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This affordable nonstick frying pan doubles as a wok

I tried the 2-in-1 Frök fry pan to see if it could simplify my cooking routine.

In a green Frök frying pan with ceramic coating, there's a tomato, an onion, and a bunch of spring onions. Credit: Frök

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From the Always Pan to a cooking robot, there’s an ever-expanding list of cookware and gadgets that make our lives easier by offering more functions and convenience. And after the success of products like the iconic 8-in-1 pan from Our Place, other brands are looking to dive into the hybrid cookware game.

Enter: the Frök, a nonstick frying pan built with high walls for stir frying and a wide, flat bottom that can comfortably sear steaks.

About the Frök

A pot full of cooked food in a black Frök pan is in the center of a black tabletop. Around the pan, some plates and a wine bottle are scattered around.
Credit: Frök

The 2-in-1 Frök pan offers an easy solution for cooking enthusiasts with limited kitchen space.

At first glance, the Frök looks like a standard wok with high, sloped walls. However, when I looked inside, I immediately noticed the wide and flat base, which allows it to sit solidly on any type of cooktop. (A traditional wok typically wobbles on electric or induction cooktops because of its round bottom.)

The Frök comes with one of two types of nonstick coating, either the white titanium-based ceramic or the black PFOA-free coating. It’s available in black, yellow, gray, blue, green with handles in either gold or silver finish.

Every Frök has a tempered glass lid, which is oven safe up to 350°F. The top of the Frök is 11-inch in diameter and the base is 7.5-inch.

At $54, the Frök could be an ultra-affordable answer to the best woks and nonstick pans we’ve tested. But how does it stack up against its competitors? I made stir fry, cooked pasta, seared a steak, and even deep fried chicken tenders to find out.

What I like

The Frök frying pan, with a piece of ribeye steak and some garlic inside, is sitting on an induction cooktop.
Credit: Reviewed / Valerie Li Stack

The cooking surface is spacious enough for a large piece of steak.

It has a larger flat surface than a traditional wok

A traditional wok is great for many things, but also has its limitations. Its concave shape and high walls can be unbeatable when it comes to tossing food over high flames, but it can’t give large steaks a good sear due to the lack of a flat surface. The Frök solves this problem with its 7.5-inch wide flat surface, which was enough space for a one-pound ribeye steak with some room for herbs during testing. The sear was crispy with perfect browning.

It’s compatible with most kitchen cooktops

The flat base of the Frök makes it compatible with induction, electric, and gas cooktops, no specialty wok burner necessary. As most cooktops don’t feature specialty wok burners, the Frök has a huge advantage over traditional woks that we’ve tested.

It’s easy to clean

Thanks to the toxin-free nonstick coating, cleaning the Frök is easy. Brown food bits generally don’t stick to the pan after soaking in water for a few minutes and everything should rinse out smoothly.

It’s oven-safe up to 400°F without the lid

Unlike other nonstick cookware we’ve tested, the Frök can go in the oven up to 400°F without the glass lid or 350°F with the glass lid. Being oven-safe is a great advantage, especially in warm climates where stovetop cooking may be too hot for everyday use.

What I don’t like

The Frök, filled to the top with diced tomatoes, is sitting on an induction cooktop.
Credit: Reviewed / Valerie Li Stack

Despite its wok-like shape, this cookware is too heavy to comfortable stir fry.

It’s too heavy for stir frying

The Frök isn’t the heaviest fry pan I’ve tested, but it’s definitely on the hefty side in terms of woks. I had to use both my arms to effectively toss noodles and vegetables during the stir fry test, otherwise I would’ve made a mess on the cooktop.

The black coating makes it difficult to see what’s cooking

The Frök has a handful of options when it comes to colorways, but I'd recommend getting the ceramic nonstick option as opposed to the pans with black nonstick coating. After searing a piece of steak in the black pan, I tried to deglaze the browned bits stuck to the pan to make a pan sauce. The coating prevented me from seeing the bits clearly, which is why I don’t often use nonstick cookware to make a pan sauce.

Should you buy the Frök?

A bathing suit-wearing person, who's sitting on a yellow float in a pool, is holding and potentially eating cereal from a Frök frying pan.
Credit: Frök

This stylish 2-in-1 frying pan can make cooking easier.

If you’re shopping for a piece of multifunctional cookware on a budget, the Frök won’t disappoint you for as long as it lasts. This pan combines two pieces of very useful cookware and has proven itself to be user-friendly and accommodating enough that you can make one-pan pasta, baked salmon, stir fry, and more in one pan rather than buying both a wok and a stainless-steel frying pan. But since it’s a brand-new product on the market, we can’t testify to the longevity of this pan.

If you’re looking for cookware that will last and you don’t mind purchasing a nonstick pan and a wok separately, you can check out the best nonstick pans and the best wok, which also happen to be nonstick.

Get the Frök fry pan on Amazon for $54

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