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26 retirement gifts to celebrate all their hard work

They now have more time to explore new hobbies and travel.

Retired couple riding together on a jet ski Credit: Getty Images / David Sacks

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After a long tenure at the job they’ve done for years, it’s time to celebrate making it through to retirement. Without the worry of the daily hustle, retirees can finally spend their days taking on new hobbies, traveling the world, or hitting their lifelong bucket list. The possibilities are endless.

While traditional retirement gifts like watches are always a safe bet, there are plenty of more exciting gifts that can keep them entertained with their newfound free time. To help you show your appreciation for their hard work over the years, we rounded up 26 of the best retirement gifts to help them begin their new life.

1. For the one who’s behind on TV shows and movies: A new streaming service

streaming services
Credit: Getty Images

Best retirement gifts: Streaming services

Whether they want to dive into a new series or rewatch their favorite classics, retirees need a streaming subscription (or two, or three) to experience the best watching experience possible. No commercials aside, a streaming service gives them a chance to embrace new technology and find something to binge with the free time they now have. HBO Max is a great option for watching the latest movies and most talked-about shows, Discovery+ is a must for HGTV and Food Network lovers, and Disney+ is our pick for those who like all things Disney. You really can’t go wrong.

2. For the one who plans to read during retirement: A Kindle Unlimited subscription

Kindle Unlimited Subscription
Credit: Amazon

Best retirement gifts: Kindle Unlimited Subscription

Gifting someone a book is great, but it’s also possible to gift them hundreds of books without spending a fortune. A Kindle Unlimited subscription only costs $9.99 per month and gives them access to thousands of e-books, audiobooks, and podcasts with virtually any device—including tablets, smartphones, and laptops. But if you want to give them a great reading experience, we recommend getting them the Kindle Paperwhite, which is the best Kindle we’ve ever tested.

Get a Kindle Unlimited Subscription from Amazon for $9.99 per month

3. For the one who’s ready to start a new hobby: A gardening set

gardening kit
Credit: West Elm

Best retirement gifts: A gardening set

Have they discussed starting their own fruit and vegetable garden? Look no further than this gardening kit that has all the gardening tools they need. Within a few months (or weeks, depending on the season), they’ll have kale, tomatoes, snap peas, and more sprouting up in their plot. All they need to do now is search for some farm-to-table recipes to make with their harvest.

Get the The Gardener Gardening Kit from West Elm for $100

4. For the traditional post-retirement activity: A set of golf clubs

golf food
Credit: Dick's Sporting Goods

Best retirement gifts: A set of golf clubs

Whether they’re a novice or pro golfer, golf is an activity pretty much anyone can enjoy. Ideal for seniors, golf is a leisure activity that’s relatively easy on the muscles and full of ample opportunities for them to socialize with other retirees—and younger folks, too. To get their golf career started, the first thing they’ll need is a good set of clubs. These two club sets are top-rated and provide everything they need to chip away at their handicap.

5. For the one who needs a big thank you: A bouquet of flowers

Credit: Urban Stems

Best retirement gifts: A bouquet of flowers

To show your appreciation for all of their hard work, opt for a traditional bouquet of flowers. It’s a relatively inexpensive gift that doubles as a piece of decor. Here at Reviewed, our editors love the flowers they’ve received at Bouqs, which come in beautiful arrangements and information about the sustainable farm they were shipped from. To give them a constant flow of retirement celebration, opt for the subscription service that will deliver fresh blooms each month.

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Sign up for Bouqs starting at $36/month

6. For the one with a sweet tooth: A Baked by Melissa cupcake set

Baked by Melissa cupcakes
Credit: Baked by Melissa

Best retirement gifts: Baked by Melissa cupcakes

There’s a lot of gourmet food gifts available, but Baked by Melissa cupcakes always make our list of favorites. The bite-sized treats are not only adorable but also delicious, according to our tester. Arriving in a pack of 25 teeny tiny cupcakes, it’ll be hard for them not to down fun flavors like Tie-Dye and S’moreo in one sitting.

Get the Latest & Greatest Cupcake Set from Baked by Melissa for $32

7. For the one itching to sleep in: A comfy pajama set

Credit: Marks and Spencer / Eberjey

Best retirement gifts: A set of pajamas

Since sleeping in is finally an option, why not let them enjoy it even more in a super cozy set of pajamas? Dubbed by reviewers as the softest pajamas on the market, these Eberjey sets are perfect for both him and her, which is why they consistently sell out. Looking for a more affordable option? Try this Marks and Spencer set for her and this J.Crew set for him.

9. For the one who wants to learn to cook: A Home Chef subscription

Home Chef
Credit: Reviewed / Betsey Goldwasser

Best retirement gifts: Home Chef gift card

The retiree who wants to learn to cook or advance their cooking skills will really appreciate a subscription to Home Chef. We named it our favorite meal kit delivery service because it comes with easy-to-read instructions, high-quality ingredients, and delicious recipes. They’ll advance their culinary skills in no time and won’t be stressing about what to make for dinner each week.

Get a Home Chef Gift Card starting at $65

10.For the one who needs to zen out: Headspace Subscription

person meditating
Credit: etty Images / martin-dm

Best retirement gifts: HeadSpace Subscription

Now that the retiree is free of their 9 to 5, they need to learn how to unwind. If you know they need to relax, get a meditation app subscription for them, like Headspace. They can use it anywhere, customize the experience, and actually learn to meditate, which is why it’s our favorite meditation app. One thing is for certain, the retiree will take zen to a new level once they start meditating.

Get a Headspace Subscription from Headspace for $12.99 a month

11. For the one who has renovation projects to take on: A tool kit

tool set
Credit: Reviewed / Séamus Bellamy

Best retirement gifts: A tool set

Have they been boasting about all the home renovation projects they get to do in retirement? If yes, then you should gift them every tool they could possibly need with the best affordable starter tool kit we've ever tested. Not only does it have all the basics, but thoughtful extras, too, all at an affordable price tag. Don’t be surprised if they completely transform their entire house with a ton of DIYs.

Get the Cartman 148-Piece Tool Set from Amazon for $28.99

12. For the retiree who considers themselves a coffee specialist: Nespresso VertuoPlus

Nespresso Vertuo Plus
Credit: Reviewed / Betsey Goldwasser

Best retirement gifts: Nespresso VertuoPlus

Chances are they’ve heard of, seen, or potentially owned some form of a Nespresso coffee machine. While brewing delicious coffee and espresso, the Nespresso VertuoPlus doesn’t sacrifice luxury whatsoever, which is why it’s also the best single-serve coffee maker we’ve ever tested. With each speedily brewed cup, they’ll get a foamy crema on top, making the retiree feel like they have advanced barista skills. Plus, its compact size fits seamlessly into smaller spaces.

Get the Nespresso VertuoPlus from Amazon for $179

13. For a traditional retirement gift: A stylish watch

fossil watches
Credit: Fossil

Best retirement gifts: A stylish watch

Dubbed as a traditional gift, watches are always a go-to gift for the newly-minted retiree. These top-rated Fossil watches—with gold stainless steel finishes—are a great option for both him and her. They’ll look fancy on their wrist, ensure they are never late for their golf games, and be cherished by them for years to come.

14. For the one who wants to feel home away from home: An Airbnb gift card

Airbnb Gift Card
Credit: Airbnb

Best retirement gifts: An Airbnb gift card

Since they’ve spent many, many years working, the retiree is due for a much-needed vacation. Regardless of whether they want to travel around the world or plan a staycation in their local city, an Airbnb gift card will give them a unique place to stay. The company offers gift cards from $25-$500, so you can tailor the amount to have much they travel. Airbnb is jam-packed with unique accommodations—like houseboats, tree houses, and huts—and experiences like walking tours, ziplining, and cooking classes.

Get an Airbnb gift card starting at $25

15. For all the places they’ll go post-vaccine: An Away Large Suitcase

away suitcase
Credit: way/Instagram

Best retirement gifts: Away Luggage

Whether the retiree is heading skiing or to a warm tropical beach, sometimes packing gets overwhelming and they’ll have to check a piece of luggage. The Away Large Suitcase is our favorite hard-sided suitcase as it keeps your suitcase's contents from being crushed, comes in a wide variety of stylish colors, and is resistant to both dirt and scuffs. It has about 100 liters of packing space, mesh pockets, a laundry bag, combination lock, and a clip-in compression panel to hold two weeks of clothing (and all the souvenirs) inside.

Get the The Large at Away for $295

16. For the one who has it all: A retirement gift box

retirement gift set
Credit: Etsy

Best retirement gifts: Retirement Gift Set

Not sure what to get your retiring coworker? Try this clever retirement gift box. Filled with an assortment of thoughtful things, like a succulent, candle, and candy, it’s perfect for any retiree on your list, according to 7,500 positive reviews. You can ship it directly to them in case you’re both working from home this year.

Get the Retirement Gift Box from Etsy from $29.05

17. For the sentimental one: A retirement-themed keychain


Best retirement gifts: A retirement-themed keychain

Looking for a thoughtful and affordable way to show them you’ll miss having them around the office? Check out this sentimental keychain that reads “no one can fill your shoes.” They can use it for their house keys, car keys, or as a trinket in their purse. With all the time you spent together, it’s worth reminding them how meaningful their tenure was.

Get the Happy Retirement Keychain from Amazon for $11.99

18. For reminiscing on their favorite work memories: A photo collage

Credit: Minted

Best retirement gifts: Minted photo collage

For a gift they’ll treasure for years to come, get them a custom photo collage from Minted. You can personalize each element within the collage from the photos to the frame color. You’re also able to include a short message that’ll appear on the bottom to show your appreciation and commemorate the special occasion. Add in your favorite work memories from over the years like the last office bowling outing—and, more than likely, they’ll shed a tear (or two, or three).

Get the Circle Snapshot Mix Photo Art from Minted for $212

19. For the one ready for some serious lounging: Parachute Classic Bathrobe

Parachute Robe
Credit: Parachute

Best retirement gifts: Parachute Classic Robe

It’s no surprise that a robe makes the perfect retirement gift—it’s soft, cozy, and offers hotel-level luxury in the comfort of their home. Since they’ll likely be spending tons of time relaxing, why not treat them to this luxe one from Parachute? Made of super-soft Turkish cotton, our experts’ called it the best terry cloth robe because it’s unisex and feels great wearing post-shower, and it also has more than 2,000 glowing reviews on the site.

Get the Classic Bathrobe from Parachute for $99

20. For relieving the tension from all those years huddled over a computer: A massage gun

Credit: Reviewed / Jackson Ruckar

Best retirement gifts: Theragun Elite

Massage guns are hot right now, and the Theragun is a fabulous tool to help relieve sore muscles from the comfort of your own home. Our tester put several popular massage guns and found the Theragun Elite is the best of the best. They loved that it was powerful enough to knead out knots and able to reach even the most difficult of spots and has five different massage settings to really dig into the kinks. All in all, it’s something the retiree will love.

Get the Theragun Elite from Theregun for $399

21. For the one who wants a drink to celebrate: A bottle of alcohol from Drizly

Credit: Drizly

Best retirement gifts: A bottle of alcohol

Although in-person celebrations are slowly remerging, many may not be comfortable with it just yet. To celebrate their retirement from far away, you can send them a Drizly gift card to choose their drink of choice. The easy-to-use delivery service lets them order their favorite bubbly and will have it delivered right to their door in a matter of hours.

Get a bottle of Moet & Chandon Champagne from Drizly for $54.99

22. For the one who needs to keep themselves busy: 100 Things Scratch-Off Poster

100 things scratch-off poster
Credit: Uncommon Goods

Best retirement rifts: 100 Things Scratch-Off​ Poster

Now that they have nothing to do, keeping themselves busy with activities with everything they can do is a possibility. For some inspiration, gift them this scratch-off poster, which features 100 unique activities. They can check off, well, scratch off, each activity as they are completed and when they’re done, they’ll have a completed poster to show off.

Get the 100 Things To Do Scratch Off Poster from Uncommon Goods for $15

23. For the one who loves dinner at home: A Crowd Cow box

Crowd Cow Delivery
Credit: Crowd Cow

Best retirement gifts: A Crowd Cow box

A meal at home should also feel like a celebration after years of hard work. Treat the retiree to fancy steaks, burgers, or chicken that they can easily chef up in the comfort of their own home. After testing a variety of meat delivery services, we concluded that Crowd Cow is the best because of its wide variety of cuts and high-quality meats. This particular box features New York strip steaks, chicken thighs, ground beef, and thick-cut bacon, so they can have the at-home retirement party of their dreams.

Get The Grillfather from Crowd Cow for $104.92

24. For those who plan to do more cooking in their free time: The Always Pan

Always Pan
Credit: Our Place

Best retirement gifts: Always Pan

Without long hours in the office, they finally have time to make their own home-cooked meal or advance their current skins. But they’ll need some top-notch cookware to dive headfirst into it. Enter the Always Pan. This magical kitchen tool functions as eight different pieces of cookware in one, limiting the amount of digging to find what they need to cook. Our tester loved this pan because it's easy to clean, extremely versatile, and can be stored in small spaces.

Get the Always Pan from Our Place for $145

25. For the one who wants to be active: Apple Watch Series 6

Apple watch
Credit: Reviewed/Simon Hill

Best retirement gifts: An Apple Watch

Now that they get to spend their days at home, retirees might need a reminder to stay active throughout the day. For that extra push to go on walks or get up and move, an Apple Watch will give them the motivation to close all their activity rings. The Series 6 model is the best smartwatch we’ve tested because it has great fitness tracking, consistent reminders, and a bright, always-on display. They can also use it to connect with their fellow retirees and show off how much movement they’ve been getting.

Get the Apple Watch Series 6 from Amazon for $459

26. For all the sleep they plan to catch: A Nectar mattress

nectar mattress
Credit: Reviewed / Betsey Goldwasser

Best retirement gifts: Nectar Mattress

After many, many early wake-up calls, they will cherish a comfortable mattress to catch all those well-deserved ZZZs on. Nectar makes one of the best mattresses we’ve ever tested. Our reviewer loved how soft it felt and how it stayed cool throughout the night—it absorbs but quickly dissipates​ heat. It feels like sleeping on a cloud and will allow them to catch some much-needed​ beauty sleep.

Get the Nectar Memory Foam Mattress from Nectar for $899

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