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Amazon Smart Plug vs Currant: Which is the best?

Here's what you need to know about these two popular plugs.

Amazon Smart Plug (left) and the Currant WiFi Smart Outlet (right) Credit: Reviewed / Rachel Murphy

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All smart plugs have the same primary purpose: transforming plug-in electronics into remote-controlled devices. However, that doesn't mean all smart plugs are the same. How well they perform can make a big difference as to how useful they are in your daily life. We're comparing the wildly popular Amazon Smart Plug against our favorite smart plug on the market, the Currant WiFi Smart Outlet to see how they stack up in a number of categories. Read on to find out which smart plug is right for you.


Amazon smart plug
Credit: Reviewed / Rachel Murphy

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing the right smart plug including price. While Currant offers more features, the Amazon Smart Plug is more affordable.

If you’re relying on cost to guide your decision, Amazon’s smart plug is the clear winner. The single-outlet smart plug costs $24.99 versus the Currant Smart Outlet, which comes with two outlets, and retails for $59.99 (but you can typically find it on sale for $39.99). Although Currant costs more, you are getting two outlets instead of one.

Our pick: Amazon Smart Plug


Amazon Smart Plug and Currant WiF Smart Outlet
Credit: Currant

The two arrows on the front of the Currant plug (bottom) control the power for each outlet. The arrows light up when the outlet is on. Amazon's plug (top) comes with a power button on the left side and features the status indicator light on the front.

When it comes to looks, these two couldn’t be more different. Amazon’s smart outlet takes on a familiar white, rectangular design and features one three-prong plug on the front of the smart socket, similar to other smart plugs we’ve tested from brands like Meross, Samsung, and Wyze.

On the other hand, the Currant Smart Outlet is roughly double the size of the Amazon plug, but similar in thickness (about 1.5 inches). It also takes on a different aesthetic, with a sleek mirrored front and white plastic sides.

While it is the larger plug, Currant comes with a pair of independently controlled three-prong outlets on the side of the plug instead of one on the front like the model from Amazon.

Our pick: Currant Smart Outlet


Currant WiFi Smart Outlet
Credit: Reviewed / Rachel Murphy

Currant's smart outlet has a rear plate that can flip directions, making it an optimal fit for most spaces.

The only real feature these two share is in the connectivity department. Both plugs utilize a 2.4 GHz WiFi connection, but only Currant can operate over Bluetooth.

Overall, Currant’s feature-packed WiFi Smart Outlet does more than Amazon’s smart plug, which is why it sits atop our list of the best smart plugs you can buy. It’s full of useful features like energy monitoring, two independently-operated plugs, and smart schedule recommendations, none of which are offered by Amazon’s smart plug. It also has a handy outlet orientation feature on the back which lets you switch the plate so it can be plugged into the wall facing either right or left.

One unique feature of Amazon's smart plug is that it belongs to Amazon's Certified for Humans program. This means Alexa will connect the plug to WiFi for you using the Amazon Alexa app or an Alexa-enabled smart speaker. It shaves off a few steps for an easy setup. However, we also found the Currant plug simple to set up even with the longer process.

Despite Amazon’s fast setup, we still think Currant is the best of these two plugs thanks to its pair of independently-controlled outlets and energy monitoring capabilities.

Our pick: Currant Smart Outlet

Smart assistant compatibility

Both plugs work with Amazon Alexa, but as you might guess, that’s the only smart assistant that works with the Amazon smart plug. While Alexa is the most popular smart assistant out there, she’s not the only one that’s widely used. Google Assistant can also be used to control the Currant smart plug, making it a lot more versatile. Neither plug is compatible with Apple’s Siri.

Our pick: Currant Smart Outlet

And the winner is…

Currant WiFi Smart Outlet
Credit: Reviewed / Rachel Murphy

After extensive testing, we think that Currant's WiFi Smart Outlet is the best smart plug you can buy thanks to all of its useful features.

The Currant Smart Outlet is the best smart plug we’ve ever tested at Reviewed. It works well with Alexa and Google Assistant, has two independently-controlled outlets, includes energy monitoring, and makes smart schedule recommendations to help curb your energy consumption. For these reasons, ew think Currant is the more versatile plug and, for most people, offers better value over the Amazon Smart Plug.

If you’ve got an Alexa ecosystem up and running, the Amazon Smart Plug would be a smooth addition to your setup. But if you’re just looking for a great smart plug with only one outlet, we’d point you to our favorite smart plug for the money from Eufy. It works with Amazon and Google, costs less than $25, and offers helpful energy monitoring stats like Currant.

Get the Amazon Smart Plug on Amazon for $24.99

Get the Currant WiFi Smart Outlet on Amazon for $39.99

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