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August Unveils New HomeKit-Compatible Lock

The smart lock is joined by a new doorbell and keypad.

The August Smart Lock disassembled Credit: August

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More than a year after it was announced to the public, Apple's HomeKit smart home ecosystem is finally seeing compatible products come to market. Just last week Philips Hue unveiled a HomeKit-compatible bridge for its line of smart bulbs, and now August is releasing a HomeKit version of its smart lock.

The new lock was announced alongside a new combination doorbell camera, a smart door keypad, and a new service called August Access.

The Smart Lock HomeKit Enabled, as August is calling it, has an updated physical design with a new lock indicator and better grip. But the really big, new feature is Siri integration thanks to HomeKit. The new lock will be priced at $229 and will join the existing $199 August Smart Lock on the market.

August's new products give users a lot more control over their home security.

The next big addition to August's portfolio is the new Doorbell Cam. It lets you see and communicate with whoever is at your door, and of course it integrates with the smart lock via the August app so you can remotely unlock the door.

The doorbell's camera streams HD video with a 140-degree field of view and also features motion detection, allowing the August app to alert you to unwanted visitors outside your home.

August Product Lineup
Credit: August

The August product lineup, consisting of the Smart Lock, Smart Keypad, Doorbell Cam, and Connect hub, from left to right.

The doorbell will also replace the August Connect hub, which allows you to remotely lock and unlock your door. Since the smart lock uses Bluetooth Low Energy, it needs a hub to connect to WiFi, but the new doorbell's built-in WiFi can provide the same connection. The August Doorbell Cam costs $199.

The third and final piece of new hardware is the August Smart Keypad. It's not particularly revolutionary, but it allows you to create auto-generated access codes to unlock your smart lock for whomever you like, as well as one-time use codes. It can be added to your August setup for $79.

The last big addition that August announced isn't a new gadget, but rather a service called August Access. It's currently in beta and allows you to give partner services access to your home for free. Launch partners include BloomNation, Doorman, Envoy, Fetch! Pet Care, Handy, HelloAlfred, Pillow,, Postmates, Rinse, Sears, Shyp, and Wag!.

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You might be wary of letting a stranger into your home while you're away, but August has included a few features to alleviate your concerns. The Doorbell Cam will let you virtually greet a courier or technician and unlock the door yourself. Alternatively, you can set the August app to send you alerts throughout the entire visit.

August's new products give users a lot more control over their home security, but it will be interesting to see how the Access service plays out. People are naturally wary of letting technicians and deliverymen into their homes without supervision. But if August's lock and doorbell can end those worries, August might just kill those terrible all-day delivery windows.

August Access is now available and you can pre-order the new products from August, Amazon, and Best Buy.

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