Best LG Front-Load Washers of 2019

By Cindy Bailen, Jonathan Chan, and Julia MacDougall, November 07, 2018, Updated March 22, 2019

We've crunched the numbers, and there's no question that front-loaders are superior to top-loaders in terms of efficiency, cleaning power, and the stain removal. Nevertheless, they remain a tough sell for most folks.

(If you're one of those tough sells, and are more interested in an old-school washer, check out our article about the Best Traditional Top-Load Agitator Washers.)

For the past several years, LG has been doing its darnedest to change that sad fact. We've tested many machines from the Korean giant, and its machines consistently rank among the best to pass through our state-of-the-art labs. Even better, they're filled with fun, innovative features that make them a pleasure to use. Our favorite of the bunch, though, is the LG WM3770HWA (available at Best Buy for $989.99).

These are the best LG front-load washers you can buy today, according to our lab results.

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Updated March 22, 2019

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LG_WM3770HWA_hero Best Overall
Credit: / Jackson Ruckar


Product Image - LG WM3770HWA
  • Editors' Choice


Best Overall

LG knows how to build a great front-loading washing machine, and the WM3770HWA is proof. Turbo Wash can get clothes clean in just 30 minutes, Sanitize and Allergiene cycles are great for families, and downloadable specialty cycles can tackle any kind of stain. It's also gentle on fragile fabrics. An ingenious door stopper props the door open between cycles, preventing the build-up of moisture and mildew that can lead to a smelly gasket. Available in two colors—white or graphite—the WM3770HWA offers fast cycles and great stain removal at a competitive price. Read the full review.


Product Image - LG WM3670HWA
  • Editors' Choice


The LG WM3670HWA lets you do your laundry your way. With five different soil, temperature, and spin levels, you can customize a million different cycles for every situation. Other options, like Water Plus, help you clean more unique or heavily soiled items of clothing. However, the WM3670HWA's coup de grace is its internal water heater. With this hot water heater, not only do you get steam cycle options, but maximum temperatures north of 140°F in regular wash cycles. With temperatures that hot, you can clean one of the most problematic pieces of laundry—a cloth diaper. Read the full review.

Why would I want a front-load washing machine?

Credit: / Jonathan Chan

Front-loading washers are a relatively new addition to the laundry pantheon. While previously found only in laundromats, residential front-loader popularity is on the rise. Front-load washers are exactly what they sound like—instead of lifting up your washer’s lid and arranging your clothes in a circle around a pole agitator or impeller, the door opens from the front, and you put your laundry in from the side of the machine.

Some studies, including our own, indicate that front-loaders may be slightly better at stain removal, more efficient, and cost less to operate per year. Also, most appliance brands seem to be creating more front-load models, so if you do decide to embrace a front-loader lifestyle, it should be fairly easy to find a model that matches your size constraints, preferred style and feature set, and budget.


Product Image - LG WM9000HVA
  • Editors' Choice


With a steam cycle, a sanitizing wash, and a 5.2 cu. ft. capacity, the giant LG WM9000HVA has a unique, sleek look that will class up a laundry room. We were impressed by how much it could fit—and how well it cleaned. Since it's compatible with LG's TwinWash system, you could even do two loads at once. And a 34-minute Turbo Wash cycle saves time, too. Another bonus is its extremely quiet operation; not only does it look like a fashion statement in your laundry room, but it won't disrupt conversation in the next room over. If you've got a lot of laundry to do, this LG will make short work of it. Read the full review.


Product Image - LG WM5000HVA


The LG WM5000HVA boasts some of the company's best laundry technologies. Turbo Wash allows you to do a normal load of laundry in 30 minutes, while the tilted drum makes it easy to both load the machine and find that last sock afterwards. An intuitive and touch-sensitive control panel makes you feel like you're operating a vital piece of equipment on a spaceship. It has a sleek design and our tests show it’s tough on stains, gentle on clothes, and efficient to boot. It’s laundry made quicker and less painful—what more could you ask for? Read the full review.


Product Image - LG WM3270CW
  • Editors' Choice


The LG WM3270CW does a great job of addressing two of the complaints hurled from the pro-top load camp. First, the stink: while it true that older front loaders accumulated odors, this LG has a magnetic stopper that props the door open just enough to let in fresh air. Secondly, front loaders use less water—which is generally a benefit, but has been maligned by many who erroneously believe that more water equates with more cleaning. LG skirts the argument by adding a button that fills the tub with extra water. While this LG lacks Turbo Wash and, consequently, has longer cycle times than its more expensive siblings, the LG WM3270CW is a great value with excellent cleaning performance and a features that may win some converts. Read the full review.

How We Test

Credit: Reviewed

Every washing machine that comes into Reviewed’s labs gets put through the same testing regime, which addresses both performance and user-friendliness. Performance tests include:

Stain removal — on a strip of AHAM-approved stains (which includes cocoa, sweat, pig’s blood, red wine, and oil), how much of each stain can this washing machine remove?

Wear and tear — during a given cycle, how hard is the mechanical action of the washing machine on your clothes?

Water retention — how much water does your washing machine spin out at the end of the cycle?

Cycle time — how long is each washing machine cycle?

The best washers have solid stain removal abilities, do not damage your clothes, retain little water, and have short cycle times.

Beyond these performance tests, we also assess the usability of each washing machine, based on our experience, both during testing and during more casual use (one perk of working at Reviewed is that there are plenty of laundry machines on premises!). Our main goal is to get the answer to one question: how easy is it to actually use this washing machine? This involves cumulatively assessing the control panel, the door, the detergent dispenser, and any smart features that are included.

By combining the performance data with our own observations, we can make solid recommendations for someone looking for any type of washing machine at any price point.

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