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10 products we're most excited to see during Prime Day

The only thing better than buying these products? Getting them on sale during Prime Day.

Credit: Amazon

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Prime Day is just around the corner and that means one thing: deals on deals on deals. When you review products for a living, you can get pretty particular about what’s worth splurging on and what is worth waiting for to come on sale. Needless to say, there are some items our staff members have been eyeing for a while in hopes for a price drop. Good thing Prime Day is just days away.

We asked our product experts the item they’re most excited about to go on sale during Prime Day, and the answers ranged everywhere from items they’ve tested before, to products that will take their home or hobbies to the next level. One thing is for sure, Reviewed employees know a deal when they see one, so you can bet come Prime Day, we will definitely be trying to snag these items.

1. A pillow for a quality night’s sleep

Credit: Amazon

An ideal pillow for a perfect night's sleep.

“I'm a side sleeper and I have a relatively long neck so I often wake up with weird cricks and pains (probably because the pillows I've been sleeping on are old and flat). I like that this pillow comes overstuffed and can be adjusted based on the owner's sleep preferences. $50 is normally a little too much for me to justify spending on a pillow but if the price is even a little reduced on Prime Day I'm going for it.” -Sara Hendricks, Emerging Categories writer

Get the Xtreme comfort pillow for $49.99

2. An easy way to make fried foods a little healthier

Credit: Amazon

Tasty treats with half the calories? Yes please!

“I hope the Ninja Air Fryer is on sale. I've been trying to eat healthier lately and I've seen sooo many air fried foods incorporated into healthy recipes. I guess it still uses oil but much less than typical deep frying and I'm just so intrigued by it. The final food products always look amazing. Every time I scroll past something that requires an air fryer, I get a little closer to purchasing one.” - Rachel Moskowitz, Audience Development Manager

Get the Ninja Air Fryer for $99.99

3. The perfect way to take your crafty hobbies to the next (digital) level

Credit: Amazon

An ideal tool for both work and play.

“I have recently turned my mostly amateur hobby of calligraphy and hand lettering into a small side hustle, taking on projects for a few weddings and events. As much as I love pen and paper, I’ve been coveting a tablet and stylus to take my skills (and output potential) to the next level. I’ll be watching for Prime Day deals on the iPad Pro and second-generation Apple Pencil to see if it’s finally time to invest." -Meghan Kavanaugh, Managing Editor

Get the Apple iPad for $329

Get the Apple Pencil for $124.99

4. A fun game to make you feel like a kid again

Credit: Amazon

Embrace your inner child again with a Nintendo Switch.

“I’ve been wanting a Nintendo Switch for months—especially with the upcoming release of the new Animal Crossing and Legend of Zelda games. But with it’s high price, I’m too cheap to buy it at full price. I can’t justify spending $300 on a game system as a 24 year old, but if it goes on sale, it’ll give me an excuse to treat myself for Prime Day!” - Melissa Rorech, Video Producer

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Get the Nintendo Switch for $298

5. A new twist on Alexa

Credit: Amazon

"Alexa, can you order me a new Amazon Echo Show?"

“Okay so I really want the new Echo Show 5. I like that it's a compact Echo with a screen and I think it would look super cute in my kitchen so I can see my timers, recipes, and see lyrics so I can sing along to the songs I don't know. Amazon typically runs amazing deals on most of their devices, but since this one is newer, I'm praying they'll still have it at a discount.” - Courtney Campbell, Senior E-commerce writer

Get the Echo Show 5 for $89.99

6. The perfect way to cut costs on your favorite drink

Credit: Amazon

Forget about buying Kombucha at the store—it's time to start home brewing.

“I’m hoping the Kombucha Shop Brew Kit will be on sale this Prime Day. I spend way too much on kombucha every week (I'm an addict) and I know that making my own would probably be more affordable—but it also seems like one of those very unnecessary products that I don't need but definitely want. Aka if it went on sale, I'd finally have an excuse to snag it!” - Amanda Tarlton, Features & Trending Content Editor

Get the Kombucha Shop Kombucha Brewing Kit for $44.99

7. An extra addition to your home to ensure safety

Credit: Amazon

The easiest way to see who is at your door—no matter where you are.

“I just purchased a house so I am hoping that the Ring Doorbell 2 will be on sale during Prime Day. Not only is it the best smart doorbell we have ever tested, but my friends & family keep recommending it as well.” - Melissa Cooper, Manager of Search Marketing

Get the Ring Video Doorbell 2 for $199

8. A great way to fill your home with music

Credit: Amazon

Sonos Smart Speakers make it easy to fill your home with music that actually sounds like the band is in your living room.

“I’m low-key obsessed with my Sonos speakers. They sound great, they work as multi-room speakers and in stereo pairs, and they allow me to use them with either Google Assistant or Alexa. They’re one of the few smart speakers that deliver both amazing sound and amazing technology. I’d buy one for every room in my house if I could.” - Sarah Kovac, Smart Home Editor

Get the Sonos One Smart Speaker for $199

9. The perfect way to motivate you to hit those 10,000 steps

Credit: Amazon

The FitBit Charge 3 is the best fitness tracker we've ever tested.

“There are two questions that I always ask myself throughout the day, ‘What time is it?’ and ‘How long have I been sitting in this chair?’. Hence, my need for a FitBit is extremely apparent. I usually wear larger running watches regardless if I’m running or not, but I’m looking for a sleeker design that looks less like you’re going for a workout and more of an everyday style. While I’m usually hesitant to spend more money on a style of watch that is something so similar to my running watch, if it’s on sale this Prime Day, I’m definitely going to treat myself.” - Kate McCarthy, Social Media Manager

Get the FitBit Charge 3 for $119

10. A kitchen gadget for all to envy

Credit: Amazon

The Breville Smart Oven Pro is the best toaster oven we've ever tested.

“Although we're already seeing some great deals on kitchen heavy hitters like Instant Pots, ThemoPop thermometers, and All-Clad cookware, there's one much-coveted item I hope we get to see on sale Monday—the Breville Smart Oven Pro. It's our all-time favorite toaster oven, it's gorgeous, and it cooks basically anything, it's just a little too expensive for a toaster oven. The Smart Oven Pro usually goes for around $275, so I'm really hoping it dips below $200 so I can get my hands on one. When my parents needed a new toaster oven, I gifted them a slightly less impressive convection model because I didn't have money for the Breville. Sorry, parents!” - Cassidy Olsen, Kitchen & Cooking Editor

Get the Breville Smart Oven Pro for $234.30

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