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The gadgets every pizza lover needs in their life

Step up your 'za game with these tools

Best pizza gadgets Credit: Amazon

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Whether it's national pizza day or just another Tuesday, pizza is the best. You can get it frozen. You can make it in a fun, fancy pizza oven at home. You can even bake it on your car's dashboard. At Reviewed, where we're one part science nerd and one part pizza fanatic, we've tried it all.

No matter your preferred 'za—downing a delivery slices in bed, chomping late-night leftovers in the shroud of your dark kitchen, or reheating extra cheesy slices over your stove—here are the best gadgets you need in your life to get the most from your pie.

An fun pizza oven to crank out mini 'zas

Cooking pizza
Credit: Reviewed / Jackson Ruckar

The Pizzarette is a countertop pizza oven that is designed to cook 4-6 fresh, Lunchables-sized pizzas at a time—and it's so much fun for parties. If you are interested in a novelty pizza oven, the Pizzarette does pretty much exactly what it claims to: It's fun, it cooks pizzas quickly, and both the setup and cleanup are a snap.
Buy the Pizzarette oven for $120-200

A pizza wheel that protects the integrity of your toppings

Credit: OXO

A pizza wheel is a must-have for slicing pizza at home, unless you’re cool with dragging your cheese and toppings off of your crust while cutting. In which case, you're a monster. The non-slip grip and sharp stainless steel blade on this OXO version makes it a great choice.
Buy pizza wheel for $12.99 on Amazon

String lights that turn any party into a pizza party

Pizza lights
Credit: Amazon

What's better than a garland of tiny pepperoni pizzas? A garland of tiny pepperoni pizzas that literally light up your world. Trust me on this one. Buy the pizza lights.
Buy Pizza String Lights for $7 on Amazon

A stone that gets super-hot for perfectly crispy crust


If you plan on making pizza at home, you need a pizza stone. Why use a stone instead of a baking sheet or pan? Stones absorb heat and transfer it evenly to your pizza dough, resulting in crunchy, chewy pizzeria-style pizza. To use the stone, place it in a cold oven and preheat to 500 degrees. Since the stone is made of the same material that lines furnaces, it can handle ultra-high temperatures. This Old Stone Oven pizza stone is Amazon’s top rated.
Buy pizza stone for $57.50 on Amazon

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Scissors that both slice and serve in one snip


Kitchen Maestro literally reinvented the wheel with this clever contraption that’s one part scissor, one part spatula. To use, just slide the spatula under the pie and start cutting. It's how they serve slices in Italy, so you know it's legit.
Buy pizza scissors for $11.99 on Amazon

A giant spatula to easily take your pizza out of the oven


Don't you dare pull your pizza from the oven using a standard-sized spatula. A peel is essentially a giant spatula designed to transfer pizza in and out of an oven in a way that preserves its delicate structure. Sprinkle with flour or cornmeal before use to allow your pizza to easily slide on and off. This Kitchen Supply model is Amazon's best seller for its sturdy construction and thin design that easily slips under pies.
Buy pizza peel for $18.61 on Amazon

A kit that transforms your grill to a trattoria

Credit: PizzaQue

Grilling pizza is all the rage: On the grill, pizzas will cook quickly, evenly, and with great smoky flavor. That's because the grill reaches a much higher temperature than possible in a conventional oven, and much closer to that of a traditional pizza oven. With a kettle converter, pizza stone, pizza peel, and charcoal fence, this pizza kit allows you to transform the kettle grill you already own into a pizza oven in just minutes.
Buy pizza kit for outdoor grills for $53.08 on Amazon

A perforated tray for evenly-cooked crust

Perforated trays are great because they allow hot air to circulate around the pizza for faster cook time and a consistently crispy crust. They're perfect for the pizza fanatic that doesn't want to spend a fortune on a pizza stone, yet still craves a perfectly even crust with a nice crunch.
Buy perforated tray for $15 on Amazon

A themed float so everyone can see your dedication

Credit: Swimline

To be fair, you definitely don’t need a pool float to make or enjoy pizza. But if you’re enough of a pizza freak that you’ve made it this far down in the article, you’ll probably want this float... if you don’t already own it.
Buy pizza float for $18 on Amazon

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