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Editor's Note

If you ever thought dryers have too many knobs and settings, your worries will vanish when you look at the Whirlpool Cabrio WED8700EC (MSRP $1,399). In addition to its smart functionality, this dryer boasts Whirlpool's innovative What to Wash and How to Wash control panel. That makes it crystal clear what each cycle does–and no more deciphering exactly what Permanent Press or Jogging Wear does.

In addition, Wi-Fi connectivity promises the ability to control the WED8700EC from a smartphone—whether you're in the next room, or at work.

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When it comes to drying clothes, however, things are a little less innovative. Drying performance was about average in our lab tests, and you can expect 50-minute Normal cycles and 30-minute Quick cycles that get your clothes ready to wear.

But if you move down the Cabrio line to the WED8000DW, your clothes will get dry in the same amount of time—but you'll have another $300 in your pocket.

To learn about this dryer's matching washer, read our full review of the Whirlpool Cabrio WTW8700EC.

What's Unique?

The major difference between the WED8700EC and other dryers in the Cabrio lineup are its smart features. With the Whirlpool laundry app, you can remote start your dryer, download new cycles, and get status updates.

For the smart features—like Remote Start—to function, there needs to be Wi-Fi. But washers and dryers often end up in garages and basements–places that aren't always hotspots. We also had some issues getting the smart features to work, and the owner's manual wasn't always helpful.

Despite those gripes, the WED8700EC does come with some impressive tech. We really like the fact that the 8700 is Nest-compatible. With the announcement that Whirlpool is making a whole suite of Nest-compatible kitchen appliances, it means early adopters can get a whole home full of connected appliances.

For much more information, refer to our full review of the nearly identical Whirlpool Cabrio WED8500DC.

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