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The Tetra requires just a half gallon of water
Credit: Frog Design/Heatworks

The Tetra requires just a half gallon of water

Called Tetra, it’s a compact appliance that can both cook and clean—and it looks incredible. Developed by Heatworks and Frog Design, Tetra takes just 10 minutes to wash dishes with just a half gallon of water, and requires no plumbing hookup. It can also cook food sous vide, and because it heats water up to 180ºF it can even sanitize baby bottles.

Compared to a standard dishwasher, it’s better looking, more versatile, and many times faster.

Cooking sous vide with the Tetra dishwasher
Credit: Frog Design/Heatworks

Some of the many uses of the Tetra dishwasher—including cooking sous vide.

So how does it work? Well, the secret is in its unique heating system, developed by Heatworks. It passes an electrical current through mineral-rich water to rapidly heat it up—a concept known as ohmic heating that’s already used in a hot water heater.

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Unlike other portable dishwashers, it doesn’t even have to be hooked up to a water supply. Instead, the user just has to pour in a half gallon of water.

Start the dishwasher, and it’ll heat the water and spray it through jets along the perimeter of the machine—no spinning wash arm necessary. The waste water collects in a tray that can be emptied after a wash is complete.

Tetra close up
Credit: Reviewed/ Jeremy Stamas

Fill the Tetra dishwasher's tray with clean water—then empty the dirty water when it's done.

The unique look is thanks to Frog Design, who wanted to demystify the “black box” of a dishwasher with a modular, transparent design. The curved cover is meant to redirect water during the drying process, and the racks beneath can hold different sizes of dishes.

According to Heatworks, the Tetra will go on sale later this year for $299.

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