Panasonic Reveals New Pro-Grade 4K and HD Camcorders, Next-Gen P2 Cards

Ahead of NAB 2014, Panasonic shows off a new line of pro-geared equipment.


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In the lead-up to the National Association of Broadcasters Show in April, Panasonic has given the world a little taste of things to come by announcing new releases that will be debuting at the show. Among the announcements are two new VariCam models (the VariCam HS and VariCam 35), a handheld P2-sporting camcorder with AVC-ULTRA recording, a live-switcher, and a new generation of P2 cards called expressP2.

Of the two new VariCams, the VariCam 35 has a 35mm MOS sensor capable of recording content in 4K, UHD, 2K, and 1080p HD. Using Panasonic's new 256-gigabyte expressP2 card, the VariCam 35 can capture 4K content at high framerates—up to 120p—in the AVC-ULTRA file format. Should you yearn for more storage capacity, the VariCam 35 has four card slots: two expressP2 slots, and two microP2 slots. No pricing has been set, but expect to see this camcorder in fall of 2014.

Next up is the VariCam HS: a camcorder with three 2/3-inch 1080p MOS sensors capable of capturing video at 240 frames per second in full HD. The VariCam HS also allows you to switch frame rate on the fly during recording. Like the VariCam 35, this camcorder will have two expressP2 slots, and two microP2 slots. The VariCam HS will also be available in fall of 2014, with pricing yet to be announced.

Lower on the totem pole, but no less important is the AJ-PX270: A 5lb camcorder with a 1/3-inch MOS sensor that sports many features of the higher-end AJ-PX5000. A 22x zoom lens and optional low-bitrate recording make this camcorder an interesting option for wireless feeds, and makes use of two microP2 card slots. Should this pique your interest, the AJ-PX270 hits the market in March 2014 for $6,495.

High-def recording with a high framerate means a need for speed in storage memory, and Panasonic is debuting a new P2 card: the expressP2. Equipped with 256 gigabytes of storage and the ability to record data at 2.4-gigabits per second, the solid-state expressP2 card certainly looks impressive on paper. Panasonic will also announce a new drive for utilizing these cards in professional workflows. Like the VariCams, expect to see these as-of-yet unpriced products in the fall of 2014.

Last up is a live switcher—the AV-HS6000—which Panasonic claims offers advancements in operation, style, and function. Coming in at a whopping $39,000 and up, the AV-HS6000 will be available in July 2014. For more details on all of the announcements, visit Panasonic's news feed and stay tuned for all of's coverage of NAB this spring.