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IKEA's beautiful, affordable smart home tech is coming to the US

These smart bulbs are swede.


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IKEA, known for its cinnamon rolls and affordable furniture, is making a play for the smart home with the introduction of the Swedish company’s new TRÅDFRI smart lighting system.

The system consists of a number of different products, including smart light bulbs, two remote controls, a motion sensor, a hub to use the lights with IKEA’s companion smartphone app, LED light panels, and LED light doors for IKEA furniture and cabinetry.

There’s already plenty of competing smart lighting systems on the market (Philips Hue comes to mind), but IKEA might have a leg up on them thanks to its ever-aggressive pricing.

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According to the company’s site, a TRÅDFRI dimming kit with one dimmable bulb and a dimmer remote will cost just $19.99, while a TRÅDFRI gateway kit with two dimmable and tunable bulbs (meaning they can adjust from warm white light to cold white light), a remote control, and a hub will cost just $79.99. Additional dimmable and tunable bulbs can be had for just $11.99 and $24.99 each, respectively.

An IKEA spokeswoman was quick to note that pricing and final product selection could change, but the TRÅDFRI line will be coming to the US in some form this April.

If you’re interested, you can see the full line of products here. Now we just need IKEA to add Alexa support so we can create the budget smart home of our dreams.

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