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  • Excellent cleaning

  • Very quiet

  • Highly adjustable racks


  • Expensive

Made in the United States, the SHE88PZ65N is part of the Benchmark series and impressed us in a number of ways, including its cleaning power. On top of that, the racks glide easily and the action on the controls feel like someone actually cared when designing it.

The major downside of this dishwasher is that it costs an arm and a leg. This Bosch is not a normal dishwasher, it’s considered luxury or premium and is priced accordingly.

About the Bosch SHE88PZ65N

Bosch SHE88PZ65N Exterior
Credit: Bosch

The Bosch SHE88PZ65N is a semi-integrated dishwasher, meaning you can seem some of the controls while the door is closed.

Dimensions: 23.56” x 33.88” x 23.75" (WxHxD)
Capacity: Up to 16 place settings
Finish: Stainless steel
Cycles: Heavy, Auto, Glass, Speed60, Express, Normal, Rinse
Key features: CrystalDry, 24-Hour Delay Start, Half Load, Delicate, Sanitize, Speed Perfect and Remote Start

What we like

It offers superior cleaning

Bosch SHE88PZ65N Stain Removal
Credit: Reviewed / Jonathan Chan

Normally, spinach stains trip up even the best dishwashers, but SHE88PZ65N powered through them.

As a dishwasher, the SHE88PZ65N is the first among equals. Its only real competition comes from other Bosch dishwashers. This Bosch climbs to the top of the heap because it was able to present us with perfectly clean dishes after a Heavy cycle. It easily conquered spinach, baked-on cheese and pasta sauce, and burnt sugar.

We don’t expect any dishwasher to get our test dishes 100% clean—if we did, we’d have a hard time ranking them. So we were impressed that across all the cycles we tested, the SHE88PZ65N got our testing dishes 99.6% clean, compared that to the more expensive Cove DW2450’s 94%.

It’s whisper-quiet

The Bosch SHE88PZ65N operates at 40 dBA, quieter than dishwashers with a plastic tub that can reach 50 dBA. You could have the dishwasher going in the kitchen while you’re having a conversation and not have it interrupt. We would even go as far to say that you could sleep next to this Bosch and not have it disturb you.

It can dry plastic

Bosch SHE88PZ65N Crystal Dry
Credit: Reviewed / Jonathan Chan

The lid on the left was washed without CrystalDry and the right with the option turned on.

One of the most common complaints we get from readers is that their dishwashers fail to dry plastic, like Tupperware containers. Bosch has come up with a solution called CrystalDry, which works with a mineral called zeolite that releases heat when it gets wet. This means certain Bosch dishwashers can generate a tremendous amount of heat at the fraction of the power consumption of their competitors.

With the CrystalDry activated, we found everything got 100% dry, including plastic containers. We were especially impressed by the fact the cycle we tested took two hours to complete and used 850 watt-hours—about the same energy used when CrystalDry is turned off.

Racks can be adjusted to suit your needs

Bosch SHE88PZ65N Rack Height
Credit: Reviewed / Jonathan Chan

The adjustable racks allow you to fit even pitchers and tall bottles.

The height on the SHE88PZ65N’s upper rack can be adjusted to accommodate taller items, like a vase. We also appreciated the number of adjustable tines, which can help when trying to wash extra-wide bowls or thick serving dishes. This Bosch also comes with a MyWay rack, a third rack that is deep enough to deal with spatulas and ladles.

Bosch SHE88PZ65N MyWay Rack
Credit: Reviewed / Jonathan Chan

The MyWay rack allows you to load serving utensils like ladles and spatulas.

What we don’t like

You barely get what you pay for

While the SHE88PZ65N is a spectacular dishwasher, it costs a pretty penny. A bargain shopper can find similar features, like CrystalDry and MyWay rack, in other Bosch models, like the SHPM88Z75N. However, if you have your heart set on the SHE88PZ65N, but can't afford it right now, you'll just have to sit and wait for the price to come down.

The HomeConnect app feels tacked on

Bosch SHE88PZ65N HomeConnect App
Credit: Reviewed

While the HomeConnect app can be useful, we found it a bit cluttered.

You can connect to SHE88PZ65N via Bosch’s HomeConnect app. The app lets you look at status reports and even remote start your dishwasher, and lets you know if it is ever leaking. Considering the AquaStop feature will automatically stop the dishwasher if it detects a leak, regardless if it’s connected to the app, we think most of the smart features are of limited usefulness.

What users are saying

At the time of writing this review, we found a total of 11 user reviews online between Bosch, Lowe’s, and AJ Madison, giving the Bosch SHE88PZ65N a stellar 5 out of 5 stars across the board. Users rave about how quiet their dishwashers are.

Should you buy the Bosch SHE88PZ65N?

If you absolutely must have the pinnacle of quality, the Bosch SHE88PZ65N is a fine choice. It’s our best high-end dishwasher for several good reasons. However, you can purchase other Bosch dishwashers that provide most of the performance and all of the features for a fraction of the cost, like the SHPM88Z75N or SHPM65Z55N. If you’re looking for something a bit more economical, we’ve also tested the best dishwashers on the market that won’t be such a hit to your wallet.

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