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Ingenious New Gadget Puts a Kitchen in a Bottle

A lifesaver for frazzled, clumsy cooks?

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You’d think in the age of camera-equipped fridges and instantly accessible recipes that it’d be easier than ever to keep track of all the gadgets we use to cook dinner. Beaters, strainers, graters, mashers, openers, funnels, utensils—they’re all pretty similar in size and shape, but different enough to demand separate purchases, and common enough to clutter your kitchen.

With that problem in mind, the folks at Japan's Akebono developed the bottle-sized “bin” tool kit. It features eight of the most important cooking gadgets in a collapsible shell the size of a wine bottle. Those eight tools are as follows: measuring cup, egg separator, cap opener, cheese grater, egg masher, spice grater, lemon squeezer, and flower vase/funnel.

Akebono All-in-One Kitchen Tool Set

Sure, it’s missing a can opener, and it would’ve been cooler if it fit some fine measurement lines into the funnel attachment, but it’s still a solid example of innovative design. Just think of the space you could save. One of these shelved in a cabinet can save a lot of space in your utensil drawer—not to mention, you’ll have far fewer devices to keep track of when cooking and cleaning up.

There’s certainly the question of material quality, since the entire device is made of plastic—even the graters, which should ring a few alarm bells. But the concept is striking, and for less than $30 at Amazon it’s not likely to stir much buyer’s remorse. At the very least, you can turn it into a colorful spring vase.

The Akebono All-in-One Kitchen Tool Set is part of the MoMA Design Store’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection—a distinction that's testament to its impressive design. But if you buy it from MoMA, be prepared to pay a $10 premium.

Via: Wired

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