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This all-in-one kitchen appliance could live forever

Four kitchen gadgets in one easy-to-fix package.

HUB Kitchen Appliance Credit: Rotimi Solola

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Kitchen gadgets walk a fine line between convenience and clutter. A good blender can be a lifesaver, and an immersion circulator can make perfect steak routine—but watch out, or they’ll wind up fighting for counter space with your rice cooker, food processor, and stand mixer.

It's a problem that designer Rotimi Solola tackles head-on with the HUB Kitchen Appliance, a concept that uses a shared base for a food processor, blender, kettle, and mixer. The base houses a motor and heating element, so you can simply swap out the top portion depending on the desired use.

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Of course, small appliances don’t live forever, and that's a bigger problem if all your small appliances share the same motor. Luckily, Solola thought of a pretty brilliant fix for that—one that's probably the most innovative aspect of his design.

The HUB Kitchen Appliance is specifically tailored to be easy to diagnose and service at home, without the aid of a professional repairman. The screws are standard and readily accessible. Components are easy to swap out, and an LED diagnostics window can help you figure out which parts are experiencing issues.

HUB Appliance components
Credit: Rotimi Solola

You can easily disassemble the HUB and replace any necessary parts.

It’s a refreshing and empowering way to make your stuff last longer, especially in a world where planned obsolescence reigns supreme and many products are designed to prevent user repairs.

Solola admits the clever product is still just a concept, but one that he’s still working on in hopes that it will someday gain traction. “The more the concept gets refined, the closer it gets to reality,” he says.

A reality with ample counter space and kitchen tech that we can fix ourselves? Sign me up.

HUB Appliance with swapped uses
Credit: Rotimi Solola

The HUB Kitchen Appliance has a blender, food processor, mixer, and kettle with a shared base.

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