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Hilarious Instagram Feed Takes Tweezer Food to Task

Twinkies never looked so expensive.

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Humans love good food, and some of the best, most inventive food in the world today is served in portion sizes so small it has to be arranged with tweezers before being delivered to your table.

It's a blessing and a curse: The plated food often looks stunning, and the carefully considered arrangements are designed to emphasize the flavor of each impeccably sourced ingredient—both on its own and as a part of the whole. But these meals can also leave you hungry, and with a suspiciously light wallet.

Just like the pros, Chef Jacques la Merde uses tweezers to carefully position his ingredients.

Chef Jacques la Merde (French for "Jack Sh*t") is an Instagram account filled with artfully plated meals—the kind you might drop a few Benjamins on at a Michelin-starred restaurant. But here's the thing: The courses on display are anything but foodie-friendly fare.

Highlighted ingredients include Chef Boyardee Beef Ravioli, Hot Pockets, Tostitos Salsa Con Queso, Spongebob Squarepants Zoodles, Cinnamon Toast Crunch "Sand," baby food, corn dogs, Dunkaroos, and my personal favorite, "Hand-Torn Twinkie Chunks."

Just like pro chefs and amateur "plating" connoisseurs, Chef Jacques uses tweezers to carefully position his highly processed ingredients. But the coolest thing about this account is that, at first glance, you'd never know it's junk food. You have to look pretty close to figure out what's in it.

Here, see for yourself. I'm going to go have a Twinkie.

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