Forgetful? Like to Cook? These Tattoos Are For You

Don't worry, they're only temporary.

An I Tradizionali recipe-tattoo kit. Credit:

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Fun activities don’t always go together. Skydiving, for example, doesn’t work well with skeet shooting, and video games don’t really mesh with deep-sea fishing—unless you have some sort of P. Diddy–style shrimping vessel.

But there are exceptions. Case in point: Two Italian design students have (finally!) managed to combine two activities that, on the surface, appear ridiculously far removed from one another: cooking and tattoos.

It actually makes sense, though. I Tradizionali, which translates to “the traditional,” is a collection of tasteful temporary tattoos sized to fit your forearm. The idea is that you can simply glance at the instructions on your arm, instead of thumbing through a cookbook with greasy fingers.

It might not be a life-changing invention, but it's certainly a creative solution to a small problem. And as for the tattoos themselves, they're elegantly, fashionably designed.

Marina Cinciripini and Sarah Richiuso, the students behind I Tradizionali, developed the idea last year as part of a design competition called the Premio Lissone Design 2013.

"The project is a combination of our two biggest passions, cooking and illustration," Richiuso told NPR. "The goal is to help people approach good food in a fun way."

"The project is a combination of our two biggest passions, cooking and illustration."

But you’re probably wondering, what are the recipes? Currently there are only three, but the duo promise on their site that there are more to come. Currently, the offerings include two appetizers (Date Balls and "Grandmother Artichokes”) along with one main course (“Spaghetti with Dry Tomatoes and Anchovies”).

According to NPR, the tattoo-recipe packages will come in seasonally themed packages costing about $14. The designers also plan to keep the recipes simple—both so that they can actually fit on your arm, and in order to promote simple, healthy eating.

I’d give it a try. I’m an idea man, after all. I like the idea of having a tattoo, and the idea of actually cooking for myself.

In practice? Not so much.

Via: NPR

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