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This app-enabled system will brew beer for you

Get crafty with home brewing.

BEERMKR unveils fully automated beer brewing system at CES Credit: BEERMKR

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If you’re a beer enthusiast, home-brewing has probably been on your to-do list for a while. However, there are many challenges when it comes to setting up a brewery in your basement or spare room, plus there’s no guarantee that your first attempt will yield delicious results. At virtual CES 2021, Beermkr caught our eye—it’s a fully automated home brewing system that hopes to change the home brewing game by making it more accessible.

What is Beermkr?

Beermkr is a countertop craft beer brewing system that brews one gallon of beer at a time. It has two main components: The Beermkr that controls the fermentation process and the Beertap that carbonates the freshly made beer. A Mkr Kit that contains all the raw ingredients is included, but users can also customize their brews with grains of their choice.

How does a Beermkr work?

There are four heating elements in the Beermkr, which bring up the temperature inside the chamber (brewtub), breaking down the starches in the grains into sugar. Then, the beer enters the fermentation process, aided by Beermkr’s CO2 monitoring and temperature control system that keeps the yeast comfortable. For experienced beer makers, you can change the yeast profile on the Beermkr app.

BEERMKR has pre-packaged brewing kits on the offering, including stout, IPA, and wheat beers.

BEERMKR has pre-packaged brewing kits on the offering, including stout, IPA, and wheat beers.

When the fermentation process completes, you can transfer the beer bag to Beertap, a separate machine that helps carbonate the liquid. Store the tap container in the fridge and wait a couple days before serving freshly homebrewed beer.

Every Beermkr purchase comes with the Beermkr and a Mkr Kit, which contains pre-packaged and pre-measured ingredients for the beer you’ll be brewing. There are multiple styles of beers to choose from, including kolsch, IPA, and stout. You can subscribe to Mkr Kits via the Beermkr app.

The Beermkr system is available now for $539, which includes the Beertap and one Mkr Kit. Additional Mkr Kits are $15 each available via its app. For experienced brewers or people who like to customize their brew, they can purchase cascade hops, malt, ale yeast, and other ingredients directly from its app.

As we expand our beverage content, we look forward to testing the Beermkr in 2021. We'll be covering virtual CES 2021 throughout this week, so check back for updates.

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