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10 pieces of food gear to make you look like a snack

Give the gift of wearable food this holiday season.

Give the gift of wearable food this holiday season. Credit: Publix / Stouffers

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The holiday season is upon us, and if you’re looking for the perfect last minute present, white elephant gift, or simply a token of love for your favorite gourmand, look no further. We’ve rounded up the best, in some cases cheesiest, wearable food gear with their edible counterparts to give to everyone on your list this year. Because really, who wouldn’t want to snack in style?

1. This punny onesie

Credit: King Arthur Baking Company

King Arthur Baking Company is really embracing the whole "bun in the oven" thing.

Flour is the gift that keeps on giving—turn it into cookies, cake, or a loaf of sourdough bread. Or, dress your baby up like a sack of flour and call it a day.

Get the King Arthur Baking Company Freshly Baked Onesie for $14.96

2. Yes, another tote bag!

diaspora co
Credit: Diaspora Co.

We love the all turmeric-colored everything, from Diaspora Co.

Because you can never really have too many canvas totes, and because this one is perfectly golden to match the delicious Diaspora Co. Pragati Turmeric. We can't get enough of this spice, especially in the form It's Haldi, Doodh, the tasty turmeric latte by One Stripe Chai Co. that we tested recently.

Get The Diaspora Co. Tote for $45

3. A bivalve-positive kids tee

Credit: Island Creek

It's never too early to cultivate a love for oysters.

Aw, shucks! We couldn't resist this toddler T-shirt (or that pun, sorry) from an oyster company we love, Island Creek.

Get the Island Creek Oyster Lil' Shucker Toddler Tee for $20

4. This hot crewneck sweatshirt

fly by Jing
Credit: Fly By Jing

Spice up your wardrobe and liven your pantry with this Fly By Jing combo.

No we don't mean literally hot—this sweatshirt is from Fly By Jing, the WOC-owned brand known for creating this Instagram-famous Sichuan Chili Crisp. We recently reviewed said chili crisp, and now we're obsessed with this product.

Get the Fly By Jing Tastes Different Crewneck for $88

5. A tropical(ia) tshirt

creature comforts
Credit: Creature Comforts

Brighten up your beer fridge and your closet with this tropical duo.

Brewery shirts make a great gift for the home brewer and home drinker alike. Creature Comforts is a brewery in my home state of Georgia and Tropicália is my favorite IPA of all times. Plus, it's also the beer company of choice for Thor—that's right Avengers fans, this brewery is God of Thundery approved.

Get the Tropicália T-shirt for $22.99

6. The cheesiest sweatsuit ever

Credit: Stouffer's

What's cozier than a mac and cheese sweatsuit?

When you're working from home, real pants are optional and comfort is key. And what could be more comforting than wearing Stouffer's Macaroni and Cheese from head to toe?

Get the Stouffer's Mac and Cheese Sweatsuit for $95

7. The perfect grocery store slides

Credit: Publix

Slide into the new year in style with these shoes.

As we've all been more concerned with grocery stores than ever due to the pandemic, why not show your local chain some love? As a native southerner, my pick are these shockingly green slides by Publix. Sadly, pub sub not included with purchase.

Get the Publix-Green Slides for $19.95

8. A snackable holiday sweater

Credit: Frito-Lay

Step up your holiday sweater game with this tasteful option.

If you're still looking for something to wear to your company’s holiday Zoom party, this zesty number could be right for you. Bonus: it pairs well with actual Tostitos chips and salsa because it's so busy, no one will notice if you spill something on it!

Get the Tostitos Holiday Sweatshirt for $50.29

9. An adult onesie

Credit: Public Space / Hi-Chew

This adult onesie is perfect for when you plan to eat an entire bag of Hi-Chews in one sitting.

This onesie would be great for the H-Mart obsessed. Of course, if you're not sure their exact size, you could always gift them this Japanese snack box we love, or just buy them a ton of Hi-Chews.

Get the Hi-Chews Onesie for $99.50

10. French fry socks, because why not

Credit: Portillo's

Portillo's now makes fries for your feet!

Everyone loves fries and most people wear socks, so the odds that these would make a great gift are pretty good. And if you're shopping for someone who purchased an air fryer during Cyber Monday madness, consider these a nice follow-up present.

Get the Portillo's Cheese Fries Dress Socks for $12

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