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MyQ's smart pet door is the pupdate you've been waiting for

Ditch the doggy door for this high tech entryway.

MyQ Pet Portal Credit: MyQ Pet Portal

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Ever been guilted by the longing eyes of your dog as you walk out the door for the day? Yeah, me too. For those extended days away from home, Chamberlain, one of the leading garage door opener brands, unveiled the MyQ Pet Portal—a high tech doggy door that pet owners can open and close from anywhere at this year's all-digital CES. The connected smart door can help your pooch get some much-needed fresh air (and take care of business) when you aren’t nearby to let them out.

What is Chamberlain’s MyQ Pet Portal?

MyQ Pet Portal
Credit: MyQ Pet Portal

The MyQ Pet Portal look slike any ordinary front door, but it has a built-in sliding panel that dogs up to 90 pounds can enter and exit through.

Ditching the retrofit design of traditional doggy doors, Chamberlain’s MyQ Pet Portal is a custom-fitted, full-size door with a hidden smart panel that slides open and shut much like a pair of elevator doors. It syncs with the MyQ Pet Portal Sensor, a small, uniquely-assigned device that attaches to your dog’s collar, giving you the ability to fully automate potty breaks and playtime. When your dog is nearby and wearing the sensor, the door will automatically open up to let your pooch in or out. Alternatively, with just a few taps in the MyQ Pet Portal app, you can let your dog outside (and back in) at your discretion.

With two 1080p cameras on either side of the door, as well as a pair of mics for two-way audio, it’s easy to communicate with your pet in real time and see when they come and go via the app. Keeping you connected with your pup all day long, the app generates a daily breakdown of your pet’s activity that shows what time the dog went outside and for how long.

The MyQ Pet Portal accommodates dogs of many sizes, ranging from 10 to 90 pounds. And, don’t worry, there are integrated sensors to prevent the door from closing on your four-legged friend. There’s also an auto lock and close feature that keeps other animals from “tailgating” as your pet comes and goes.

As for looks, the MyQ Pet Portal is a modern-style door that comes in a variety of material types and colors. Professional installation is required and takes about a day.

The MyQ Pet Portal, which is currently available for preorder, costs $2,999.99 and is slated to be released later this year. A one-year MyQ video storage subscription is also included with your purchase.

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