Liquid Image Debuts a 4G LTE–Enabled Action Cam

Just what the genre needed: a fast connection for live streaming.


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During the madcap rush that is CES Unveiled 2014, Liquid Image put its latest action cam on display for the press to examine. At last year's CES, Liquid Image's ski goggle camera definitely turned some heads, but this new action cam has unique potential.

At first blush, the Liquid Image Ego LS looks just like most of the competing action cams on the market—particularly any given GoPro. But with an accessory cradle it becomes a live streaming camera—one you can wear on your helmet or put on your car's dashboard. As long as you're in a Verizon service area, you can broadcast your antics in realtime to your fans and followers.

Even though the Ego LS is only is able to stream WQVGA-resolution footage (400x240), it can keep transmitting for longer than you'd think. Over Verizon's speedy LTE network, the diminutive action cam can record and stream for 1.5 to 2 hours, according to Liquid Image. Embedded Bluetooth and WiFi let you control the camera with your smartphone.

The camera itself—sans accessory LTE module—can go even further, shooting for up to six hours. The built-in MicroSDXC card slot supports cards up to 64GB, so you can accumulate quite a bit of footage before clearing it out.

When you're not streaming, the Ego LS can shoot both 1080/30p and 720/60p in MPEG4. A motion detection function is meant for security and child monitoring applications—a use case made even more useful with the flexibility of a constant cellular internet connection.

The Ego LS starts as $199.99 and it's expected to start shipping in June. The separate LTE module will cost an additional $199.99 on top of the cost of the camera, and of course you'll be paying for a data plan, too. For continuing coverage of the best of CES 2014, head on over to our dedicated CES page.