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  • Massive drum

  • Lots of features

  • Fast cycles for single loads


  • High water usage

  • Slow cycles for oversized loads

Did we mention we like this washer? The LG WT7800CW’s huge drum makes this washer a great fit for big families. It’s large, it's fast, and, from an actual cleaning standpoint, the LG WT7800CW performs on par with other washers in its price range.

The machine’s only major downside: This model is not very eco-friendly, using an enormous amount of water.

About the LG WT7800CW

  • Dimensions: 44 ½” x 27” x 28 ⅜” (H x W x D)
  • Capacity: 5.5 cu. ft.
  • Cycle Selection: Normal, Heavy Duty, Bedding, Deep Wash, Oxi Sanitize, Whites, Pre Wash+ Normal, Delicates, Perm Press, Speed Wash, Waterproof, Downloaded
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty on the whole unit, 3-year warranty on the drum, 10-year warranty on motor

What we like

Flexible cycle selection

LG WT7800CW Controls
Credit: LG

The LG WT7800CW has five temperature levels, five spin levels, and three soil levels, plus Cold Wash, and Water Plus.

The WT78700CW covers all the laundry bases. It has 10 distinct wash cycles with the ability to download more.

The WT78700CW also features five different temperature settings, five spin levels, and three soil levels. Laundry micromanagers will love it. Of all the adjustments, two stand out in our mind: Cold Wash and Deep Wash.

Washing laundry in strictly cold water is cheaper and helps preserve colors. In fact, there are entire lines of laundry detergents designed to work specifically with cold water. At the touch of a button on the WT78700CW’s control panel, you can modify most of the cycles to use only cold water, as well as adjust the cycle time accordingly.

This LG’s Deep Wash cycle uses about four times as much water as its Normal cycle, which is more than enough water to deal with a mountain of dirt. While large amounts of water aren’t really good for fighting stains, it is needed to wash away clumps of dirt and dust.

Good stain removal

The LG WT7800CW tackled our testing stains like a pro, especially when compared to other top-loading washers in its price range. It performed well against greasy stains, too, even though it doesn’t have an internal water heater.

During testing, we found that the WT7800CW compensated for the lack of high temperatures by having longer cycles.

Massive capacity

LG WT7800CW Drum
Credit: LG

The WT7800CW's massive drum can conquer even the tallest laundry mountain.

The LG WT7800CW has a 5.5-cubic-foot drum—large enough to hold a comforter or about four baskets of laundry.

Any household that does laundry on the weekends only will appreciate that the WT7800CW can cut down on the number of cycles you have to do.

Even if you’re not maxing out its capacity all the time, having it can save you a trip to a laundromat for large items.

What we didn’t like

Some cycles use too much water

LG WT7800CW Water Plus
Credit: Reviewed / Jonathan Chan

The Deep Wash and Water Plus options use all the extra water you could want.

Our water meters showed the LG WT7800CW’s Heavy Duty cycle using almost 60 gallons of water. That’s almost three times the average amount other washers typically use.

Additionally, we saw above-average water usage across most of the LG’s cycles we tested. Given the national averages, we estimate that the WT7800CW will use 10,000 gallons of water a year, which is about 8% of the annual water consumption of an American household. It’s not a lot in the grand scheme of things, but for those who are conscious of their natural resource usage, a front loader might be a better option for you.

Some cycles are really slow

If you keep your laundry loads under eight pounds, the WT7800CW can deal with it in under 30 minutes. Which we love.

However, larger loads take exponentially longer to finish, as did specific cycles. For example, the Heavy Duty cycle took over two hours to finish.

What users are saying

Out of over 1,000 ratings between Best Buy and The Home Depot, it has 780 5-star reviews, and 83% of people who bought this washer would recommend it.

Users talk about liking the large number of features and the capacity. They dislike the WiFi connectivity and the long cycles.

Should you buy the LG WT7800CW?

Yes, especially if you find yourself going to the laundromat every month to wash bedding despite having a washer at home.

The WT7800CW isn’t compact or regular-sized, it’s a family-sized washer. If your family always buys in bulk, you know how economical size can be. The WT7800CW might be just the washer you’re looking for.

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