Tiny, Eco-Friendly Drumi Washer Available for Pre-Order

The foot-powered, portable washer can finally be yours.

Drumi in an apartment Credit: Yirego

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Earlier this year, Canadian design company Yirego showed off Drumi, a compact, pedal-powered washing machine that promised to wash clothes with no electricity. After a successful crowdfunding campaign, there’s finally a ship date: October 2016.

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The specs haven’t changed since we last checked. The Drumi washes up to 5 pounds of clothing in about 5 minutes using only 5-10 liters (average of 2 gallons) of water per load. The design hasn’t changed, either. The frame still has green accents and looks like a fancy wastebasket, and the ball-like drum (or “laundry sphere”) is still visible through the transparent lid.

Drumi probably won’t be replacing your existing laundry machine, but it definitely has its uses. You can wash undergarments and delicates separately (and much faster) while your regular washing machine works on the heavier stuff. Since it’s portable and requires no electricity, you can take it camping. Finally, Drumi is a good fit for small apartments or off-grid with no power.

We can’t speak for how well Drumi cleans without trying it ourselves. Regardless, enthusiasm for the little washer is high, if its Indiegogo campaign is any indication. Incidentally, that’s where you should be looking if you want to pre-order one yourself.

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