17 last-minute beauty gifts you can get under $20

These products make incredible stocking stuffers

17 last-minute beauty gifts you can get under $20 Credit: Reviewed / Jackson Ruckar / BoyBrow

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Beauty gifts make amazing presents for nearly everyone on your list, from your sister to your mother to your best friend. But some of the best stuff can come at a price, especially if you shop at some of our favorite beauty retailers, like Sephora and Ulta.

But thankfully, there are plenty of gifts you can get at these retailers (and many others) for under $20, including lip balms, moisturizers, and face masks—all of which make for incredible stocking stuffers or gifts. We’ve combed through our favorite beauty products and narrowed down the best ones you can get for less than $20.

1. These beauty patches that can firm your skin

Sio Patches
Credit: SiO

The beauty patches from SiO use silicone to plump your skin.

We tested the SiO beauty patches and found that the eye and smile patches reduced wrinkles within eight hours. These patches claim to use silicone to plump up skin while you sleep, and the brand also sells patches for your neck, chest, and even knees.

Get the SiO Eye & Smile Lift from SiO for $19.95

2. This cult-favorite ice roller

Ice roller
Credit: Esarora

This ice roller may help shrink pores, leading to smoother skin.

The Esarora ice roller has nearly 2,000 5-star reviews on Amazon, with reviewers noting that they see great results after use, including reduced puffiness and reduced migraine pain. Our staff writer Jessica Kasparian spoke to New York-based dermatologist Dr. Richard Torbeck to determine if putting ice on your face really made a difference, and he noted that while ice can’t fix all of your skincare problems, it can reduce inflammation and shrink pores. And, of course, it feels incredible on puffy or hot skin.

Get the Esarora Ice Roller from Amazon for $19.99

3. This hydrating facial spray for skin and hair

Mario Badescu spray
Credit: Mario Badescu

This hydrating facial spray is great for dry skin or hair.

Hydration is an incredibly important part of your beauty routine, and this refreshing facial spray can do just the trick. Use it to alleviate dry skin, set makeup, and add moisture to dry hair. It has more than 6,200 5-star reviews on Ulta, and you can grab a bottle for less than $10.

Get the Mario Badescu Facial Spray from Ulta for $7

4. This rejuvenating rice mask sheet with a massive online following

Rice mask

This facial mask comes in 25 varieties.

This rice mask from Tonymoly is one of the most popular face masks you can buy online. On Amazon, you can pick out one of these hydrating masks in 25 varieties, including rice, lemon, olive, and even cactus. Reviewers note that the masks make their skin feel soft and moisturized.

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Get the TONYMOLY I’m Real Hydrating Rice Mask Sheet from Amazon for $3

5. This life-changing $3 lip balm

Credit: Reviewed / Jackson Ruckar

A beauty product that can change your life for less than $3? Sold.

Lip balm is a winter essential, whether you have a 12- or two-step beauty process. Staff writer Sara Hendricks swears by Carmex, saying it’s the only balm that keeps her lips perfectly moisturized throughout the day. You can pick this hyper-hydrating balm up at just about any market, but we recommend grabbing the 3-pack from amazon for under $3.

Get the Carmex Classic Lip Balm from Amazon for $2.79

6. This travel-sized mini concealer perfect for sampling

Credit: NARS

Mini versions of popular beauty products are lifesavers for those who want to try before they buy.

Concealer is an essential for any beauty routine, but if you want a vial from a high-end brand, it could cost you. Instead, we recommend picking up a mini-version, like the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, which you can get at Sephora. This concealer, which is easy to layer and comes in tons of shades, has a cult following and makes for a great stocking stuffer for the makeup-lover on your list.

Get the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer Mini from Sephora for $13

7. This highly-rated hydrating moisturizer

Credit: Neutrogena

Moisturizer is an essential part of your skincare routine, so get one that’s built to last.

I cannot begin to list the number of people—from my friend who worked at Sephora to my dermatologist—who have told me that adding a moisturizer to my morning skincare routine would have a game-changing impact. And guess what? They were all right, and I apologize for ignoring them for so many years. This popular moisturizer from Neutrogena is intensely hydrating, perfect for those who are struggling with the winter-skin-blues.

Get the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Face Gel Moisturizer from Amazon for $14.49

8. This soothing lip balm that comes in a cool tin

Credit: Rosebud

This cult-favorite lip balm is inexpensive and easy to carry.

If you’re looking for a lip balm that looks a bit more giftable than Carmex, we recommend Rosebud Salve, which comes in an adorable tin and an array of great flavors. It fits easily in purses and pockets, and can even hydrate knees, elbows, and diaper rash, according to Sephora.

Get the Rosebud Salve from Sephora for $7

9. This foot mask that actually works

Foot mask
Credit: Sephora

This foot mask may seem odd, but it works pretty well—and only costs $5.

Not sure how you feel about dipping your toes into serum-filled socks? Our staff writer Jessica Kasparian tried foot masks and discovered that they’re … actually kind of cool. While she says that all foot masks she tried were hydrating, her personal favorite was this lavender mask from Sephora because of its clean, refreshing scent.

Get the Sephora Collection Foot Mask from Sephora for $5

10. This eyebrow pomade that gives you fluffy brows

Boy Brow
Credit: Boy Brow

Boy Brow enhances the look of your eyebrows.

Big brows are in, and as someone who absolutely hates to pluck, I am thrilled. This grooming pomade from Glossier looks like a tiny mascara, but it’s applied to your eyebrows. With one swipe, you can apply the pomade and achieve all-day hold. It’s one of the most popular eyebrow-enhancing products with nearly 3,000 reviews and a 4.4-star rating.

Get the Boy Brow from Glossier for $16

11. This incredible mascara that people swear by

Credit: Maybelline New York

This trusty mascara can add a classy touch to any look.

Mascara is another beauty product that can cost anywhere from $4 to $40. Maybelline’s “The Colossal” mascara is both inexpensive and high-quality, the best combination you could ask for when it comes to beauty products. Our audience development manager Rachel Moskowitz says she’s been using Maybelline’s mascara since middle school—and it’s been her favorite since then.

Get the Maybelline Volum’ Express The Colossal Mascara from Amazon for $4.03

12. This stunning matte lipstick that costs less than $2.50

Wet n Wild
Credit: Wet n Wild

This liquid lipstick comes in 20 colors.

Know someone who loves to play with color? Opt for our favorite liquid lipstick, the Wet n Wild MegaLast Catsuit Matte Lipstick. This lipstick comes in 20 shades, meaning you can pick up a handful before even reaching $10. We found that this lipstick stays on all day and doesn’t require much effort to achieve full coverage.

Get the Wet n Wild MegaLast Catsuit Matte Lipstick from ULTA Beauty for $2.49

13. This mini manicure kit for the one who always breaks their nails

Credit: Tweezerman

Is it not subtle to send this to my husband?

Nailcare is equally important for everyone on your list, so whether you’re shopping for your nephew or your mother-in-law, this mini manicure set makes a great gift. It comes with clippers, tweezers, a nail file, and a nail cleaner. This kit is perfect for purses, desk drawers, and car doors—or essentially any place where you could potentially get a hangnail (everywhere).

Get the Tweezerman Mini Nail Rescue Kit from Walmart for $17.35

14. This dry shampoo that can be life-saving

Dry Shampoo
Credit: Dove

Don’t have the time (or energy) to wash your hair? No problem.

Dry shampoo is perfect for anyone who loves traveling, working out before going to the office, or frankly doesn’t love washing their hair every day. Our favorite after testing is the Dove Refresh+Care Volume Fullness Dry Shampoo because it leaves your hair feeling refreshed without leaving behind white residue. It costs less than $5 and fits perfectly in any stocking—and did we mention it has nearly 1,000 5-star reviews on Walmart?

Get the Dove Refresh+Care Volume & Fullness Dry Shampoo from Walmart for $4.88

15. This lip balm that doubles as a sunscreen

Jack Black
Credit: Jack Black

This lip balm is perfect for both summer and winter.

Are you wearing SPF during the winter? You should be. And so should everyone on your list, which is why this lip balm from the Jack Black collection makes for a great stocking stuffer. This lip balm comes in five different flavors and has an SPF of 25. Oh, and nearly 1,500 5-star reviews on Amazon.

Get the Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm from Amazon for $8

16. This fully equipped beauty set perfect for all day long

Credit: Clinique

This set features a variety of beauty products from Clinique.

Not quite sure what your giftee already owns? Get them a little bit of everything with this Party to PJs set from Sephora. It comes with mascara, lipstick, cleansing balm, and makeup wipes. It’s great for anyone who appreciates a few more beauty products in their inventory, especially if they’re looking to try before they buy.

Get the Clinique From Party to PJs set from Sephora for $15

17. This teasing brush that can add loads of volume to your hair

Teasing brush
Credit: Spornette

This brush is perfect for teasing your hair.

There are so many hair brushes out there in the world—but thankfully we took a look at which popular brushes are best for you. This teasing brush is ideal for the person looking for extra oomph, as it’s made for back-brushing, which can tease the hair and add volume. It’s lightweight, so it fits easily in purses and travel bags.

Get the Spornette Little Wonder Boar & Tourmaline Nylon Bristle Teasing Brush from Amazon for $12.12

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