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The Futura Crystal we tested—the G6665SCViSF—has a stainless front and a hidden control panel up top. It also comes in a panel-ready (G6665SCViAM) version.

The Crystal has fewer controls than the Lumen, but we think that just makes the control panel clear and easy to use. And like the Lumen, the Crystal offers a cycle anyone could embrace—QuickIntenseWash, which runs a full cycle in about an hour.


When we tested this model in our labs, these features were standouts.

Good design: The Miele Futura Crystal has an attractive stainless finish, with the hidden control panel at the top of the door. Indicators notify you if you need to refill salt (yes! It's what Miele uses to fight hard water) or rinse aid, or if you have any intake/drain issues.

Sturdy handle: It’s comfortable to hold, and the slightly square shape gives the stainless steel dishwasher a solid appearance. You could actually lift this dishwasher by its handle, though we don't recommend it.

Yellow tabs: These indicate moveable parts. It’s not always intuitive, but once you figure out how to use them, this is how you can customize the way you load the dishes. For example, you can raise the tabs on the bottom shelf to make room for taller stemware.

No cutlery basket: It doesn’t need one, because the silverware goes up on the third rack. Move the tab in the middle compartment to make room for ladles and other utensils.

Credit: Reviewed.com / Jackson Ruckar

This model has no cutlery basket, because silverware goes in the top rack. The yellow tabs indicate that you can move a component. The tab in front of the center compartment adjusts it to make room for ladles and other kitchen utensils.

Quiet operation: Although at 45 dbA, this isn’t the quietest dishwasher around (there are quieter models that test at 38 dbA), we think you’ll be barely aware that it’s running.

Clear controls: Choose from Normal, Pots & Pans, China & Crystal, the one-hour QuickIntenseWash, SaniWash, and Rinse & Hold (without detergent.)

Miele wants you to use its custom (expensive) detergent tabs. Miele's own tabs dissolve very quickly, which accelerates wash cycles. That's why they have a cult following among Miele dishwasher owners.

Credit: Reviewed.com / Jonathan Chan

Miele recommends that you use their detergent tabs, which cost more than supermarket tab brands, but work better. Think about saving them to use with the quick cycle.

We tested the Miele tabs on a QuickIntenseWash cycle, and they definitely made a difference compared to Cascade. We found that they cleaned slightly better, faster, and more efficiently. But they do cost more, so save the Miele tabs for those times when you absolutely need to run a fast cycle.

How it performs

In our lab tests, the Miele Futura Crystal did a near-perfect job removing food residue from dishes on both the Normal and Quick cycles, cleaning over 99% of oats, milk, egg, and spinach. The Heavy (Pots & Pans) cycle got everything 100% clean, even baked-on cheese and lasagna that hadn't been prerinsed.

Credit: Reviewed.com / Jackson Ruckar

You have to decide for yourself how to load the Crystal, because the tines leave it up to you. That can be helpful, or confusing.


Miele dishwashers have been recognized among the most efficient Energy Star certified products. They use water carefully, taking just over three gallons per wash in the Normal and QuickIntenseWash cycles, and four gallons in the Heavy cycle. It will cost an average of about $26.00 to run this machine for a year.

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The Bottom Line

The updated Futura Crystal with QuickIntenseWash is a relatively new model, and we haven’t seen owner reviews of it. The German engineering is a plus, and Miele dishwashers have a reputation for reliability. The dishwasher's stainless finish and strong handle would look handsome in any kitchen, and it has some cool features. The dishes come out sparkling clean. However, the unusual layout requires you to figure out where to put the dishes, and it's not always intuitive to adjust the racks.

You can certainly spend less on an excellent dishwasher, and we've often recommended this Miele's less-expensive competition from Bosch or KitchenAid.

But think about that QuickIntenseWash and how nice it would feel to be done with the dinner dishes in just one hour. That’s something you could love.

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