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  • Ring Indoor Security Camera

  • Wyze Cam V3

  • How We Tested Smart Indoor Security Cameras

  • What You Should Know About Smart Indoor Security Cameras

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Our Favorite Smart Indoor Security Cameras of 2022

  1. Best Overall

    Arlo Essential Indoor Security Camera


    • Integrated camera cover

    • Intelligent smart alerts

    • Two-factor authentication


    • Doesn't work with Apple HomeKit

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  2. Best for Amazon Alexa

    Ring Indoor Cam


    • Mandatory two-factor authentication

    • Works with Amazon Alexa

    • Ideal for Ring smart homes


    • No support for Google Home or Apple HomeKit

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The Arlo Essential Indoor Camera hangs on a wall
Credit: Reviewed / Rachel Murphy

The integrated camera privacy cover is one of the most appealing features of Arlo's Essential Indoor Security Camera.

Best Overall
Arlo Essential Indoor Security Camera

With privacy at the forefront, Arlo’s Essential Indoor Security Camera impressed us from the get go. That starts with its sliding privacy shutter that can be toggled on/off from the companion app—a unique feature for a home security camera that provides added assurance that nobody is watching when you don’t want them to be. It records in crisp and clear 1080p HD video and offers a 130-degree field of view, allowing you to see everything in the room.

Arlo’s camera is also among the fastest and smartest when it comes to detecting and sending intelligent alerts. When paired with an Arlo Secure Plan (starting at $3/month after a 3-month free trial), it can differentiate between people and animals (and packages and vehicles, though you don’t need those alerts for inside). The paid plan also gets you access to cloud video storage, so you can review and share video clips. Arlo’s preview notifications are helpful, too, allowing you to watch a quick clip without opening the app. Even better, all detected objects are outlined in green so you can quickly identify what’s going on from the preview alert.

The camera offers four modes (armed, disarmed, schedule, and geofencing), all of which performed well during our testing, alongside excellent security features. The Arlo app offers two-factor authentication, an important feature to keep your account secure. If a new login is detected, Arlo will alert you immediately with a push notification where you’ll need to confirm or deny the device trying to gain access to your account. There’s also a built-in siren and access to emergency services, should you ever need it.

If there’s one downside to this camera, it’s that it’s fairly lightweight and can easily be knocked over if you don’t opt to mount it with the included hardware. But its small footprint and discreet design make this camera easy to incorporate into any home without the constant feeling that you’re being watched. The camera doesn’t work with Apple HomeKit, but you can stream the live video feed on Amazon Echo and Google Home smart displays by asking Alexa or Google Assistant, respectively. Overall, this is a discreet home security camera that’s well-priced, intelligent, and reliable for everyday home security.

Read our full review of the Arlo Essential Indoor Security Camera


  • Integrated camera cover

  • Intelligent smart alerts

  • Two-factor authentication


  • Doesn't work with Apple HomeKit

The Nest Cam (battery) hangs on a light blue wall.
Credit: Google Nest

The Nest Cam (battery) can be used inside and out, and runs on a rechargeable battery or continuous power for flexible home security.

Best Upgrade
Nest Cam (battery)

Google’s first battery-powered smart security camera is a high-end home security camera that can be installed indoors or outdoors. It’s versatility doesn't stop there, however. In addition to running on a built-in battery, you can also plug it in for continuous power. Flexibility is one of its strong points, but it is pricier than other indoor cameras in our guide.

Nevertheless, the Nest Cam’s impressive array of no-cost smarts is hard to beat. Intelligent alerts like person, vehicle, motion, and animal detection (as well as a three-hour video event history) are available for free, when previously you needed a paid Nest Aware plan to get these. Its ability to detect and differentiate between motion events is impressive, too, and alerts are sent right away. It can listen for smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and quickly alert you if these sounds are detected.

The camera runs through the Google Home app, not the Nest app as did previous Google Nest cameras and doorbells. In the app, you can quickly flip through the camera’s event history, filter by event type, and create custom motion zones. Optimal notification settings like “Away Only” are useful for indoor security cameras because you’ll only receive alerts when you’re away from home.

On the downside, the battery isn't removable. This means you’ll need to pull down the entire camera to recharge it. At most, you’ll get about seven months of battery life on a single charge, but you can expect more like 2-3 months for medium use.

Though the camera only works with Google Assistant (not Alexa or Siri), it’s a super smart wireless indoor camera. If you’re looking for seamless home security inside (or out), the Nest Cam (battery) is a fantastic, feature-filled upgrade.

Read our full review of the Nest Cam (battery)


  • Multiple installation options

  • Great audio and video quality

  • Free intelligent smart alerts


  • Too easy to remove

  • Doesn't work with Siri or Alexa

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The Ring Indoor Camera sits on a brown storage desk next to a seond-gen Amazon Echo show 5
Credit: Reviewed / Rachel Murphy

With an Amazon smart display like the Echo Show 5 (second-gen), you can pull up a live stream of your Ring camera and use two-way talk.

Best for Amazon Alexa
Ring Indoor Security Camera

If you're all in on using Amazon Alexa to control your smart home and/or have a Ring video doorbell, then Ring's Indoor Smart Camera will fit right into your current setup. The Ring app sends instant notifications when motion is detected and works well on both Android and iOS devices. A Ring Protect Plan (starting at $3/month) is the best way to access all of the features this camera has to offer like People Only mode, recording and saving videos, and rich smart notifications. Two-factor authentication is mandatory for the Ring app, helping to keep your private moments secure from others.

The 140-degree field of view looks great (so does the color night vision) and the two-way audio is loud and clear on both ends. The Ring app makes it easy to finetune the motion detection settings to your liking. The version we tested comes with a USB cord and plug for power, but Ring also sells a battery-powered model.

Ring’s camera doesn’t integrate with Apple HomeKit and you can’t pull up the live stream on Google Home smart displays. However, you can ask Alexa to pull up the live feed on an Amazon Echo smart display and use two-way talk to communicate from the display to your camera and vice versa. All in all, Ring’s indoor camera is responsive, easy to set up, and a true pleasure to use if you’re living in an Alexa smart home.


  • Mandatory two-factor authentication

  • Works with Amazon Alexa

  • Ideal for Ring smart homes


  • No support for Google Home or Apple HomeKit

The Wyze V3 Cam sits on a bookshelf.
Credit: Reviewed / Rachel Murphy

The Wyze Cam V3 shows a solid red light when someone is viewing the live stream or the camera is recording a motion event.

Best Value
Wyze Cam V3

From smart plugs to smart thermostats, Wyze is known for its affordable smart home products—and the Wyze Cam V3 does not disappoint. For the money, this is the best smart security camera you can buy right now. It’s quick, snappy, and never misses a motion event. The camera offers features that compete with top-contenders in the home security space, including 1080p video (with color night vision), loud and clear two-way talk, and intelligent smart alerts with a paid Wyze Cam Plus monitoring plan. It doesn’t offer motion tracking like the Wyze Cam Pan, but you can see plenty from the camera’s 130-degree field of view.

At $1.25/month per camera, Wyze offers one of the most affordable home security monitoring plans out there. The paid plan can detect people and pets (as well as packages and cars). It also can listen for smoke and CO2 alarms, alerting you to potential problems when you're away from home. All recorded events can easily be viewed in the Wyze app. For 24/7 recording, the camera can be paired with a 32 GB microSD card (sold separately) and can capture up to three days of continuous video.

The wired camera works with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant (but not Apple’s Siri), and its live stream can be viewed on an Alexa or Google smart display, but that’s about all you can do since two-way talk is only available between the camera and app—not smart displays.

In the Wyze app, you can customize motion detection, event recording, scheduling, and more. The app promptly alerts you to firmware updates and comes with two-factor authentication to secure your account. Considering Wyze’s paid plan is among the most affordable out there, and the added security features coupled with clear video and reliable smart alerts, you can’t go wrong with this value-packed indoor security camera.


  • Two-factor authentication

  • Intelligent smart alerts

  • Supports Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant


  • Doesn't work with Apple HomeKit

How We Tested Smart Indoor Security Cameras

The Tester

Hi, I’m Rachel. I live in a home full of voice-activated smart speakers, remote-controlled light switches, and a slew of other connected gadgets. I’m the senior staff writer for Reviewed’s smart home section, helping to test everything from smart coffee makers and pool water monitors to the latest video doorbells and home security systems.

The Tests

I installed each camera in my 1,400-square foot house, replacing my usual motion-detecting 24-hour camera, and tested each one for a set period of time. I also tested the cameras side-by-side to find out which responds the fastest in real-time. Testing procedures included noting each camera's ease of installation, mobile app setup, ease of use, reliability, and compatibility with popular smart assistants Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Testing also included a lengthy period of regular use in my home as I evaluated video and audio quality, responsiveness, uptime, and app usability. Additionally, each camera and companion app has been evaluated for privacy and security features to help keep your smart home secure. I installed each camera's mobile app on an iPhone 12 Pro Max and a Samsung Galaxy Tab A to ensure the app experience was the same across each platform.

What You Should Know About Smart Indoor Security Cameras


Even your security camera needs security. So, what should you look for? Features like two-factor authentication, end-to-end encryption, and the option for local video storage are all things to consider before investing in a smart security camera setup.

Two-factor authentication, which sends a code to your mobile device to verify it’s really you, is available on many home security cameras and absolutely something to seek out and activate. That way, if someone tries to hack into your account, you will receive an alert and can quickly take care of the problem.

Another thing to consider is how your videos are used and stored. Most home security cameras allow you to turn them on and off from the app to control when they're recording and uploading video to the cloud. Look for end-to-end encryption for storing videos. The encryption offers a layer of protection that can help prevent unwanted eyeballs from viewing your saved and stored videos.

Make sure you create a strong password that’s unique to your camera’s app. Data breaches feel like the norm as of late, making it all the more important not to reuse passwords across multiple websites and apps.

Finally, when using these devices with smart assistants like Alexa, Google, and Siri, you can help protect your privacy by regularly deleting your voice recordings and muting the speaker’s mic when it’s not in use.

Looking for more privacy tips? Read our guide to securing your smart home.

How to Setup an Indoor Security Camera

Setting up most indoor cameras is a fairly simple process. Download the companion app, plug in the camera, and follow the in-app instructions. Most security cameras require a 2.4GHz internet connection, as do most smart home devices, so make sure your connection is compatible. If you have a dual-band network, you may need to pause the 5G temporarily in order to connect your camera to your wireless network.

Most home security cameras generate a QR code in the companion app during setup to pair the camera with your account. Simply hold your phone or tablet about six to eight inches from the camera, with the QR code displayed, and the camera will begin the pairing process. Once set up in the app, you can link the camera with compatible voice assistants for hands-free control.

Many cameras in our guide require an electrical outlet for power and come with all included plugs and cables you need to get it up and running. Cameras can be mounted to the wall or ceiling using the included hardware, or placed on a flat surface like a bookshelf or desk. If you’re using a motion-tracking camera, make sure to place it in an area that’s free of obstruction so you can always see what’s going on. If you don’t want to be tied to an electrical outlet, look for a camera that is battery-powered.

Finally, you should never install an indoor camera outdoors (unless it’s also rated for outdoor use). Outdoor cameras are designed to handle different temperatures and heavy rain/strong wind that indoor cameras can’t.

What To Look For In An Indoor Security Camera

Picture quality is arguably one of the most important features to look for in a security camera. A video recording resolution of 1080p is standard on most indoors security cameras, though some offer higher resolutions. Other cameras may toggle down to 720p to reduce bandwidth when necessary, so make sure to check the specs before you buy. Another feature to look for is the viewing angle. A good indoor security camera typically has a field of view in the 130-degree to 140-degree range for a whole-room coverage. The larger the view, the more you will see.

Another important feature is two-way talk, which is readily available on most smart cameras. This means you can speak from the companion app to the camera and vice versa.

The live feed for indoor cameras can be accessed via the companion app, most of which are compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Some cameras may offer web viewing, too, but many don’t.

Most cameras will store your footage in the cloud for a monthly fee, though some offer free cloud storage for a certain amount of time. That means it's stored on a remote server instead of a memory card. Not only does cloud storage claim to safely back up your footage, but you can also access your clips anywhere.

A paid subscription is common for most cameras and ranges anywhere from a few bucks a month to roughly $10. In addition to cloud storage, such plans usually includes access to a variety of features like intelligent detection alerts, the ability to share clips with others, and more. It’s an additional cost on top of the camera, and plans vary by brand, but the price is often worth paying for thanks to all of the useful extras.

Other Indoor Security Cameras We Tested

Product image of Google Nest Cam (Indoor, Wired, 2021)
Nest Cam (indoor, wired)

For $99, the Nest Cam (wired, indoor) is priced fairly against the competition and does everything you’d expect it to. It records in the industry standard 1080p, comes with two-way talk, and quickly sends notifications when it detects motion. But it’s got something most others don’t: free intelligent alerts (people, animals, cars) and a three-hour event history right out of the box.

The camera comes with an integrated power cord that plugs into any standard electrical outlet. Unlike previous indoor Nest cameras, the new model is offered in several different colorways and a smaller, more attractive design. Another perk of this camera is that it records locally for up to one hour in the event your internet connection drops out.

There’s no support for Apple HomeKit or Amazon Echo, as you might imagine from a Google device, but it works seamlessly with Google Home and looks great when you ask Google Assistant to pull up the camera’s live view on a smart display like the Nest Hub Max or Nest Hub (second-gen). Even if you don’t have an expansive Google Home setup, this camera is spot on and one of the best indoor home security cameras you can buy for the money.

Read our full review of the Nest Cam (indoor, wired)


  • Free intelligent smart alerts

  • Great for Google Home ecosystems

  • Clear audio and video


  • No support for Apple HomeKit or Amazon Echo

  • Only one option for power

Product image of GE Cync Indoor Smart Camera
Cync Indoor Camera

Cync is the newly-rebranded smart home arm from GE Lighting. As part of the launch, Cync put out several new smart home devices including the Cync Indoor Smart Camera. The 1080p camera records clear video and there was no delay when we tested out the camera’s two-way talk capabilities. Like most smart security cameras, you can use Alexa or Google Assistant to stream the live feed to an Amazon Echo or Nest smart display, but you can’t communicate with the camera using either smart display (and it is not compatible with Apple HomeKit).

We like the built-in camera shutter for added privacy,but you can't toggle the shield from the app—you have to physically move the shutter, which really decreases the privacy value of the camera if you have it mounted in a hard-to-reach spot. However, the camera is quick to detect motion and alerts you immediately to events.

The camera comes with a 30-day free trial to Cam Cync, a paid subscription that gets you two weeks of unlimited clip storage. With the $3 monthly plan, you can also filter clips by motion, sound, or people, and download clips to share with friends and family as well. Account security features like end-to-end encryption for cloud storage and two-factor authentication are available with the Cync app. Local storage is also available using the camera’s microSD card slot.

During our testing, the companion app ran slower on iOS than Android, but once everything loaded it was easy to access all the camera has to offer. The slow app is a bit of a nuisance and we wish the shutter could be controlled remotely, but overall the camera performs well, offers features to keep your account secure, and integrates nicely with the Cync smart home ecosystem.


  • Two-factor authentication

  • Intelligent smart alerts

  • Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant


  • App can be slow to load on iOS

  • Privacy shield control doesn't support app control

  • No Apple HomeKit support

Product image of Eufy Indoor Cam 1080P
Eufy Indoor Cam 1080P

The Eufy Indoor Security Camera is a slick, modern-looking option that features 2K resolution and runs off of AC power. It also utilizes AI to detect people, animals, cars, or even a crying baby. Its motion detector is quite accurate, and since the camera itself is simple to install, you can put it just about anywhere in your home.

If it's easier for you to automate home security recordings, the camera can be set up with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. This way you can set up motion detection alerts with event-triggered monitoring that’s set off with special activity zones. For example, if something walks into said zone, your camera will send you an alert.

Eufy experienced a privacy breach that impacted 712 users in May. Since then, the company says it has upgraded its network architecture and upgraded it’s servers. Additionally, Eufy has added two-factor authentication, an important security feature, to the Eufy Security app.

The camera is easy to set up, with 2K quality video footage and the option to automatically issue commands. Unfortunately, the camera is a bit larger than most others on the market, and despite how competent the camera can be in some areas, the AI often has issues recognizing and differentiating between people or other types of motion. We also experienced multiple delays when using the app. If the camera suffered from less lag, it would be a much easier choice to recommend.


  • 2k video

  • Easy to install

  • Two-factor authentication


  • Inaccurate AI

  • App delays

Product image of Swann Enforcer 1080p Full HD Add-On Security Camera
Swann Enforcer 1080p Full HD Add-On Security Camera

Swann is a security retailer that takes its hardware seriously. The company doesn't flaunt the same bells and whistles as other manufacturers, and as such you get a no-frills camera with the Swann Enforcer. It performs most of its duties well, and you can certainly count on it to take on the role of sole security system in your home.

The Enforcer camera itself looks great, and it packs an ear-piercing alarm to help deter intruders from coming into your home. You pay no monthly fees to keep the camera live, and you can even use it outside, thanks to weatherproofing and thermal sensors. Though there are no subscriptions, you can still count on 24/7 recording with wireless support via the cloud or local storage as well as night vision.

Unfortunately, though, the Swann Enforcer lacks a zoom feature. It's self-monitored (there is no 24/7 monitoring unless you watch it yourself), and we experienced instances when it failed to respond to motion or heat, which is a big demerit for a security system. Warm objects like people or cars should trip the Enforcer's lights, though it isn't meant to detect flames or anything of that nature. Still, detecting humans by way of warmth is a very interesting feature.
With all that in mind, it's good for a basic system, but you might want to opt for something with a more robust feature set, depending on your needs.


  • No fees

  • Siren

  • Security light


  • No zoom

  • Motion and heat sensors unreliable

Product image of Lorex W282CAD-E
Lorex W282CAD-E

The Lorex Indoor/Outdoor Wi-Fi Security Camera has useful features like color night vision, smart motion detection, and smart deterrence capabilities like a remote-triggered siren and a motion-activated LED light. The design of this camera look more like an outdoor security camera than a indoor one, but it captures easy-to-see 1080p video both day and night, quickly sends accurate smart alerts, and has stronger weather ratings for extreme heat and freezing cold temperatures than other outdoor security cameras we’ve tested.

The camera is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, and it can also be managed using the Lorex Home app. However, the app does not offer two-factor authentication, a security feature that helps protect your account from unwanted access. Continuous recording is available on the camera when using the included 256GB microSD card, and recording schedules can be set up within the app. Lorex cameras can also accurately differentiate between people and vehicles at close range and had no problem spotting someone 50 feet away.

The camera features a siren that can be triggered remotely from the Lorex Home app or automatically when motion is detected, but the siren is too soft to deter unwanted guests. The Lorex app also does not offer two-factor authentication, so consider other options in our guide.


  • Reliable and accurate notifications

  • Works with Alexa and Google

  • Great weather rating


  • Hardwire only

  • Low alarm sound

  • No two-factor authentication

Product image of Swann Tracker Security Camera
Swann Tracker Security Camera

The Swann Tracker includes plenty of features, but unfortunately also forces users to deal with some frustrating communication delay and issues with settings. Sometimes, the camera light refused to shut off when it was supposed to, and there was also some lag in terms of live viewing. During initial setup, the camera failed to make a connection until multiple restarts were performed.

On the plus side, the Tracker boasts excellent 1080p video, a 180-degree field of view, and an abundance of local storage (a whopping 2TB) to keep all the hours of footage that you need. It can't be used for outdoor surveillance, but using it inside will net you automatic pan and zoom features as well as two-way audio, night vision with infrared view, and automatic motion tracking.

The camera's design is intriguing, resembling something like a lollipop. Its app is easy to use, but the Tracker suffers significant lag in its two-way communication. When you go into your app to change up settings as well, sometimes your alterations aren't saved, which can lead to some serious frustrations.


  • 180-degree field of view

  • 2TB local storage

  • Sharp video


  • Communication and streaming delays

  • Frustrating setup

Product image of Canary Pro
Canary Pro

The Canary Pro is a stout home security camera that has an impressive 147-degree field of view and records in standard 1080p HD video. Overall, the setup is fairly simple, though creating your account and enabling two-factor authentication cannot be done from the app and must be done from a web browser instead. We were able to get the camera connected to Amazon Alexa and pull up a live stream on an Echo Show smart display, but we could not get it to integrate with Google Home. The 1080p video is clear both day and night, but we found the audio to be muffled and hard to understand.

A Canary Premium Subscription ($10/month) is required to access features like your 30-day video history (Canary offers end-to-end video encryption and encrypted cloud storage), two-way talk, and intelligent alerts like person detection. It’s one of the more expensive plans in our guide, but to help ease the cost, a free, one-year trial is included with your purchase, adding some extra value.

In addition to video, the camera can also keep tabs on the air quality inside of your home, sending alerts when the air quality is bad or the humidity is too high. There’s also a built-in siren and access to emergency services, giving this camera more of a DIY home security system feel than most indoor cameras.

If you need extra features like humidity and air quality monitoring, plus the capability to check-in and see what’s going on at home, the Canary Pro is worth a look.


  • Monitors air quality

  • Geo-fencing

  • Works with Amazon Alexa


  • No Apple HomeKit or Google Home integrations

Product image of Nooie Cam 360
Nooie Cam 360

The Nooie Cam 360 is a budget-friendly indoor home security camera that features motion tracking and, as the name implies, 360-degree rotation. The camera is equipped with a 1080p high-def lens and two 940nm infrared LEDs. It has other smart camera features like two-way audio functionality, night vision, and a status light indicator that can be toggled on or off.

The camera excels at tracking motion and detecting sound, but is sensitive on default settings. However, it’s easy to adjust the sensitivity of these alerts in the Nooie app. Push notifications come in a timely manner, but there are no photo or video preview options for you to quickly check and see what’s happening. Paid cloud storage is available if you don’t want to use a microSD card to back up your camera’s event history.

There’s no support for Apple’s Siri but the Nooie Cam 360 easily integrates with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. With a smart display like the Echo Show 5 or the Nest Hub Max, you can ask Google or Alexa to “view the [room Nooie camera” and a live stream with audio will appear on screen. The camera can be sensitive and miss motion events, and there is no free storage or photo/video preview alerts, but overall it works well with Google Assistant and Alexa, offer a good view, and is well-designed.


  • Works with Alexa and Google Assistant

  • Great view

  • Well-designed


  • No free cloud storage

  • Sensitive camera

  • No photo or video preview alerts

Product image of Kangaroo Indoor + Outdoor Cam
Kangaroo Indoor + Outdoor Cam

Kangaroo’s Indoor + Outdoor Cam is an attractive choice for home security at its low price point. The cube-shaped camera has a desirable design that’s small enough for any space and has color night vision (a feature that can be hard to find on home security cameras). However, even though the price is low, there are some issues that give us pause about this camera.

For one thing, many of the features like two-way audio, smart object detection, and custom motion zones are locked behind one of Kangaroo's paid plans. The paid plan also adds more detailed alerts like person detection but does not include notifications for vehicles or packages like you will find with other comparable camera subscription plans from Wyze.

We also experienced some other issues, which caused the camera to rank toward the bottom of our guide. The camera’s 1080p video is clear during the day, but sometimes it looks washed out if there’s too much light. It fares better at night, as the color night vision is pretty easy to make out in the dark. We were impressed by how quickly the camera sent notifications when motion was detected, but it didn’t matter if we were on Wi-Fi at home or using 5G from the grocery store, the live stream took longer than expected to pull up. Bummer.

Kangaroo’s camera works with Alexa and Google Assistant, but overall it’s a very lackluster experience. All you can do is arm/disarm the camera using either smart assistant, which is more useful if you’ve got an entire DIY home security setup. There is no option to view the live feed on a compatible smart display—a common feature of most home security cameras.

The camera needs constant power from a nearby electrical outlet, so make sure you’ve got one nearby. Other features include a built-in 85-decibel siren and is rated IP65 for outdoor use. This camera will do the trick on the cheap, but it leaves a lot to be desired compared to our top picks.


  • Works with Alexa and Google Assistant

  • Compact

  • Color night vision


  • Streaming delays

  • Lackluster smart home integration

  • Paid plan needed for major features

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