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  • Strong Heavy cycle

  • Bottle and cutlery jets

  • Third rack


  • Expensive

  • Some cycles struggle with tough stains

In its GE Profile line, the brand puts added emphasis on smart home technology and forward-thinking features. They also look sleek and modern, and this is the case with the PDP715SBNTS. Its unadulterated exterior that's only broken up by its pocket handle. Opening the door slightly reveals top-facing controls, which are intuitive, clearly labeled, and responsive.

A close-up of the GE Profile PDP715SBNTS dishwasher's top-facing control panel.
Credit: Reviewed / Jonathan Chan

The GE Profile PDP715SBNTS's top-facing control panel keeps its buttons hidden away.

Inside, you'll see a standard three-rack setup. The lower rack has two rows of multi-position, foldable tines to help accommodate bulkier cookware or ceramics. The middle rack has a row of bottle jets along the right side, and you can adjust its height to store taller items there, or, alternately, or on the lower rack.

The standard third rack has a robust build and a finer grid on its floor than the other racks. This allows water to pass through while preventing any cutlery to shimmy loose and slip through.

About the GE Profile PDP715SBNTS

A close-up of cutlery lined up on the GE Profile PDP715SBNTS dishwasher's third rack.
Credit: Reviewed / Jonathan Chan

The third rack has a robust build, but the low clearance might not accommodate larger utensils or bowls.

Dimensions: 34” x 23.75” x 24” (H x W x D)
Capacity: 16 place settings
Finishes: Stainless steel, black stainless steel ($100 extra)
Cycles: AutoSense, Heavy, Normal, Light, 1 Hour Wash
Features: Bottle jets, cutlery jets, adjustable tines, upper and lower wash zones, temperature boost, sanitize/steam, dry boost
User manual: GE Profile PDP715SBNTS manual

What we like

It comes loaded with useful features

A close-up of the bottle jets on the GE Profile PDP715SBNTS dishwasher's middle rack.
Credit: Reviewed / Jonathan Chan

If you rely on thermoses and water bottles, these bottle jets will be a lifesaver.

Although home appliances have been around for more than half a century, their basic features haven't changed much. Instead, innovations come in the form of smart technology or fingerprint-resistant finishes. In dishwashers over the last couple of years, bottle jets and a third rack have been making their way into more and more models.

While the PDP715SBNTS features both of these, it goes a step further with a cutlery basket that has its own dedicated water jets. If you've ever had difficulties with your silverware not getting clean (especially when your basket is full), these jets may entice you.

The PDP715SBNTS also boasts popular extras like steam options for easy sanitizing, adjustable tines, multiple drying options with fan assist, and separated wash zones so you can run half a load of dishes without wasting water and energy. While some of these features are more useful than others—sanitizing your dishes may be a higher priority for new parents—none are chaff that clutter up the control panel.

The PDP715SBNTS includes GE's array of smart features. A smartphone app lets you control the dishwasher remotely, allow for scripting using IFTTT, and it can be set up to automatically order more detergent via Amazon Dash. We especially like the latter feature, as managing your home's inventory is a chore that can be easily automated. We expect automation features like these will appear increasingly frequently in smart home ecosystems.

The Heavy cycle excels at scrubbing out stubborn stains

The Heavy cycle's performance kicked butt, scouring just about every stain off our test dishes. Even our hardest stain, pureed spinach, was 93% erased from the plates. While the Heavy cycle does run 40 minutes longer than the average dishwasher, it does a whole lot of cleaning in that time.

We're glad this cycle was so consistently able to deliver clean dishes with barely any redeposit, because its other cycles had some trouble with difficult stains.

What we don’t like

Its non-Heavy cycles have difficulty with tough stains

An array of bowls stretches beyond the frame, all smeared with pureed spinach.
Credit: Reviewed / Jonathan Chan

This is what our spinach test plates look like before a wash cycle. Now picture 88% of that remaining.

On paper, the PDP715SBNTS looks excellent. It has all the features listed above. Its racks are well made, robust, and glide smoothly. Everything about it has that “high-end” feel.

But, when we tested its Normal and 1-Hour Wash cycles, the dishwasher had difficulty with one of our stains in particular: pureed spinach. Removing this stain is notoriously difficult, because the puree is full of particulate matter and isn’t going to slough off easily. You need to be hitting it directly with water to get it to wash away.

On the majority of food stains we tested (meat, milk, egg, and oatmeal) the Normal cycle cleaned over 99% of the stains away, which is excellent. However, pureed spinach took the PDP715SBNTS to task, only clearing away between 7% and 22% of the stain. This is remarkably low, so low that we made sure it wasn't a testing error.

We wouldn’t fault you for looking at a dish that’s 88% stained or more and assuming the cycle just hadn’t run.

Instead of using the normal cycle for everyday cleaning, we recommend relying on the Heavy cycle, which cleaned well over 99% of most stains and 93% of that pesky pureed spinach.

What owners are saying

A close-up of the GE Profile PDP715SBNTS dishwasher's lower rack, loaded with dishes.
Credit: Reviewed / Jonathan Chan

The lower rack features foldable tines for helping to shimmy in larger cookware and oblong ceramics.

Owners generally like their GE Profile PDP715SBNTS, awarding it an average of 4.4 out of 5 stars. Users love its quiet operation, its large capacity, storage customizability, and its cutlery basket water jets.

Negative reviews either received lemons or found the dishwasher sometimes wasn't cleaning dishes adequately.


The GE Profile PDP715SBNTS is covered by a standard one-year limited warranty for parts and labor. This is the minimum warranty offered on appliances, which is disappointing for such an expensive appliance. Some manufacturers, like KitchenAid, offer longer warranties.

Should you buy the GE Profile PDP715SBNTS?

Not at its current price. The GE Profile PDP715SBNTS is, in general, an average dishwasher with some strengths, some interesting features, and some faults. We like its array of useful features, but the Normal cycle's cleaning power leaves us feeling skeptical. If you make a lot of smoothies with plant-based powders, steer clear of this machine, but otherwise, the spinach cleaning issue shouldn't necessarily be a problem for most consumers.

With this said, if you're paying a thousand bucks for a dishwasher, you shouldn't have to make concessions. There's a ton of excellent dishwashers available for about the same cost that don't have these problems—and some that have even more interesting features.

If you don't mind opening your wallet for a quality product, we recommend looking into the Bosch 800 Series SHPM88Z75N, which has a stellar drying technology that ensures even plastics come out dry and saves you money on each cycle.

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