LG WM3770HWA Front-loading Washing Machine Review

This LG front-loader makes laundry day fly by

Credit: Ruckar

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You know the expression, less is more? That definitely applies to the LG WM3770HWA front-loading clothes washer which quickly became one of our favorite appliances soon after it arrived in our laundry lab.

With its generous 4.5 cu.-ft. capacity and 30-minute cycles, we found that you can put less effort into doing more laundry in less time—and with less wear and tear on clothes. And this high-efficiency washer costs less than other machines in its class. You can even add a second washer to it, so you can finish two loads at once.

Our lab tests proved that the WM3770HWA is a stain-killer, and it gives you cycles you didn't know you needed until you did. With this machine in the laundry room, laundry day will fly by.

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A shapely, beautifully designed washer with rounded corners, the WM3770HWA we tested looked stylish enough to install in the kitchen, the way many Europeans do. It comes in white, like the model we tested, or graphite steel as the WM3770HVA. One knob makes it easy to select the cycle you want. Each time you turn the knob, you see bright LED light and hear a reassuring beep to confirm your choice.

Credit: / Jonathan Chan

This washer offers plenty of cycles. As you select one, you see bright LED light and hear a beep to confirm your choice.


This washer has plenty of bells and whistles:

• The rust-resistant 4.5 cu.-ft. stainless steel drum holds plenty of wash.

• A true Sanitize cycle, with internally heated water, kills germs. (We couldn’t get it to the 158° LG claimed, but at the 149.3 ° we measured, it’s still plenty hot.)

• Allergiene, a steam cycle approved by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation, reduces dust mites and animal dander.

• The wrinkle-reducing Fresh Care feature lets you tumble a load of wash for up to 19 hours, until you can come home to unload the machine.

• A smart option allows you to hold your phone up to record the sounds an ailing washer makes to help LG diagnose the problem.

• Another smart option lets you download specialty cycles, and you can put them on the washer, one at a time.

Credit: / Jonathan Chan

The Allergiene cycle reduces pet dander and dust mites.

What we liked

Just like at home, we never have just one load to wash in our labs, so it’s great to be able to report that this washer's speedy wash cycles can get you out of the laundry room quickly.

• Speed Wash clocked in at 15 minutes in our tests. I always use a fast cycle for lightly soiled clothes, and 15 minutes rocks!
• An eight-pound load running in a Normal cycle cranked at just 30 minutes, and cleaned very well, with or without Turbo Wash. A heavier load will take longer, though.

Every cycle we tested did well removing stains, with minimal wear and tear on clothes.

A magnetic door stopper keeps the door slightly ajar between cycles, to prevent the mold and mildew stink that plagued many early front loaders. This is much safer than the trick many front-loader owners have had to employ — leaving the door wide open between uses, to let things dry out.

Putting it on a pedestal

This washer is designed to be compatible with LG's TwinWash, a pedestal that integrates a tiny, separate 1 cu.-ft. washing machine. If you're dying to be able to wash two loads at the same time, TwinWash can be a useful laundry accessory. It can be a bit pricey — but we've seen it on sale for as low as $500, and additional mail-in rebates can bring the price down, if you buy it as a set.

Read more about TwinWash

Credit: / Jackson Ruckar

The TwinWash is a 1 cu.-ft. washer integrated into a pedestal. It holds about five garments, and lets you wash two loads at once.


With a high overall wash efficiency score, and total water use of 9.6 gallons on the Normal cycle, this Energy Star rated washer was economical to operate. We calculated that it might cost you about $32 per year to run, on average. Compare that to a traditional top-loader, which would cost you twice that.

What the users say

Most of the people who commented on this washing machine praised the excellent clean their laundry gets, and showed love for the massive drum. A few complained about the sheer number of options, saying there was no need for a washer to have so many cycles. A very small number said their washer had experienced some leakage.

The bottom line

This front-loading washer is a good value, boasting many high-end features at a reasonable price point. The little melody that the WM3770HWA plays at the end of a wash cycle is a delight. And with cycles as short as these, you’ll hear it sooner than you expect.

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