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15 amazing products we tested this decade (out of thousands)

Our experts have spoken.

Decade Credit: Amazon/Jackson Ruckar

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With the new year—and the new decade—just around the corner, most of us are reflecting on all of the events that have happened over the last 10 years. But here at Reviewed, we're also reflecting on all of the products.

We can't deny it—we're obsessed with things. And because we think you might be too if you're reading this (welcome to the club!), we're sharing 15 of our favorite products this past decade, from the ones that are the best quality to the ones that were simply the most fun to test.

1. The best smart speaker

Credit: Amazon

Hey Alexa, which smart speaker should I buy?

No list of the best products of the decade would be complete without Alexa. Of all the Amazon smart speakers—which first became a thing in 2014—our current favorite is the 3rd Generation Echo. It has great sound quality along with far-field voice recognition so you can even speak to Alexa from a different room.

Get the Amazon Echo (3rd Generation) from Amazon for $79.99

2. This absurdly large blanket

Credit: Big Blanket

One blanket is enough for the entire family.

The name says it all—the Big Blanket is, well, very big. It's a whopping 10' by 10' compared to the average throw, which is about 4' by 5'. Skeptical if it was worth the $150 price tag, one of our editors tested it out and says it took her less than 12 hours to be convinced of its many perks. The Big Blanket is super soft, big enough to fit a crowd, and is multi-purpose so you can use it both indoors and outdoors (and is a hit with pets, too!).

Get the Original Stretch Big Blanket from Big Blanket Co for $149

3. The number one Kindle

Credit: Reviewed/Michael Roorda

The Paperwhite is thinner and more lightweight than past models.

Kindles are something the world never knew it needed until they were introduced to us back in 2007. And over the last few years, we've tested a lot of them. The Kindle that we love most is the Paperwhite, which has 24 different levels of illumination so you can read anytime, anywhere. It also has the most storage space (all the more room for your favorite reads and audiobooks!) and is even waterproof so you don't have to worry about errant splashes or rainy days.

Get the Kindle Paperwhite from Amazon for $149.99

4. This 'smart' mirror

Credit: Reviewed/Jackson Ruckar

You can do everything from Pilates to boxing to yoga.

Meet the next age of home workouts: the Mirror. The high-tech 'smart' mirror projects an instructor directly onto the glass so you can check your form while you sweat through a workout. Our e-commerce editor tried one to see if it's worth the price tag. Her verdict? She liked it so much that she wished she could keep it for herself! She loved that she had access to high-quality trainers and workouts in the convenience of her own home so she could exercise anytime.

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Get the Mirror for $1,495 and $39 per month for a subscription

5. The only umbrella you should buy

Credit: Reviewed/Kyle Looney

This umbrella can weather any storm.

An umbrella may not seem like the most exciting thing, but when it's the Davek, it is. Our editor-in-chief has owned his Davek for over four years (an eternity in umbrella years) and says it works just as well as the day he pulled it out of the box. Not only that, but he says it's made him a better person—the kind who doesn't mind shelling out a few extra bucks for a high-quality product like this one.

Get the Davek Solo Umbrella from Amazon for $115

6. This razor that's all over Instagram

Credit: Billie/Jackson Ruckar

Shave, rinse, repeat.

If you've been on social media recently, chances are you've seen ads for the Billie razor. The woman-created company is famous for its stylish pink razors that claim to be sharper and smoother than other brands. One of our editors tried it for herself and gave Billie a big thumbs up for its great quality razors that gave her the close shave she's always wanted.

Give a Billie razor subscription starting at $9

7. This game-changing gadget for your home

Credit: Reviewed/Daniel Wroclawski

Manual switches were so 10 years ago.

One thing that definitely defined the last decade was the rise of the smart home. And according to our smart home editor, smart dimmer switches were one of the best things to come out of that trend. Her top pick is this Lutron kit because it doesn't require a neutral power line (a.k.a any home can use it) and works with any major smart home ecosystem so you can turn lights on and off with just your voice.

Get the Lutron Caséta Wireless Smart Lighting Starter Kit from Amazon for $99.95

8. These top-rated headphones

Credit: Reviewed/Jackson Ruckar

Headphones on, world off.

Ask us what our favorite headphones of the last decade are and you might be surprised to hear that they aren't Bose—they're these noise-canceling ones from Sony. Not only are they so comfortable that you can wear them all day long but they also offer tons of luxury features you didn't even know existed, like the ability to customize the level of noise cancellation so you can choose how much of the outside world you can hear.

Get the Sony WH-1000XM3 Noise-Canceling Headphones from Amazon for $278

9. The cult-favorite Instant Pot

Credit: Reviewed/Betsey Goldwasser

All of your appliances in one convenient package.

Like most people, we're obsessed with the Instant Pot. Specifically the 10-in-1 Ultra. We chose it as the number one multi-cooker because it can do everything from pressure cook to slow cook to steam and has an updated display that even includes a progress graph so you can see how much longer you have to wait until dinner.

Get the Instant Pot Ultra from Amazon for $148.47

10. This puppy-approved bed

Credit: Reviewed/Jackson Ruckar

Your four-legged friend deserves nothing less.

Not everything we tested has been just for us—we've also reviewed plenty of products for our pups. Like the best puppy beds, which aren't as cool as smart mugs and fancy tech gadgets, but were a lot more fun to test (after all, who doesn't want to spend their working hours just hanging out with a bunch of dogs?!). If you're in the market for a new bed for your own pooch, we recommend this K&H self-warming one because it's a great value—less than $30!—and incredibly cozy and comfy for your pup.

Get the K&H Pet Products Self-Warming Lounge Sleeper from Amazon for $26.99

11. The first OLED TV

Credit: Reviewed

Your Netflix session just got a lot better.

There are regular TVs and then there are OLED TVs. Our home theater editor had the amazing opportunity to test out Samsung's first OLED TV back in 2015—and was blown away by the experience. While they're now commonplace, the model that we tried out was one of only two available in the U.S. and cost just under $9,000 (!!). What makes OLED TVs so great? They have a superior level of contrast which makes for a more vibrant image—a.k.a. they have awesome picture quality. P.S.: Our current favorite is the LG C9.

Get the LG C9 Ultra HD Smart OLED TV from Amazon for $2,096.99

12. This kitchen tool with over 3,000 reviews

Credit: Sharp Pebble

Skip the electric sharpeners in favor of this stone.

Behind every good home cook is an even better—and sharper—knife. That's why some of our experts are so passionate about this popular whetstone, which has over 3,000 glowing reviews on Amazon as well. Made of high-quality materials, it has two different grits for sharpening any knife or tool in just minutes so you can chop, slice, and dice effortlessly and easily.

Get the Sharp Pebble Whetstone Knife Sharpening Stone from Amazon for $39.99

13. This toy that both kids and adults love

Credit: Reviewed/Lisa Lawrence

Fire away!

When we polled our editors and experts on their favorite products they've tested during the last decade, Nerf guns were one of the most popular answers. And it's not tough to understand why—shooting your coworkers with squishy ammo and weapons with names like Zombie Strike Hammershot and Surgefire sounds like a pretty cool job. While the Tri-Strike (pictured above) looked the most impressive, our favorite was actually the Hammershot because it was the easiest to load and had the best aim.

Get the Nerf Zombie Strike Hammershot from Amazon for $9.99

14. This device to make your life easier

Credit: Reviewed/Rachel Murphy

You can do everything from check the weather to control your smart home.

We've all enjoyed the perks of Google Home over the last few years. But one of our editors swears that the latest member of the Google family—the Nest Hub Max—is one of the coolest. In fact, she's calling it her new favorite smart speaker, thanks to its range of capabilities, its amazing sound quality, and its user-friendliness (you can control it with your voice or your body movements!).

Get the Google Nest Hub Max from Best Buy for $229.99

15. This splurge-worthy gaming accessory

Credit: Reviewed/Lee Neikirk

Game on.

Nearly $200 for an Xbox controller? Seems a little extra—but according to our home theater editor (and resident video game guru), it's more than worth it. He says the pricey gadget is one of the best things he's ever tested because it's incredibly well-made and gives gamers a level of control and customization that's unmatched by any other controllers.

Get the Xbox Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller from Amazon for $179

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