meal kit service with exclusively quick options, Gobble could be right for you.

Get Gobble 15-minute meals

6. Sun Basket

Sunbasket's Chicken and Kale.
Credit: Sunbasket

Sunbasket's Chicken and Kale dinner.

Sun Basket offers quick, veggie-forward meals, many of which can be cooked in 20 minutes or less. These quick options are labeled “Speedy” (complete with a little lightning bolt). Options include the more typical meal kit style of pre-portioned ingredients as well as selections with pre-prepped dishes that come with components like sauces and sides ready to serve.

Get Sun Basket meals starting at $10.99 per serving

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