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How to Kardashian-ify your kitchen on a budget

Deck out your kitchen without a Kardashian-sized wallet.

Kardashian kitchen Credit: Getty Images

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Say what you will about the Kardashian-Jenners, but the family knows how to decorate a kitchen. From chic black-and-white tablescapes to artful stacks of cookies in glass displays, it seems that every piece of a Kardashian kitchen is deliberately chosen with an eye to streamlined beauty.

Though, of course, most of us don’t have a Kardashian-sized budget, it’s still possible to decorate like the famous family. The key is to keep an eye out for crisp, clean, minimalist pieces, and remember that the decor is largely monochromatic with just a few focal points and pops of color from produce and flowers. Here’s exactly what to buy to decorate like a Kardashian.

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Patterned enamel teapot

It's unsurprising that this checkered teapot is matriarch Kris Jenner’s favorite—its kitschy yet classic pattern is a hallmark of Kardashian decor. The black-and-white kettle has also been spied on Kourtney's stovetop.

But at $147, it’s not exactly attainable for the mere mortal shopper, and the purchase is especially hard to qualify if you’re only an occasional tea drinker like me. Luckily, this stainless steel dupe by Supreme Housewares is available for way less than half the price and still packs all the fun, artsy punch of the more expensive version.

Glass cookie jar

Anyone who’s even tangentially kept up with the Kardashians knows of the meticulous magic that is Khloe’s cookie jar. The youngest of the Kardashian gals has proven that even plebeian Oreos, when stacked with OCD perfection, can look glam.

Khloe recommends this exact one-gallon Heritage Hill jar to achieve the look at a surprisingly affordable cost. You can also watch Khloe’s stacking tutorial to learn how she turns cookie Jenga into a thing of art.


I challenge you to find a single Kardashian-Jenner kitchen that doesn’t feature at least one lush vase of fresh-cut flowers. That’s right: You can’t. Whether housing peonies or a bouquet of roses (both Kardashian-Jenner favorites), this white ceramic vase hits all the bases to fit seamlessly into a Kardashian kitchen: It’s tall, slim, and has a fun yet classic pattern.

It's also well-loved on Amazon. One reviewer says, "I loved it so much, I ordered a second one the moment I got it out of the box!" Bonus: At 12 inches tall, it’s also the perfect height to hold a hoard of classic, long-stemmed white roses a la KimYe.

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Long-stemmed wine glasses

Can you imagine a Kardashian sipping from any vessel that isn't exceedingly elegant? I can't. That's why beautiful, classic wine glasses are a must. These Olivia Pope-esque glasses have a classic, spindly stem and a gracefully round goblet. A set of four clocks in under $40, so that you can sip wine like a Kardashian at no real sacrifice to your wallet.


Of course, no Kardashian-inspired room could be complete without a little (or a lot of) glitz. This round, crystal chandelier is only 16 inches wide but with chrome finishes and some eight pounds of sparkly bling, has great impact.

Hang it in a focal point in the room—think over an island or coffee station—to draw attention and add glamour. The best part? At only $130, it adds sophistication without breaking the bank.

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