The Range Dial brings smart cooking to "dumb" ovens

Cook it. Cook it real good.

Range Dial Credit: Supermechanical

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I wouldn’t consider myself a good judge of perfectly cooked meat. My food tends to either resemble a leathery bat wing, or it’s so raw I’m taking risks eating it. Sometimes it’s difficult to find the sweet spot between over- and under-cooked, but thankfully there’s a cool new cooking tool that—if you’re anything like me—is sure to help.

The Range Dial, from Supermechanical, consists of a 3-inch thermometer probe, a heat resistant silicone cable, and a dial with minimalistic pictures of barnyard animals on it—each one a setting for cooking that type of meat. The gadget is great for oven cooking or grilling and connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

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But if you're still wary of tech in the kitchen, you can use the probe sans phone if you choose. The idea is to enhance your cooking experience in the kitchen, not complicate it.

By no means are smart thermometers a new phenomenon, either. In fact, before the Range Dial, there was the Range. The Range was the result of another successful Kickstarter, but it was just one leave-in thermometer. What makes this newer model unique is its preset temperatures on the dial and two probe ports, which allow you to monitor two meals at once.

Using the Range Dial seems fairly painless. All you have to do is stick the probe in, turn the dial to one of the preset icons, and wait for your smartphone to alert you when your food is done.

The product is available for pre-order on the company's website at a reasonable price of $73. According to John Kestner, the company's founder, the Range Dial is expected to ship in November.

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