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This 30-inch freestanding gas range has a built-in look.
Credit: Frigidaire

This 30-inch Frigidaire freestanding gas range has a built-in look and modern features, including a continuous grate and five burners.

What we like about it

This stainless steel gas range looks modern, has a conveniently designed cooktop with continuous grates, and an oven that bakes cookies and cakes very consistently.

The continuous grates over the five burners enable you to move heavy pots and pans without having to lift them up
Credit: Reviewed

The continuous grate over the five burners are designed to enable you to move heavy pots and pans without having to lift them up.


• The continuous grates make it easy to move pans across the cooktop without lifting.
• The oven preheats in just over 5 minutes.
• Six cups of water boiled in under 4.5 minutes.
• The digital timer is conveniently located on the front of the range.
• A storage drawer provides a place to keep pots and pans.


• The oven doesn’t offer convection.
• The maximum burner temperature could be hotter. The highest temperature was on the left rear burner, which reached 442°F, more than 100° lower than the average maximum temperature across all of the ranges we've tested.
• The broiler has a hotspot in the center; it was hot enough to burn two of the six slices of toast we used during testing.


• The right front burner (17,000 BTUs) is a "Quick Boil" burner.
• Continuous grates allow pots and pans to be moved easily on the cooktop surface without lifting them.
• A “hidden” oven element makes cleaning easier.

What testing showed

We put the FFGH3054US through the same battery of tests we use on every range we evaluate to see how well it performed.

On the cooktop, we checked high and low temperatures and water boil time for each of the burners, and examined how evenly the Quick Boil burner heated a cast iron pot of cornbread batter. In the oven, we baked cakes and cookies, roasted a pork loin, and broiled a tray of toast to serve as a heat map of hot and cool spots in the oven cavity.

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Oven results

Time to preheat—The oven took just over five minutes to preheat, which is very speedy. That’s about three and a half minutes faster than average for a range’s preheat time.

Cookies—The cookies came out perfectly, even on both the top and the bottom. We did notice an obvious color difference between the baking on the tops and on the bottoms, and that lowered the score somewhat.

The FFGH3054 did a very consistent job baking cookies
Credit: Reviewed

The FFGH3054 oven did a very consistent job baking cookies.

Cake—Both cakes baked consistently, though they’re a bit browner on the edges than we’d prefer. Also, atop each cake, there is some variation in the color.

The top of our test cakes
Credit: Reviewed

The FFGH3054 test cakes baked consistently, although the top of each cake show some uneven color.

The test cakes baked consistently
Credit: Reviewed

The test cakes baked consistently. This image shows the bottoms of the cakes, and they appear almost identical.

Pork Loin—The oven scored well on the pork loin roast. The cut surfaces of adjacent pork slices were the same color. That indicates that the pork loin was cooked evenly all the way through. To ensure thorough cooking on any roast, you can use a meat thermometer.

Although it may be hard to tell in this image, the color was different on each side, after we sliced the roast
Credit: Reviewed

The color matched on each side of the slice in our pork roast, meaning it cooked evenly.

Toast—Every slice was toasted, though some were more toasted than others. The broiler clearly has a hot spot in the middle, where it burned the toast. Yes, some of us like our toast extra crispy, but these slices were a little too crispy.

Toast that we broiled showed evidence of a hot spot in the center of the broiler
Credit: Reviewed

We tested the broiler by making toast there, as usual. This broiler has a hot spot in the center, which burned the slices there.

Cooktop results

Time to boil—To boil six cups of water took less than 4.5 minutes on the Quick Boil burner.

Maximum temperature—When we cranked up the heat, the left rear burner reached 442°F. Average burner temperature across all ranges is more than ~550°F, so this burner doesn't get as hot as expected.

Minimum temperature—Some foods do better when cooked low and slow. The left front burner could go as low as 115°F in our testing; that's a great temperature for melting butter or chocolate without risking a burn.

Cornbread—We measured significant temperature differences across the cornbread that was cooked in a skillet on the Quick Boil burner, which means that heat is not being spread out evenly across the burner's surface.


Frigidaire provides one-year parts and labor warranty on this range.

What the users say

This is a newer model with few reviews. People who purchased this range appreciate its ease of use, five burners, and continuous grate, and they found it easy to clean.

Should you buy it?

We find this range to be attractively designed, but only average in performance on the cooktop. If you're a baker, you may be happy with the oven: cookies baked evenly on both sides, and cakes baked consistently. Still, in our tests, we noticed that the broiler runs somewhat hot in the center. You might be able to do better at this price point.

If you'd like a comparison, the Whirlpool WFG515SOES gas range won our coveted Editors' Choice badge. Now, that one's a budget range, and it's not as pretty as the Frigidaire—but it can really cook.

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