GE Café CGP9536SLSS Gas Cooktop Review

A powerful 36-inch gas cooktop for a modern kitchen

GE Café CGP9536SLSS Gas Cooktop Review Credit: GE Cafe

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If you're in the market for a gas cooktop, there are three things that should be on your shortlist of must-haves: enough BTUs on at least one burner for quick boiling, great low temperatures for simmering, and a handsome look that complements the rest of your kitchen. We spent a week putting the GE Café CGP9536SLSS (available at Home Depot for $1,466.10) through rigorous tests and find that it checks all three boxes.

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The stainless steel finish and continuous black grates have a modern, industrial look. Its five burners include a central power burner that maxes out at 20,000 BTU. A removable griddle spans the two left burners, and there’s a gas lock/unlock button to ensure safety. It's a perfect example of why GE is a trusted American brand for cooking.
Credit: GE Appliances

The GE Café CGP9536SLSS gas cooktop has room for several large pots and pans, so you can put every burner to work at the same time.


• The center burner can boil six cups of water in 4.5 minutes—definitely better than the average of about 6 minutes over all cooktops.
• Both the left and right front burners get decently hot, reaching 433°, not the highest temperatures we’ve seen, but still fine.
• Simmering on the right rear burner worked well, with a low temperature of 116°.
• The burners are far enough apart to allow room for large pots and pans to share the cooktop.


• Although our cornbread skillet test showed acceptable results, we did notice a hotspot in the middle of the power burner, as indicated by burning in the center of the bread.
• The knobs are more fragile than the cooktop’s other components.

Credit: GE Appliances

This model's right rear burner is best for simmering sauces at low temperatures. We measured it at 116° in our tests.


Time to boil 48 ounces of water

We discovered that it took 4.5 minutes to boil water on this cooktop, which is almost as speedy as many induction cooktops we’ve tested. The water boil score was 8.2/10.

Maximum temperature on a burner

The left and right front burners heat to a maximum of 433°. Compared to the average maximum over all ranges we've tested, that isn't overly hot. We measured temperatures well over 500° on other cooktops, so the max temp score in our tests was just okay, scoring 4.7/10.

Minimum temperature on a burner

This model maintains the best simmer on its right rear burner. At 116°, it is close to the average minimum temperature over all tested cooktops.


The manufacturer provides a limited one-year warranty on the entire cooktop.

What the owners say

With an average of 4.6 out of 5 stars on several sites, we’ve seen many excellent reviews for this cooktop. Users praise its even cooking, fast time-to-boil, great heat, continuous cast iron grates, integrated grill, generous burner spacing, and the cooktop’s good looks. That’s a lot to like. The few negative reviews we’ve seen focused on the backlit plastic knobs, which can chip or break and can be costly to replace.

Credit: GE Appliances

The backlit knobs look good, though a few owner reviews stated that they are subject to melting or chipping. They are replaceable, but not for free.

The Bottom Line

This GE Café cooktop scored very well in our tests. The continuous heavy-duty grid allows room for large cookware. The right rear burner can simmer gently to melt delicate foods and the middle burner boils water quickly, so the cooktop offers a “range” of choices to prepare a meal. A propane conversion kit is included as well, in case you don’t have natural gas coming into your home.

This cooktop is a good investment. We think you’ll appreciate its cooking performance and that it will add to your enjoyment of preparing delicious meals.

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