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10 of the most popular things to buy from Dyson

From hair dryers to vacuums, Dyson has everything you might need.

An image of several Dyson vacuums lined up next to one another. Credit: Dyson

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Dyson makes tons of great products designed to make your life efficient and simple, from hair dryers to vacuums. What's more, their products are extremely beloved, often topping our Best of Year lists and selling out in droves. Even the Queen is a fan, and if that's not recommendation enough I don't know what is. We've rounded up our favorite Dyson products so you can browse their incredible selection. If you’re noticing that price points aren’t to your liking, Dyson offers a refurbishment program for selected products, so be sure to explore that route if you’d prefer.

1. A handheld vacuum with a massive canister

A regular Dyson handheld canister next to the canister for the Dyson Outsize.
Credit: Dyson

The Dyson Outsize will allow you to vacuum longer (and empty your vacuum less).

While we love the Dyson V7 Car + Boat vacuum, our favorite handheld vacuum of 2021, one of our biggest complaints about it is the small canister size, which requires the user to empty out the vacuum fairly frequently. Enter, the Dyson Outsize. The Dyson Outsize has a lot of the great features we loved in the Dyson V7, including powerful suction and extra tools, but it also boasts much more canister volume than the V7. Over 400 reviewers gave the Outsize five stars, and many noted that they loved the Dyson Outsize for its long battery life.

Get the Dyson Outsize from Dyson for $799.99

2. This extremely fancy air purifier and heater

An image of a Dyson air purifier repeated 3 times.

To help you feel more at ease in your home.

This air purifier from Dyson was our pick for best upgrade purifier. It may be pricey, but we loved it for its thorough filtering of particles like formaldehyde and ability to heat and cool. The air purifier gives you up to the minute data about the temperature and air quality of your room, and can also be set to respond to voice commands. If your home doesn't have permanent heating or cooling and you're concerned about the air purity of your household, this product would be a great investment.

Get the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Cryptomic (HP09) from Dyson for $749.99

3. This magical curling wand that uses air

An image of a woman curling her hair around the Dyson Air Wrap.
Credit: / Dyson

This is called a curling 'wand' for a reason.

This does truly feel like one of those products straight out of the Jetsons. Instead of simply heating your hair the Airwrap uses a continuous flow of heated air to blow the hair around the barrel to form curls and waves. You can purchase the Airwrap in several different styles with different accessories depending on your styling needs. The Airwrap is expensive, but as our reviewer noted, it's worth every penny.

Get the Dyson Airwrap from Dyson starting at $549.99

4. That hair dryer

An image of a hair brush, the Dyson hair dryer, and a comb next to one another.
Credit: Dyson

It may look small, but it's super high powered.

I remember when this hair dryer came out because everyone was talking about it—from its odd shape to its ability to cut a morning routine in half. Odd appearances aside, the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer is compact, boasts a small, quiet motor, and has several attachments that can help you get the exact drying experience you want. The Supersonic hair dryer has overwhelmingly positive reviews, so if you're in the market for an upgrade definitely check it out. It's worth noting that the various colors (nickel, silver, fuchsia, and gold) go in and out of stock quickly, so be sure to check which colors are available before you purchase.

Get the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer from Dyson for $399.99

5. A high-powered cordless vacuum

An image of a Dyson lightweight cordless vacuum repeated twice.
Credit: Dyson

Forever swearing by a Dyson lightweight vacuum.

We rated the Dyson V11 Torque Drive among our best cordless vacuums of 2020 for a reason. The V11 Torque Drive is extremely powerful and boasts long battery life as well as an LCD screen on the back that informs you of how much battery you have left. It comes complete with several great attachments to help make your cleaning routine easier.

Get the Dyson V11 Torque Drive from Dyson for $699.99

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6. Our favorite lightweight vacuum

An image of a woman hanging her cordless vacuum from a wall hanger.
Credit: Dyson

The wall hanger is a nice touch.

The Dyson V8 Absolute ranked best overall in our roundup of great lightweight vacuums for its ability to pick up up to 88% of dirt (more than several of the higher-powered corded vacuums we tested) and its great battery life. Reviewers on Dyson's site also loved this vacuum, citing its reliability and ease of use.

Get the Dyson V8 Absolute vacuum from Dyson for $399.99

7. A vacuum right out of Wall-E

An image of the Dyson Big Ball vacuum.
Credit: Dyson

It may look like a snail but it'll clean your house at top speeds.

If you prefer more storage space for the dust you're collecting while you're vacuuming, look no further than the Dyson Big Ball Multifloor vacuum, which features a semi-detached rolling canister with far more room than most other Dyson vacuums. If you find emptying the canister a pain, investing in a product that will cause you less hassle in the long run is never a bad choice.

Get the Dyson Big Ball Multi Floor Vacuum from Dyson for $399.99

8. A light that adapts to your needs

An image of the Morph lamp in gold finish repeated twice.
Credit: Dyson

Let there be light.

Dyson's product line also extends into the world of lighting. They boast an impressive line of high-quality lights that will transform depending on the activities you need lighting for and the time of day. Controlled by a mobile app, the Lightcycle Morph will adjust to the time of day to provide you with the most optimal lighting for your particular set of circumstances. Currently, the light is only available in black.

Get the Dyson Lightcycle Morph light from Dyson for $649.99

9. A cheaper option with great specs

An image of the Animal vacuum model repeated twice.
Credit: Dyson

The Animal is king.

In this house, we swear by the Dyson V8 Animal. This powerhouse of a vacuum is cheaper than the majority of Dyson's cordless stick vacuums and boasts excellent mobility and power for the price. It's also the vacuum I have in my home. The V8 isn't just powerful, it's easy to store and lightweight, and the charging cord is compact for easy storage.

Get the Dyson V8 Animal vacuum from Dyson for $399.99

10. A more traditional vacuum

An image of a Dyson Roller Ball Animal 2 vacuuming up dirt on a carpet.
Credit: Dyson

Let this vacuum do the heavy lifting.

If you're looking for a sturdy, more traditional upright vacuum, the Dyson Roller Ball Animal 2 has some of the best suction of all the vacuums we've tested, making it great if you have a lot of heavy-duty areas in your home that need deep-cleaned now and again. It also comes with a washable filter, so you won't have to purchase bags.

Get the Dyson Roller Ball Animal 2 from Dyson for $499.99

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