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These are the hottest food trends of 2017, according to Pinterest

Here's what you'll be eating next year.


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As the enormous trash fire of a year that is 2016 burns down to its embers, Pinterest wants you to look ahead to a tastier tomorrow. The content-sharing site combed through heaps of data from the past year to single out the top 100 emerging trends they expect to blow up in 2017—including 10 attention-grabbing food trends.

Here’s what Pinterest thinks you’ll be eating and cooking in 2017:

Healthy Bowls

You know what these are. Take a hearty grain like quinoa or brown rice, throw in some veggies and dressing. Pinterest says they’re up 200% since last year.


This nutritious fruit can serve as a pork substitute in food like nachos. The vegan option has been up 420% in 2016.


Pinterest says users are a sucker (sorry!) for the eight-armed sea creature, especially grilled and served in tacos or on skewers.


1.5 million people saved empanada pins this year. That’s a lot! We can’t blame ‘em—those stuffed pockets of dough are pretty darn delicious.

Sour Beer

Pinterest’s prediction: sour beer will be the “it” beer of Summer 2017—including home-brewed versions.

Grapeseed Oil

Step aside, EVOO, there’s a new cooking oil in town. Apparently we’ll all be cooking with grapeseed oil come 2017.

Naan Pizza

Naan is great. Pizza is great. Put the two together and you get a completely delicious, fresh take on an eternal favorite.

Sous Vide Cooking

The super-precise, super-effective cooking technique is easier than ever to use at home, so it stands to reason that it’s been taking off. Start your 2017 off right by cooking a perfect steak—we dare you.


Pinterest touts this pickled cabbage, often found both throughout eastern Europe and on top of my New York-raised parents’ hot dogs, as “the new kimchi.”

Clean Eating Chips

Searches for healthy snacks were up 200% on Pinterest this year. That includes veggie chips such as the increasingly popular zucchini chips.

Our takeaway? People are into new ways to eat—or cook—healthy, and they’re excited to fuse foods from different types of cuisine… But pizza and beer will always make the cut.

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