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  • Eye-catching modern design

  • Third rack with adjustable height

  • Adjustable tines


  • Normal and turbo cycles left stains behind

LG LDP6797ST dishwasher top-facing control panel
Credit: Reviewed / Kyle Hamilton

The top-facing control panel features an LED clock to display cycle times and showcases the dishwasher’s seven cycles and five cycle options.

But how well does it clean? About average. While the Normal and Turbo cycles cleaned most of our test dishes, the dishes stained with spinach came out with much of the stain intact. (Spinach tends to be the biggest challenge for most dishwashers.) The Heavy cycle excelled, though, cleaning over 99.5% of our stains, including the tough ones. Don’t hesitate to use that cycle when your dishes are really dirty—it only takes a half hour longer than the Normal cycle.

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About this dishwasher

LG LDP6797ST dishwasher adjustable height third rack
Credit: Reviewed / Kyle Hamilton

The third rack is versatile and adjustable enough to fit ladles and smaller bowls, but if they’re really dirty we’d recommend using the cutlery basket or lower rack instead.

  • Dimensions: 23.75" x 33.6" x 24.6" (H x W x D)
  • Finish: Available in stainless steel (LDP6797ST) and black stainless steel (LDP6797BD, costs about $50 extra).
  • Seven cycles: Auto, Normal, Heavy, Delicate, Turbo, Express, and Download.
  • Dual Zone: One of two customizable spray arm modes. Enabling this feature lowers spray intensity for the upper spray arm and increases it for the lower spray arm. We did find it helped clean especially soiled dishes.
  • Half Load mode: For smaller loads, where only the upper or lower racks are loaded, this mode allows users to only activate either the upper or lower spray arms.
  • Five additional cycle options: In addition to Dual Zone and Half Load, other cycle modifiers include Energy Saver, High Temp, Extra Dry, Night Dry, Delay Start.
  • Rack features: The third and middle racks can both be raised and lowered. The upper and lower racks have adjustable tines for accommodating different dish sizes and shapes.
  • Cycle speed: We timed the Normal cycle at two hours and 22 minutes, and the Heavy cycle at two hours and 55 minutes. There are two quick cycles: We clocked the Express cycle at 37 minutes and the Turbo cycle at 59 minutes.
LG LDP6797ST dishwasher adjustable height middle rack
Credit: Reviewed / Kyle Hamilton

You can adjust the height of the upper and third rack individually: Just press the button on the rack’s side and lift.

What we like

  • Design: From the overall aesthetic to the robust racks, we really like how this dishwasher looks and feels to use.
  • Third rack and adjustable rack height: Not only does the LDP6797ST come with a third rack, but it (and the upper rack) have adjustable heights. This should help keep the third rack from crowding dishes in the top rack.
  • Adjustable tines: The upper and lower racks are both equipped with tines that can be easily folded down if they’re getting in the way.
  • 34-minute Express cycle: Great for when you have relatively clean dishes you need clean in a hurry, like when you’re hosting a party and refreshing the wine glasses and hors d'oeuvres plates.
LG LDP6797ST dishwasher adjustable bottom rack tines
Credit: Reviewed / Kyle Hamilton

All the tines on the lower rack and most of the tines on the upper rack can fold down to better accommodate bulky dishes.

What we don’t like

  • The stains left on Normal and Turbo cycles: For most of our test stains, these cycles were able to get dishes 98% or 99% clean, on average. For our most difficult test, ground spinach, the Turbo cycle cleared away only 55% of the stain, while Normal was cleaned a mere 21% of it. For context, a lot of dishwashers have trouble with this test, but the LDP6797ST did particularly poorly here.
  • Third rack’s cleaning: We found utensils placed on the third rack don’t get as clean as those down in the cutlery basket.
  • Detergent dispenser is tough to lock: It’s a little difficult to get the dispenser to close properly. You need to press the dispenser door fairly hard in its center, or else the lock won’t engage. Even when you succeed in locking it, the click is hard to feel.
LG LDP6797ST dishwasher detergent dispenser
Credit: Reviewed / Kyle Hamilton

The first few times you try to close the detergent dispenser, you might find it just pops open again. Getting it to lock in place requires a bit more persistence than we would’ve expected.


LG has a robust warranty compared to other brands. It covers parts and labor for a year, control board and rack parts for up to five years, and the motor for 10 years. The stainless steel door liner and tub have a lifetime warranty.

What owners say

User reviews for the LG LDP6797ST are generally positive, averaging 4.4 out of 5 stars across major sites. The majority of users praised the dishwasher’s ability to get dishes clean and dry, as well as its handsome design.

In terms of what owners don’t like, a small number of users noticed their control panel began to crack after a few months of use. We only saw a dozen or so owners making this complaint out of hundreds, but it made us raise our eyebrows. The only other common complaints were far more typical: dirty dishes that weren’t dry.

LG LDP6797ST dishwasher utensil basket
Credit: Reviewed / Kyle Hamilton

Users claimed utensils in the basket got cleaner than those on the third shelf, which we saw in our testing.

Should you buy it?

Most likely. The LG LDP6797ST is a gorgeous dishwasher with a lot of usability options and decent cleaning for the price. Even with the low points on this model—how poorly it handled our toughest test stain on Normal and Turbo cycles—we saw average results.

If you don’t mind giving up the third rack and some of the extra features, you can get a better clean from the KitchenAid Architect Series II KDTM354DSS.

Do you own this dishwasher? If you do, the experts in our Facebook group would love to hear about your experience with it and answer your questions.

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