Samsung RF28R6301SR Refrigerator Review

This French-door fridge has the look and feel of luxury

Our review of the Samsung RF28R6301SR French door fridge with a door-in-door design and through-the-door ice and water dispenser. Credit: Samsung

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The Samsung RF28R6301SR (available at Home Depot for $2,999.00) counter-depth refrigerator offers an outstanding look with luxury features to match. So if you're on the market for one, chances are you're already sold on its sleek, French-door design—you just want to make sure it works as advertised. Let us assure you, it does. This fridge passed all our performance tests and wowed us with features like the AutoFill Pitcher, a deli drawer with customizable temperature, and flexible shelving. Our only real complaint was all those extras eat up a lot of space that could go toward more storage. If you like this fridge and its features, but want something that maximizes space, check out the Frigidaire Gallery FG4H2272UF.

We really loved the experience of this fridge, from Samsung's Food Showcase door-in-door access, to the through-the-door ice and water (with AutoFill Pitcher inside), to the deli drawer with a customizable temperature, to the smooth-sliding drawers. It's also WiFi-enabled, allowing you to monitor it with the Bixby app, alongside any other smart Samsung devices in your home. The aesthetic and extras come with a cost, however, as the fridge itself is a bit on the pricy side and all those through-the-door features take up a lot of capacity that could go fit more groceries instead. If you need a big fridge for a big family, the Samsung RF28R6301SR might not be for you. If that's not a concern, however, and you like the RF28R6301SR's look and ability for the features to fit your lifestyle and kitchen, this is a good option.

About the Samsung RF28R6301SR French-door refrigerator

Credit: Reviewed / Jonathan Chan

The flexible shelving can fold up to make room for taller objects.

Dimensions: 70" x 35.75" x 36" (H x W x D)
Usable space: We measured 10.18 cu. ft. of usable storage space in the refrigerator and 5.19 cu. ft. in the freezer.
Dispensers: Ice (cubed and crushed) and water (with internal AutoFill Pitcher)
Finishes: Tuscan stainless steel, black stainless steel, and stainless steel—all of which are also fingerprint resistant

What we like

The Food Showcase design keeps cold air inside

Door in door
Credit: Reviewed / Jonathan Chan

The Samsung RF28R6301SR features door-in-door design, to allow quick access to items and should minimize the loss of cool air.

The RF28R6301SR is absolutely loaded with extra features. The Food Showcase door-in-door feature allows owners to access items stored on the right door without fully opening the fridge. It might take a while to get used to, but it's worth it. Not only can you access many items quickly and easily, but you can do so without as much cold air escaping the main compartment.

Built-in AutoFill Pitcher doubles as an infuser

Credit: Reviewed / Jonathan Chan

The AutoFill Pitcher sits inside the door and has a built-in infuser. The infuser is great for always having a glass of lemon water handy.

The AutoFill Pitcher is also a nice extra. It will automatically fill up when stored and has a built-in infuser. The infuser is a compartment where you put fruit, so it can imbue your water with some flavor. The compartment also keeps the fruit away from the spout while pouring.

Storage options are flexible to suit your needs

Having a deli drawer is a nice on its own, but the ability to customize its temperature really helps set this fridge apart from competing models. If you want to chill beverages quickly, you can drop the temperature all the way down to 34°F. If you want to store wine at a slightly warmer temperature than the rest of the fridge, the temperature can be increased up to 41°F. The customizability doesn't stop there, though, as many of the shelves and storage bins can either be repositioned or moved out of the way. Regardless of your specific storage needs, the RF28R6301SR is customizable enough to meet them.

Keeps consistent temperatures

From the raw nuts-and-bolts performance of keeping things cold to the more experiential aspects of daily use, this Samsung does well across the board. We saw no issues with the RF28R6301SR's performance in terms of food storage. It was able to maintain consistently cool or cold temperatures, keeping variance to within a single degree in both the fridge and freezer. Its crisper drawers were about average (losing about a quarter gram of water every hour) so it won't prematurely dry out fresh greens. Its drawers also slide incredibly smoothly—no wobbling or hitching here.

What we don't like

Capacity is on the low side

Credit: Reviewed / Jonathan Chan

The Samsung RF28R6301SR fits a lot into its upper compartment, which houses an ice maker and a water pitcher. These features are nice, but definitely impact the fridge's overall capacity.

Unfortunately, there's a downside to all those nice through-the-door features—they eat up a ton of fridge capacity. We measured 17 total storage locations, with 10.18 cu. ft. of usable storage space in the refrigerator and 5.19 cu. ft. in the freezer. The manufacturer-claimed capacity of the fridge is 18.9 cu. ft. and the freezer at 8.9 cu. ft., both of which are significantly higher than what you're actually getting. Typically when manufacturers count capacity, they include areas you really wouldn't be storing food, like around the ice maker or other nooks and crannies that aren't realistically accessible. Trying to use the full cubic footage stated would require some real ingenuity.

Controls are a bit finicky

Credit: Reviewed / Jonathan Chan

The fridge's controls are internal, which helps preserve its monolithic facade, but they're a bit finicky—you have to tap multiple times to get the setting you want.

Most people won't even use their fridge's controls—but they should. A good user experience is important, if users feel comfortable making sure their fridge is the correct temperature, they're avoiding food spoilage and waste. In this case, we didn't like how we had to cycle through all the options unidirectionally in order to find what we wanted, and it was sometimes a bit difficult to get the touch controls to engage.

Uses a lot of electricity

We project the RF28R6301SR's cost per year at $52.30, which is a bit high. For reference, on average fridges run somewhere between $20 and $40 per year, with the very high end being above $60. It's not a dramatic price difference, but for the RF28R6301SR's low capacity it means it's using a lot of energy to keep a relatively small space cool. If energy efficiency is a top buying concern for you, it might make sense to look elsewhere.


Samsung's warranty will cover parts and labor for one year. The sealed refrigeration system (compressor, evaporator, condenser, drier, and connecting tubing) is covered for up to five years, for both parts and labor. The digital inverter compressor is covered 10 years for parts and five years for labor.

Typically we see a lot of warranties that stop after one year, so we're happy to see selected parts covered for longer. When you buy a fridge, you want to feel like you're making an investment in your future—fortunately Samsung's lengthy warranty helps ensure your fridge will remain operational for years to come.

What owners say

There aren't a tremendous number of reviews out currently, but those that have been posted are absolutely glowing—the RF28R6301SR has about 4.9 stars out of 5 across most major retailers. Users love the aesthetic and features, with the majority gushing over how great it looks in their kitchen. The Food Showcase and through-the-door ice and water were also popular call-outs.

Should you buy the Samsung RF28R6301SR?

Yes. The Samsung RF28R6301SR is a good fridge with a great look and some useful extras that really sell a high-end experience. Across the board, this fridge either met or exceeded expectations, both in terms of user experience and the nuts and bolts aspects of refrigeration, like temperature consistency and humidity control. You won't go wrong buying the Samsung RF28R6301SR. If you're still shopping for French-door fridges, we'd also recommend checking out the Frigidaire Gallery FG4H2272UF, which has many of the same features and impeccable performance.

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